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Hide Shipping Methods For WooCommerce


Using many rules and filters, the Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods plugin makes it possible to hide particular shipping methods.

Some of these rules and filters include shipping classes, order volume, default shipping methods, product categories, countries and states, postal code, SKU, purchase total, and certain premium delivery carrier services from FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Stamps.com, EasyPost, Australia Post, and other carriers.


Are you looking for techniques to hide shipping methods while free shipping is activated?

The ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin makes it easy to hide WooCommerce shipping options on your eCommerce site developed with WordPress. The standard WooCommerce shipping options, as well as those from third-party providers like DHL, USPS, Stamps.com, UPS, FedEx, EasyPost, Australia Post, and so on, can be hidden.

To hide WooCommerce Shipping methods on your cart and checkout pages, you can utilize basic filters such as WooCommerce Shipping class, One or more Product categories, Product Volume, Destination regions and states, and other shipping methods.



1. Hide WooCommerce Shipping Ways while Free Shipping is offered.

Toggle the visibility of WooCommerce shipping options. In cases where the “Free Shipping” option is available, it may be preferable to hide the other shipping options offered by WooCommerce.

Hide WooCommerce shipping
Hide shipping options

2. Using filters to hide Shipping Options

Shipping options can be hidden based on:

  • Classes for Shipping in WooCommerce
  • Product Categories for WooCommerce
  • Weight in Cart
  • Total amount of the order
  • Destination nations and states
  • Product SKU Code
  • Shipping alternatives
  • Services and options for shipping
  • Roles for Users in WordPress
  • WooCommerce Vendors

3. Multiple Rules Can Be Created and Managed

You’re free to make as many custom rules as you like using this plugin. All of the rules may be managed on the Manage tab, where you can make changes, duplicate them, or remove them at any moment.

Hide shipping methods
Merge many rules

4. Merge Many Rules into One Advanced Rule

Reduce the time it takes to ship hides by combining multiple rules into one. Hide desired delivery methods in advanced rules using the filters provided in specific rules.