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Looking for a solution to take pre-orders from customers before launching your products? Well, that is a great idea to get more sales even before the product is released! 

Configure pre-orders in your WooCommerce store for letting customers order products well in advance with this WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin.

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Last updated - July 22, 2021

Allowing customers to order a product before its release will increase the sales potential for your upcoming product. With the WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin, you will be able to set a product to be available for pre-order before its release on a future date.

With this plugin, you can set a date and time of the release and display it on the product page for customers. Based on your requirements as well as the payment methods you use, you can accept the payment method in advance or at the time of the release automatically or manually. Also, let your customers know that the product will be shipped only after the release date.

To give more clarity to customers, you will be able to customize the pre-order button text on product pages. When a customer successfully places a pre-order, an email will be triggered to the customer’s email address with relevant information.


1. Provides an Option to Pre-Order

Provide an option for customers to pre-order the product which will be releasing on a future date and display the date of its release.

WooCommerce Pre-Orders | Provides an Option to Pre-Order
WooCommerce Pre-Orders | Accept Payment in Advance or at the Time of Release

2. Accept Payment in Advance or at the Time of Release

Allows accepting payment while pre-ordering the product or at the time of its release and availability.

3. Complete Control Over Pre-Orders

Admins will be having complete control to edit the pre-order details on the front-end including the button text, messages, etc. Also, the admin can reschedule the release date as and when required. Also, display a count-down for the release on the storefront using the shortcodes with CSS support.

WooCommerce Pre-Orders | Complete Control Over Pre-Orders