Things to Sell in College to Make Money

Things to Sell in College to Make Money

Last updated - February 13, 2024

Going through the college campus without cash is an unpleasant encounter students try their best to avoid. But it is not easy to achieve financial independence without scholarships and waivers. Many undergraduates are often broke and even wear it as a badge of honor.

Thankfully, there are various things college students trade electronically and in the real world to make money. eCommerce businesses allow you to work around your schedules so that it does not affect your education.

You will learn crucial abilities like customer service and ultimately achieve financial freedom. Keep reading for our list of businesses you can start with little or no experience or upfront investment. 

Channels for Selling your Products and Services 

Things to Sell in College to Make Money

If you know how to sell products, trade them on the Internet by starting your e-commerce store. Alternatively, affiliate yourself with an established giant to avoid incurring setup costs. Below are a few methods to explore: 

Start your Venture 

Many people blame technology for killing traditional jobs. But at the same time, it provides various business opportunities, and starting a venture is easier than ever. All you need is an internet connection and an idea. If you don’t have an item in mind, research what people are buying and compile a list. Besides researching commodities, know your competition to draw an effective pricing strategy and fine-tune your edge. Then, proceed to design a web page. 

Websites are an integral part of e-business. Design an easy-to-use site and use it to create listings, track inventory, and accept payments. Finalize the legal procedures and utilize effective marketing strategies. 


Dropping is a unique business model that allows you to sell products without operating in a physical location. The absence of physical storage and processing facilities means less cost and the capacity to handle a wide range of commodities without bothering about fulfillment and inventory. The typical process involves signing an agreement with drop shippers, who handle every sales aspect after you send the orders. 

Dropshipping allows multichannel trading, and it is flexible and scalable. You also fulfill orders regardless of your operating location. Popular drop shipping platforms include Amazon, eBay, and Some business opportunities include: 

Things to Sell in College to Make Money  - Dropshipping

Become a reseller 

A reseller buys an item and sells it for a higher price. For example, you could buy a shirt on Amazon for $5 and resell it for $7, earning $2 income. When you resell by dropshipping through a store, the site will fulfill the order and give you the profit margin between the product cost and the retail price.

Share your internet bandwidth

Another way of earning money is by sharing your internet connection with the help of apps like Honeygain. This method is great because you can use this app in conjunction with all of the other methods mentioned in the article. All you have to do is download the app, register, and start generating passive income.

Sell print-on-demand goods 

A print-on-demand venture involves working with a supplier of white-label objects like tote bags and baseball hats to customize and trade them under your brand and with your design. Interestingly, you don’t need to settle the cost of production until you auction it. Not only this, but the supplier handles digital printing, order fulfillment, and shipping. 

Trade used items 

The school environment is a hub for finding used objects. You’ll find people willing to part ways with old stuff at every corner. Hunt for such cheap commodities, list them as used objects on eBay and pay a final value fee when it sells. 

Sell stock videos and photos 

If you’re into photography or videography, trade them through stock sites to receive cash. Most of these websites have regular affiliate programs that offer extra bucks. Some places to auction photos or videos include Etsy, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, etc. 

How to learn skills and provide services 

Knowing channels to market your expertise. Let us suggest some services you can offer for sale: 

Trade your essays, research papers 

Trading your old essays and documents earns cash and helps others learn. Offer your essays and research papers for sale online or become a writer and exchange them for sale to print magazines and writing services. Many assignment websites look for writers who are willing to write a high-quality research paper or essay on demand. They also purchase completed samples to improve their database. 

 Offer technical services 

There are hundreds of services you can offer to fellow students physically and digitally. They include tech support, transcription services, digital marketing, etc. The idea is to find a need among the undergraduate or local community and meet it. 

Make online courses

If you’re an expert in a field, shoot a lesson to teach others. It could be in the form of video or text. Many platforms like Udemy provide easy-to-use tools for creating interactive courses. A single course will keep generating income as long as people enroll. 

Things to Sell in College to Make Money  - Online Courses

Become an online tutor

Online tutoring is a flexible and easy way to receive an extra income. Unlike physical tutoring, lecture online anywhere and at your pace. Choose a subject area and decide whether to work as a private tutor or for a tutoring platform. 

 Work as a digital content writer 

Content writers cater to various clients in different niches. People with writing talent make money by writing essays, articles, and blogs. The job is flexible, as you work at your pace and receive income based on projects. If content creation is easy for you, work as a ghostwriter, columnist, copywriter, etc. 

Offer graphic design services 

Graphics designers earn money by producing web designs, logos, images, and more. Work as a freelance designer on social media or marketplaces and charge hourly or a fixed rate per project. As mentioned above, make things or designs for passive income. 

Develop websites 

Many organizations hire web developers to handle their website creation and logistics. They also handle website conversion, maintenance, and language learning. Averagely, web designers receive around $23-$25 per hour, depending on various factors. As a result, it is one of the top side hustles to explore. 

Build an app 

If you have programming talents, design, and auction an app in the App store. Alternatively, work as an independent contractor and produce regular applications under contract. 


University life is demanding, but it should not be an excuse to remain broke. If you think about it, opportunities to trade something abound around the school environment. Technology makes most internet venture ideas flexible and will fit your schedule, interests, and expertise. They also have low upfront costs and will help everyone. Whatever method you choose, put yourself out there and start making money.

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