The Role of AI Writing in Content Marketing Strategy

Role of AI i Content Marketing

Last updated - July 24, 2023

It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence has been changing the way different industries operate. But at the same time, AI has been challenging old practices to an extent that has some experts concerned.

Naturally, AI writing has become a hot topic among marketers. How can AI be used to the fullest extent in content marketing without any negative side effects? Here’s the role it plays in content marketing and how you can start using AI writing effectively.

How can AI be Used in Content Marketing

Use of AI in Content Marketing

While AI writing has been the center of discussion in recent years, there’s much more to AI than simple text generation and proofreading. There are many ways you can use AI to improve your content marketing strategy:

Discover and Curate Content

Social media platforms powered by AI algorithms can be extremely smart at suggesting the right content to you. You can discover interesting content that you can then curate and share with your audience.

Perform Research Efficiently

When it comes to creating content of your own, you will need to perform research. AI tools can help you do your research more efficiently and find relevant content and sources faster.

Create and Optimize Content

Once you are done with research, you can use different AI tools to help you create and optimize your content. These can be text generation and proofreading tools.

Distribute and Publish Content

After the content is ready, you can use AI tools to distribute and publish it. For example, there are tools for scheduling content to be published at a specific time or sending content automatically via a specific channel.

Analyze Content Performance

Lastly, you can track and analyze content performance to better understand what works and what doesn’t. AI tools can provide you with insights about your audience that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

The Pros of Using AI in Content Marketing

Pros of AI

To properly recognize how AI can be used, it is necessary to understand all the pros and cons of using it in content marketing. There are quite a few benefits to using AI:

Increased Efficiency

AI tools can help you significantly increase efficiency by finding ways to perform tasks with less effort and implementing more effective practices.

Better Productivity

By increasing efficiency, you will also get better overall productivity. More tasks can be performed in a shorter period of time yet at the same level of quality.

Higher Content Quality

Speaking of quality, you can actually get higher content quality when using AI tools. For instance, proofreading tools can be useful for correcting linguistic mistakes and improving text readability.

Decreased Costs

Some tasks that are performed manually can be completed automatically by AI tools which can help you decrease overall costs. Moreover, with increased efficiency, you can already expect lower costs.

Improved Decision-Making

AI tools can provide you with more accurate analytics which will help you improve decision-making. You can solve problems with a higher success rate and make better decisions overall.

The Cons of Using AI in Content Marketing

Cons of AI

While there are many pros to using AI in content marketing, there are also many cons that experts have been concerned about. Some issues that could arise when using AI for content marketing include:

Questionable Data Quality

The data used by AI tools could be of questionable quality which will lead to less accurate analytics. This, in turn, could misguide your decisions and result in unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

Lack of Human Touch

No matter how good machines are at creating content, they still lack human touch. This is why you might want to contact the writing service Write My Essays and hire human writers. Professional writers can create content that truly feels like it was written by a real person.


The generalizations made by AI tools when analyzing your content can be misguiding when it comes to specific cases. There are simply too many factors to be able to make precise predictions.

AI Development Level

Overall, despite developing so quickly in the past few years, AI is not at a particularly high level just yet. There is still a lot of room for improvement and AI abilities are quite limited.

Best Practices of Using AI in Content Marketing

Best practices for AI content marketing

With all the pros and cons in mind, you can now better understand how far AI has come and how it can be used. Here are the best practices you can utilize to integrate AI into your content marketing strategy:

#1 Find the Right Balance

Using AI successfully doesn’t mean letting AI do absolutely everything. On the contrary, it’s all about how you balance using AI with everything else you do. You can’t substitute human employees completely, but you can improve processes by integrating AI into the workflow. That’s why finding balance is so important.

Don’t try to use AI where it isn’t necessary and don’t rely on AI to perform the tasks it can’t fully complete. For example, you can use text generation tools to create texts, but you still need human writers and editors to improve those texts by rewriting some parts and correcting mistakes.

#2 Use AI for Different Purposes

AI can be used for so many different things that it would be a lost opportunity if you end up using it just for a single purpose. Rather than only using AI tools for content marketing, try tools for other types of marketing as well as for customer support and other purposes.

For example, you can integrate chatbots on your website to improve customer support. This way, your clients can get answers to their questions instantly instead of waiting for a customer support representative to respond to their requests.

#3 Improve Personalization

One of the best things about using AI for content marketing is that it helps you improve personalization and take it to a whole new level. By personalizing content for each customer separately, you can deliver high-quality customer service and build loyalty by developing a relationship with each customer individually.

You can curate existing content based on the customer’s interests. Product suggestions can be personalized as well which can help you increase sales. Automate your email marketing campaigns and social media posting to reduce costs while publishing and distributing content consistently.

#4 Optimize and Repurpose

Content optimization is essential if you want to get your content to your target audience. The more exposure your content gets, the more customers you will attract. Luckily, AI tools can help you optimize content more efficiently by helping you find the right keywords, improve readability, and so on.

Likewise, you can use AI tools to repurpose your content. You can convert a blog post into a social media post and publish your content on more platforms which, in turn, will give you more exposure. Paraphrasing tools are easy to use and can help you repurpose content faster.

#5 Understand More

As simple as it sounds, AI can help you understand more. You will be able to understand your audience better and find out which content performs the best. You will see specific trends that you can use in your own content marketing activities. You will be able to predict responses and make better decisions.

Of course, AI tools aren’t 100% accurate. They can’t foresee major changes that can happen completely out of the blue. Yet, AI is helpful in understanding the past to plan smarter for the future. If you use the right tools for your marketing, you will be more in control of what you are doing and what results you are getting.

Final Thoughts

All in all, AI is definitely something you should embrace and start utilizing in your content marketing strategy. Though AI writing isn’t particularly advanced yet, AI as a whole can already be extremely useful to content marketers. Utilize the tips in this article to help you make the most of AI and integrate it into your marketing campaigns.

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