Why your Business Requires to Review these eCommerce Difficulties

eCommerce difficulties

Last updated - February 24, 2020

Just like any other Business Service, starting an eCommerce website is exciting and the owner has plenty of expectations of making it successful and profitable. However, many challenges come with online stores which you should be aware of when starting. Unlike the past where you could sell just about anything and make fast cash, with less competition, nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of and crazy competition. Fortunately, you can still make sufficient money, thanks to technology which has provided affordable software to help you run your E-Store efficiently. Amazon is a major competitor that every online store has to grapple with and there are also several difficulties that you should learn how to deal with when you start an online store. Here are 5 eCommerce difficulties that you need to deal with often. 

Finding the right products to sell

The majority of online store platforms have eliminated many barriers of entry there where there and sellers can sell any product that they want to sell on their online stores. Shop owners can now launch their stores and start selling products in a matter of days. Amazon is a good example of their numerous product catalogs. They provide awesome services and sellers can easily reach consumers. Although this is a good thing for both consumers and sellers, it can be challenging for startups that are looking for unique products to sell.

eCommerce difficulties

If you have the resources and enough money the easiest way to go is to manufacture your unique products, but this requires a lot of money and resources to pull out. If you want to start an online store and you can’t think of the right product to sell, you can take an online course on ways to find new and unique products to sell online. 

Attracting the perfect customer

In the past, online shoppers were not easily distracted since they only needed to search for products by on Amazon or Google. A shopper could easily get information about products, their prices and where to find them. Nowadays shoppers are bombarded by numerous product ads on the Internet, making it hard for them to make a decision. Technology has made it easier for shoppers to find products through reviews that can be accessed on smartphones and other mobile devices, ads they can also pay for products thanks to the various online payment options.

eCommerce difficulties

Consumers have also changed the way they consume products making it hard for store owners to adapt to these changes. The biggest destruction is from social media. Retailers now have to find effective ways to attract consumers without burning their marketing budgets. If you want to start an online store, make sure you set aside sufficient marketing money, depending on the type of product you are selling. It is also good to know your target audience to avoid blowing away your marketing budget. 

Generating targeted traffic

With the ever-changing means of marketing, relying on one type of channel to drive traffic to your online store is not enough. eCommerce store owners must have several marketing channels that leverage SEO, re-targeting, display ads, PPC, email, social, mobile, shopping engines and affiliates. This will help you drive qualified traffic to your online store.

eCommerce difficulties

The biggest challenge in running an e-commerce store is targeted the wrong audience. The majority of the store owners don’t aim for traffic that converts or generates sales and this is one difficulty you need to overcome when starting or running an e-commerce store. Always choose marketing channels that are visible where their audience is paying attention.

Capturing quality leads

Another difficulty if running an online store is capturing quality leads. Shop owners spend lots of money trying to drive sufficient traffic to their stores. Since the conversion rate of an online store is about 1% to 3%, a lot of effort needs to be put on generating quality leads. The trick lies in building an email subscriber list for long term success. Email subscription lists are not only good for engaging and interacting with your clients, but also helps you to capture your prospect’s attention, using social tools like Facebook Custom Audiences.

eCommerce difficulties

Prospects and consumers are hard nuts to crack and getting their attention requires you to craft the right message for the right audience to convert them into leads with hopes of turning them into customers. Fortunately, there are effective plugins like Mail Chimp to help you do this. 

Nurturing the ideal prospects

If you are not actively engaging with your email subscribers informing them of the latest deals launches and new products, the email list won’t serve its purpose. The aim of having an email list is to help you engage and interact with your consumers and prospects in a personal manner. The majority of consumers want that VIP treatment that makes them feel appropriated or special.

eCommerce difficulties

If you keep them in the loop of what is going on in your online store, you will surely win their hearts which eventually helps you convert more. Value is what consumers are looking for and you should, therefore, deliver it. You should not only inform prospects about promotions and offers but also what they are going to get from your store in terms of value. 


If you want to succeed in your eCommerce services, converting shoppers into paying customers should be one of your priorities. Another thing is finding the right products to sell that are unique. Consumers are always looking for new products that offer more than what they are used to and if you can provide that, you will certainly win their hearts. To help you come up with the right products, focus on solving problems and not just making sales. When marketing, you are only looking for traffic to increase your website ranking, but also increase your sales. Therefore, as to look for an effective marketing channel, ensures that it will help generate sales, besides making your website ranking high. I hope that this article was helpful and you are now conversant with some eCommerce difficulties that you constantly face.