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WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin


Planning to sell customizable product kits to let customers build their desired products with varied components in your store? This plugin is the right option for you!

Create the most engaging product kits with the WooCommerce Composite Products plugin.

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Last updated - July 22, 2021

Planning to sell customized product kits by letting customers build their own products with a combination of multiple components in your store? The WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin will help you configure this in your store!

With this plugin, you will be able to sell products by combining different products or parts of certain products in your store as kits. By picking products or parts of products, customers can build a customized product as per their needs. For example, if you are selling skateboards, you have an option to sell it as a composite product by listing its deck, truck, wheels, etc separately. From these categories, customers can choose an option and build a product as they wish!

Even though the plugin works based on conditional logic, it does not make it complicated for you to handle and control the plugin dashboard. Its efficient grouping of products and flexible pricing make the overall shopping experience of customers more organized.


1. Unclutter the Products for Better Shopping Experience

Segregate the products or different parts of a product to let the customers choose one by one to build the desired product or product kit for them.

WooCommerce Composite Products | Unclutter the Products for Better Shopping Experience

2. Customizable Layout

Creating a gift hamper will be different from creating a camera by choosing its different parts. So, this plugin allows you to set the composite product layout as per the nature of your products you sell.

3. Create an Organized Purchase Flow

If you have too many products in your store and need to sell them as a part or product in a product kit, you will have an option to categorize them properly and organize them with pagination. Also, allow customers to choose the products using the sorting and filtering options.

WooCommerce Composite Products | Works Based on Conditional Logic

4. Works Based on Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to set the composite product option in your store based on different scenarios.