The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go for Premium Plugins in WordPress & WooCommerce

Premium plugins

Last updated - July 8, 2021

As you know, one of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress across the world is its flexibility to customization. The wide range of plugins, also called as extensions or add-ons, helps users to easily incorporate desired features to their websites and online stores. However, when trying to find a plugin for a specific feature, you might find slightly confused with the large number of choices. You may be also wondering if premium plugins for WordPress are really worth it, considering the abundant free options. In this article, we will present you with a few reasons to ascertain why you should go with premium plugins for your WordPress site or WooCommerce store.

1. Advanced Features

If you are familiar with the WordPress ecosystem, you know a lot of plugins follow the freemium model. In this business model, there will be a basic version of the plugin with essential features, and a premium version with more advanced features. The availability of the free version provides users with an option to familiarize with the product before going for the premium version. However, in most cases, if you want an advanced feature to be incorporated, it is mostly required to opt for the premium version. And the premium that you pay will get you a range of benefits, which we will list out further in this article.

When you are trying to set up a unique online store on WordPress, you will see a wide range of plugins that extends the default WooCommerce features. You can add unique product types, integrate third party services, and offer better customer experience through these plugins.

Premium plugins
In the WooCommerce extensions store, you will find a large number of premium plugins.

2. Great Support

One of the major factor that inspires users to go for premium plugins is the availability of reliable support. If you are using a free plugin downloaded from the WordPress repository, you may not always get prompt responses to your queries. But, if you have purchased a premium WordPress plugin, you will get priority support as part of the license. This means a lot when your are running a business. Also, for relatively new users of WordPress, the support offered by the plugin developers could be helpful to achieve their exact business case.

For example, ELEXtensions offers one year of support with all their plugin subscriptions. They assure an SLA of one day for all support requests from verified customers.

Premium plugins
ELEXtensions offers dependable support from an expert to help you achieve your unique business case.

3. Assured quality

When you opt for a premium plugin, you are assured of its quality as most reputed plugin developers market a product after thorough testing in diverse environments. Moreover, the code quality of premium plugins are generally better due to the fact that professional developers are almost always behind them. On the other hand, you may no be able to get the superior quality with free plugins, if they are experimental works of budding professionals. Plugins created by professional developers surely will be following the coding standards specified by WordPress.

4. Advanced Security

As mentioned above, most of the premium plugins follow the guidelines of coding, and as a result are less vulnerable to attacks. WordPress itself makes sure that any vulnerabilities and bugs are addressed in a timely manner. Most premium plugin developers keep up to this standard, and the result is better security for your site while using them. On the contrary, you can find several free plugins in the repository that are not updated regularly, and thereby can be more vulnerable.

5. Extensive Documentation

Another important aspect that goes in favor of premium plugins is that most of them will have extensive documentation. You will find detailed setting up articles as well as a knowledge base with use cases and customization tricks. Moreover, a lot of plugin developers also offer video tutorials and walkthroughs that help users familiarize with the configuration. This is especially useful to new users to incorporate additional features and functionality effortlessly. Moreover, with detailed documentation, they will be able to save time as well as learn potential new uses to the plugin.

Premium Plugins
YITH is a preferred plugin developer for WordPress and WooCommerce, and has extensive documentation for all their products.

6. Regular Updates

Just like WordPress, premium plugins too offer regular updates. This will ensure prompt bug fixing as well as a reduction in security vulnerabilities. A free plugin that is not regularly updated could pose a threat to your site security, as well as create compatibility issues with WordPress and other tools that you may be using. If you are using a premium plugin, you will get regular updates during the license period. Moreover, in the latest version of WordPress, you will be able to set automatic updates as well.

7. Feature Additions

Another clear advantage in going for a premium plugin is the possibility of feature additions. Most popular plugin developers are constantly experimenting with their plugins to make them more efficient. As a result, the plugin will get new features very often that complements existing functionality. And, if you have an activated license, you will get these new features for free. That would mean new opportunities for your business, which you probably have not considered before. Also, premium plugins get regular updates for fixing bugs and other issues.

8. Customization

Premium plugins also offer great scope for customization. In several scenarios, you may want to customize the plugin to suit a specific business case that you have to deal with. With premium plugins, there is always a possibility that you can explore to see if the plugin can be customized according to the specific requirements. And, if the required modification is a minor one, most premium plugin developers will help you with it for free. Furthermore, there are some that offer extensive customization support to let you achieve the desired outcome.

For example, ELEXtensions offers customization support, where their expert development team will assist you to achieve your specific requirement. This could be to configure an ELEX plugin from scratch, setting up a helpdesk system, and also to tweak the plugin functionality. Such services could really save you from the trouble of hiring a developer to achieve the customization.

Premium plugins
With several premium plugins, you can find paid support for customization.

9. Better Compatibility

Premium plugin developers frequently check for compatibility of their plugins with other WordPress tools. It is quite possible that you may be using different tools to manage your site. It is important that the plugins that you use don’t limit your capability to explore new tools. Most premium plugins will be compatible with popular WordPress themes and plugins, and will not create hassles. Moreover, premium plugin developers will often help you out, if you find out compatibility issues with their products.

10. Strengthening the WordPress ecosystem

One of the oft-mentioned advantages of having a WordPress site is the ecosystem that thrives on knowledge sharing. And without doubt, premium plugin developers are strengthening this with new products and innovations. Moreover, with the open source environment, there is a lot of encouragement for new entrepreneurs to come to the domain. And, you can be part of an ecosystem that is constantly evolving.

Best places to purchase premium plugins for WooCommerce

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a glimpse on why you should go for premium plugins in WordPress and WooCommerce. If you have a query, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below.

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