7 Reasons Why Your Product Page Might Not be Ranking

Last updated - May 17, 2022

Primarily, there are many reasons why your product page might not be ranking on the search engine. It could be any scenario, such as you do not include the product page optimization in the checklist of your SEO strategy, lack of awareness about optimizing product pages, or the page just does not rank up, no matter how hard you try.

Many eCommerce businesses often dedicate a significant amount of time to optimizing the landing pages alone. They often allocate much of their SEO efforts and financial resources to such high-funnel pages, and put the product pages optimization of the table. Before enlisting some key reasons why your ecommerce website’s product page might not be ranking, let us shed some light on the importance of optimized product pages for better leads, conversions and sales.

What is an Optimized Product Page?

In eCommerce, product page optimization is quite the buzzword. It refers to the process of designing your product page for both end-users as well as making it easy for search engines to be found. No matter how aesthetically good looking your product pages are, they won’t serve your purpose, if not visible on the search engine organically.

For better search results, there are a handful of tactics that will enable you to make your product page rank in the top search results of any search engine.

  • Incorporate SEO plugins such as Magento 2 SEO Pack that helps Magento powered websites in optimizing the product pages for organic search. 
  • Upload high quality products images.
  • Add multiple images with zoom in and out feature enabled. 
  • Add money keywords and relevant phrases in the product page title, products description and tags.
  • Ensure that all images are optimized with alt text, caption and description.
  • For sites on WooCommerce, use WooCommerce Video in Product Gallery Plugin that enables you to embed product description videos for better end-users engagement and increasing the visitor’s dwell time on your site. 
  • Add customer’s rating and review option to every product separately. 

Though driving in visitors to your ecommerce landing page is essential, arguably it is more vital to make customers land on your products listing pages directly from the search results. 

Reasons Why Your Product Page Might Not Be Visible Organically 

Your product page might not be ranking for a number of reasons. Let’s explore some common reasons that refrains your ecommerce product page from appearing in the organic search. 

Poor Keyword Research

When it comes to ranking your products or landing pages, keywords research is something that you cannot overlook. It includes finding keywords relevant to your products and services, and optimizing your product page against those keywords will enable you to rank the page. 

Use popular keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Moz to find keywords that are most relevant to your products. Keywords usually come in various intents such as: 

  • Informational keywords 
  • Navigational keywords 
  • Transactional keywords 
  • Commercial keywords 

Since you intend to optimize your product page for commercial purposes, make effective use of both long and short tail keywords that have a commercial intent. 

Composing Generic Titles 

Titles are vital in ranking the product pages of your ecommerce website. Try not to go too generic, but rather make it actionable, concise and Keywords rich.  In addition, come up with titles that are unique to your business, and not used elsewhere. 

Ignoring Metadata and Tags 

Meta data is where the search engines bots come and start skimming a particular page. Your product page might not be ranking because of not including metadata or composing one without paying attention to proper keywords inclusion and characters limits. 

Composing Poor Quality Product Description

Product description plays a key role in product page ranking. While composing one, make sure it is unique, well written and search engine friendly. Do include a combination of keywords in the description that allow search engines to locate your product page to the visitors.

Inability to Optimize Product Images

Image optimization is another key reason why your products might not be ranking. Ensure that your products images are well optimized and meet the platform standards such as size, dimension and format of the image like (JPEG, PNG and GIF). Too many heavy images tend to slow down the product’s page loading speed making a bad user experience and consequently poor ranking. 

Duplicate Content on Product Page 

Content that is just copied and pasted from competitors’ sites will have no good use to your site, and thus it won’t allow your product page to rank. In order to make your page rank, it is important to come up with unique and fresh product page content that mostly includes titles, tags and product descriptions.

Backlinks Acquisition 

Acquiring links from other sites that point directly to your product page is a great way to rank the page and make it appear in the search results. You can write comprehensive manuals of your products, product promotional press releases and “how to” guides to increase awareness as well as allowing the search engines to locate your page whenever a query related to your product is generated from visitor’s end on the internet. 

Wrapping Up 

Your ecommerce product page might not be ranking for various reasons that typically include ineffective keywords research, generic page tiles and ignoring Meta descriptions. In addition, product page content duplication and not having the product images fully optimized also do not allow pages to rank on the search engines.

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