The Shopify Guide: How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Last updated - February 24, 2020

A product description describes a product and is the reason that makes it worth purchasing. It supplies customers with information about the product and compels them to buy. To anyone, writing a product description looks like something easy to pull off. Entrepreneurs and marketers, however, make several mistakes when writing their product descriptions. We do not want you to end up repeating the same mistakes, which is why you need to join us in this journey and learn how you can write product descriptions that sell for Shopify. Some of the things you need to do are as follows:

  • Identify your ideal buyer
  • Focus on the benefits your product offers
  • Be precise in your description  
  • Capture your customer’s imagination. 
  • Keep the description short.
  • Focus on a given structure
  • Optimize your description for search engine 
  • Proofread product description

How to Identify Your Ideal Buyer

Writing to a broad audience makes you want to reach everyone’s soul, which is not possible. The point is that you end up not addressing anyone at all. You can do something about it. For instance, use “you” to appear up close and personal. This is not enough on its own, start by picturing your ideal buyer. Know the humor that your buyer appreciates. Know the words that your buyer uses. Also, know the words that your buyer hates. When you know the questions that your ideal buyer asks, you will be able to answer the question as well. A common tool that can help with that is Survey Monkey. This tool allows you to survey your audiences, consumers, and clients and leverage information for better descriptions and sales.

With all these in mind, consider the way you would talk to your buyer in case you were selling them the product in a store or a face-to-face situation. Incorporate the same language you would use in person into your eCommerce site to create an online conversation that resonates with your audience more deeply.

Focus On the Benefits Your Product Offers

When you are a business owner, you naturally want to share all the qualities of your products. As much as your product may seem to have the best features and unique specs, ask yourself whether this matters to your targeted buyer. The truth is that your buyer is quite interested in how the product can benefit them. The goal of any product description is to convince the potential buyer that the product will improve their lives in a significant way. Therefore, before writing your Shopify description, create an outline of the features and benefits of your product. Ask yourself whether the product increases pleasure or reduces any pain. Convert the features into benefits; this will help make your product descriptions more persuasive. View an example of the description below. 

write product descriptions

Be precise in your description

Are you the person that uses superlatives such as best, great, excellent, among others? Well, these words will not sell you anything in a serious marketplace. You need to use words that show the difference between your product and other similar products in the market. This means that you need to be very specific about the way you describe the product. 

Capture your customer’s imagination

A research shows that a person’s desire to own a product increases when they hold it in their hands. However, remember that in our case, you are selling goods online. This means that visitors to your sales web page cannot hold the product physically. So what do you do? Foremost, you need to use large and clear pictures or videos. You can also write in a way that makes the reader want to buy the product. Use the word “imagine,” as you start your sentence. Move on to explain to the reader how they will feel owning and using your product — view example of the description below. 

write product descriptions

Keep description short

The modern consumer is not a long reader. For this reason, reduce the number of words you want to use on your Shopify description. Avoid fillers, state the relevant, and go straight to the point. This prevents ambiguity and improves the conversion of readers into buyers.  

Focus on a given structure

To nail your structure, make the copy scannable. A survey shows that readers will only read 16 percent of content that is on a web page. Make the words count by being scannable using bullet points, short paragraphs with few sentences, more white space, and different font sizes. Your scannable Shopify store product descriptions structure will be more effective than when using a lot of prose. Easy to read product descriptions retain potential customers.

Optimize your description for search engine

Everything that you do on your Shopify needs to be optimizing for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to direct more customers to your page. This real job before you can convince them to buy your products.  You can optimize your Shopify product descriptions with keywords. Keywords are the terms buyers use to find the products they are shopping for. To arrive at keywords, you have to engage in some keyword research. Luckily, several tools that can help you with that, an example is the Moz Explorer, which offers you high-ranking keywords, search volume, difficulty, opportunity, and potential. 

write product descriptions

Once you have the keywords, Shopify recommends that you place your keyword in the Meta descriptions, page titles, Image tags also ALT tags, and for this case within your product descriptions. 

Proofread product description

Once you have finished working on your product descriptions, what follows is proofreading. Like any writing, check your phrases for grammatical errors, syntax issues, correctness, and coherence. You can do it manually on your monitor. However, you will not pick every mistake like a professional. Several tools can help you with that, for instance, Grammarly Premium. Many content creators, writers, and marketers have tried and tested Grammarly. Moreover, the tool comes with a plugin to Microsoft word that allows you to use it right on your document. 

Now you know how to go about your Shopify product description. The above is not everything you need to do. There is something you can do to create high value and more effective product descriptions. These should get you started on the right path. All the best, as you write to sell!

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