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WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin


Boost your sales by providing multiple products as bundles with captivating offers. Also, let your customers decide what products must be present in their bundle to make the purchase.

The WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin is indeed the right extension to create bundles in your store!


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Worried about your sales as some products are still stuck in your warehouse? Bundle them with other related products with an attractive discount, you won’t worry about sales anymore!

Yes, product bundling means creating product packages with different individual products in your store. This is applicable for physical, virtual and downloadable products in your store. For example, if you are selling a guitar, you can bundle it with guitar pick and guitar cable even though you sell them individually in your store. When you bundle these products together, you can provide the entire bundle at an offer or specific products in the bundle for offer. Also, let customers create bundles with their favorite products! The WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin is perfectly crafted to help you with these!

With this plugin, you will also be able to provide bulk discounts if a customer purchases many products from the store. Furthermore, allow customers to pick and mix products using the Grouped Product types in your store by controlling the minimum and maximum quantity of products must be added by the customer to get an offer for the bundle. 


1. Add Bundles to the Catalog with Offers

Create default bundles with multiple products in your store for customers to purchase at interesting offers.

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin | Add Bundles to the Catalog with Offers
WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin | Provide Pick-and-Mix Options

2. Provide Pick-and-Mix Options

Let your customers decide what products must be in a bundle they would like to purchase. The admin can control the minimum and maximum number of products that must be chosen for creating a bundle to purchase.

3. Create and Sell Assembled Products

Easily create assembled and unassembled bundles if you are selling inventory parts of certain products.

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin | Create and Sell Assembled Products

4. Recommend Products to Create Bundles

Feature relatable products in check boxes as add-ons and feature them as ‘frequently bought together’ with an offer! Let the customer decide whether the add-ons need to be bought or not.

5. Plugin Compatibility

To enhance the scope of this plugin to sell bundled products, you may integrate with the following plugins:

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin