5 ways to Organize eCommerce Website Blog Posts

Blog Posts Organizing for eCommerce stores

Last updated - October 7, 2022

Nowadays, the most successful eCommerce websites have engaging and well-planned blog posts. Why do all the E-commerce websites have a developed blog section? 

Blog writing, of course, is a fun and engaging process, and at the same time, it is an integral part of digital marketing and SEO optimizations. Thus all E-commerce websites should start working on their blog sections, and this article gives 5 essential ways to organize them. 

Idea Lab – Initiate Feasible Ideas  

Great ideas bring significant traffic to your website, and it is what you need for the beginning. Thus having random topics without a focus and target would lead to the target group, which is challenging to measure. 

Before initiating ideas, write down the vision and slogan of your business. Each business has unique features which can lead to great ideas to develop in the blog section. If you are a beginner in blog writing, you should find blog posts about the topics you think are worthy of writing. 

Brainstorming ideas for blog posts

Successful websites have a specific approach to content marketing, and their ideas come from the roots of hard work. Do not wait for the perfect time to start writing your blogs. Develop an editorial calendar to have blog posts for each week. Great ideas require great efforts; if you start generating your ideas right now, then after a month, you will be one step forward to your goals. 

Boring Stuff – Keyword Research 

Keyword research - organizing blog posts

The next stage of idea generation is keyword research. As an E-commerce website, you need to find the right keywords to rank on Google. Keyword research consists of 3 essential elements.

Search Volume

As a content writer, you need to find keywords with high search volume, which means that many people search on Google. It will bring more value to your article. 


After you have done your keyword research and found high-volume keywords, you need to realize the keywords’ relevance to your target. Many blog writers ignore this fact, which is why they get high bounce rates. It is essential to find the exact match keywords with your products and use them in your blog posts. 


Many keywords have high authority, which means that many popular websites rank according to those keywords. As a beginner in blog writing, finding keywords with less authority and high search volume would be better. 

Blog posts are an integral part of E-commerce marketing. To boost eCommerce email marketing and have new sales, websites use successful newsletter systems and try to engage people with their blogs through emails.  For instance, systeme.io is a handy tool for developing your E-commerce marketing and sales. Therefore your blog posts should be engaging and thoughtful, so people will click and get valuable information to spend more time on your website. 

Competitor Research 

It is an essential step to conduct competitor research analysis to understand how they optimize their keywords and how they rank on Google. You should not copy them, but you would get some ideas about what keyword strategies work better and how, as you have similar products.

Remember that you need keywords with high search volume and lower authority to rank on Google and develop your online community. It takes time to rank on Google, but once you rank, you will keep your keywords and use them according to Google guidelines and policies. 

Make It Readable; Easy, and Eye-Catching Content  

Nowadays, visual communication has a core value in content creation. People who need blog posts on Google need accessible and readable content. One of the essential features is a visual representation. 

Quality Images To Engage More People

Show don’t tell feature is excellent for E-commerce websites, as a reader needs to get an idea of what you present in your blog. Starting from tutorials to some technical explanations, it would be better to have visuals. You can always browse for free ready-to-use images, saving time and money. You do not need to hire a professional designer anymore, as the internet resources are full of high-quality stock images

Tidy and Aesthetic Content 

Aesthetic content is essential for E-commerce blogs as it presents the culture and values. You should demonstrate that you care for small details. Your blog posts should follow specific patterns and guidelines, allowing you to accept blog posts. Ensure to have H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags, as your writing needs to be coherent and put together. 

Modify Your Editorial Calendar; The Early Bird Structure 

Having an E-commerce website means having substantial to-do lists and constant work to do on the website. Therefore as a professional, you need to set specific deadlines and follow them. And the most important document that will help to regulate your blog section is your editorial calendar. 

Become the early bird and put the deadlines at the beginning of each month. If you hire a content writer, you must follow their work and set specific deadlines, such as a date for the blog post idea generation, keyword research, first draft, editing, and proofreading. This is where many beginners have mistakes, as most of them put deadlines for the final blog post and forget to follow the writing process.

 As a beginner, you need to follow the content creation process to modify your editorial calendar and add relevant topics with your content writer. The ideal part is when you will also have a content strategist who will modify your editorial calendar, and your work will be the management.

Always read your website’s blog posts from the beginning to the end, as you are the best adviser for your content writers; you know your products, services, and values the best. 

LookBooks and Catalogs As a Part of Blog Posts 

As an E-commerce website, it would be beneficial to include lookbooks and catalogs in your blogs. People can learn more about your products, and it would lead to organic traffic to your websites. 

Make sure to develop specific designs of lookbooks that will respect your brand colors and logo. You will invest money to create catalogs and brand books, and you can give them credit in most of your blog posts. However, ensure relevance; if you do not keep this crucial feature, you can get high bounce rates. 

Let’s have an example of a wedding website, which has a variety of guest book collections for visitors. Whenever the websites link those collections, they will allow the audience to get various images and collections. Variety is essential, as you can enlarge your target group and give them valuable content to engage and learn from your blog posts. 

Final Thoughts 

A blog is a great tool to develop the marketing of your websites, as it remains an integral part of SEO strategy. However, you should conduct proper keyword and market research to write coherent and authentic blog posts. Do not forget your visuals and high-quality images to deliver visual aesthetic content. 

You are all set up! Enjoy the process, and the results will not be delayed.

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