WooCommerce – How to Set up Emails

Last updated - July 8, 2021

When you run an online store, it is especially important to consistently update your customers during different phases of their order. Email Settings in WooCommerce allows you to set up an effective communication channel with customers.

You can go to WooCommerce email settings by navigating through the following path:

WooCommerce → Settings → Emails

When you first open the Email Settings screen, you come across a range of different email notifications with separate settings for each. You can see a title for each email, the type of content and recipients as well. Let’s look further into the Email Notifications settings after covering the general email settings.

Email Sender Options section has “From” Name and “From” Address. This is what your customers will see in their inbox when you send them a mail.

You can customize the appearance of the email you are sending to your customers in the Email Template section. The Header Image field is where you can enter an image url, preferably your company’s logo.

You can set a header image, (mostly your company’s logo), through this section.

To set the image, you just have to go to media library (Media → Library)…

Scroll down, select the image you want to be set as Header image and copy the url…

Paste it in the Header image field.

You can also add a text of your choice to display at the bottom of all email that you send using the Footer Text field.

You can also change Base Color, Background Color, Body Background Color and Body Text Color according to your preferences.

You can preview the changes that you make to your email template using the link on the top of the screen.

Do not forget to click Save changes button after updating the settings.

Now, let’s go back up to the top section with the list of different email notifications. The settings are similar in all notification emails listed here. We will look at one in detail to understand the process better.

To open the settings page, you can click either the title of that specific email, or the Configure button on the right hand side.

You can switch on or off a specific email notification using the Enable/Disable checkbox.

Using the recipient field, you can specify who all receive this particular notification.

You can set a subject line for your email using the Subject field. By default WooCommerce gives site title, order number and order date in this field.

Email Heading field is used to set a main heading for the email you are sending.

You can change the format of the email using the Email type field. There are three options (Plain text, HTML and Multipart) in the drop-down and WooCommerce has set the default as HTML.

WooCommerce provides an option to override and edit the email template by copying it to the themes folder. You can use the Copy file to theme button to do this. You can view the template using the View template button.

Once all the settings are updated, remember to click Save changes button.


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