Shopify Local Delivery & Store Pickup App for A Great Customer Experience

Last updated - August 3, 2022

Providing a great customer experience will be one of your top priorities if you have a Shopify store. Seamless delivery and pickup will be an obvious expectation from your customers. How will you manage local delivery and store pickup effortlessly on your Shopify store? In our review of the Shopify Local Delivery & Store Pickup App, we will try to find out how this app could help you improve customer experience on your Shopify store.

Mageworx Local Delivery & Store Pickup App – An Overview

Providing customers different options on how they want to receive their products from an online store is really important. With the help of Mageworx Local Delivery & Store Pickup App, you can offer local delivery and store pickup, along with other options on your Shopify store. This Shopify local delivery app provides you with elaborate settings to manage the delivery and pickup schedules so that your fulfillment flow will be completely streamlined.

With the Local Delivery & Store Pickup App, you can effortlessly manage different shipping options on your Shopify store.

Feature highlights

We will take a look at some of the standout features of the app.

  • Offer delivery or store pickup based on your store strategy – The app gives you the flexibility to offer either delivery or store pickup, or both. You can maintain different schedules for both according to your store’s specific requirements.
  • Limit the number of orders handled on a day – You can set a daily limit for the number of orders you are intending to fulfill on that day. This will help you manage orders without overwhelming your team’s capabilities.
  • Set a Lead time – Allows you to schedule a certain time period to process an order, so that customers will be able to pick a slot for delivery or pickup only after this lead time.
  • Set a cutoff time – You can also specify a daily cutoff time, after which no same-day deliveries will be fulfilled on that day.
  • Do not offer deliveries on specific days – The plugin allows you to specify your store holidays so that customers will be aware in advance that orders won’t be fulfilled on those days.
  • Restrict delivery and pickup based on products and cart value – You can exclude certain products from delivery or pickup according to your store strategy. Similarly, you can offer these shipping options when a specific cart value is met.
  • Easy to manage orders – From the main page of the app, you can easily identify which shipping option is chosen for a particular order. In addition, it gives you an option to tag orders so that it is recognizable from the Shopify order admin as well.
  • Can make customizations to the app’s appearance – You will be able to make design improvements using custom CSS. Moreover, they offer support to help you with design improvements to make the app consistent with your theme.

How to get started with the Local Delivery & Store Pickup App?

You can get started by visiting Shopify App store. Here open the app page, and click the Add app button. Once you click this, you will have to provide access to the app. You can provide the necessary access and click the Install App button. The app will be installed on your Shopify store.

You can install the app after providing required access.

This app works as a theme app extension, which means it will have to integrate with the active theme on your store. So, you will see a message that Installation is in progress, and you will have to enable it on the theme as well. For this, you can simply click the Activate button in the Themes section on the Settings page. After this, you also need to click the Save button on the theme editor page.

Enabling Delivery and Pickup

Once the app is installed and activated, you can go to Local Delivery and Store Pickup, and enable them.

You can enable Local Delivery and Store Pickup individually.

With the default settings, you will be able to see both options activated on your store’s frontend. You can test this by going to the store and adding a product to Cart.

If both options are enabled, customers will be able to choose Delivery or Pickup.

With default settings, the options will be visible on the store’s frontend like this.

If you want to display the Shipping tab along with Local Delivery and Store Pickup, you can choose Yes for the setting “Display Shipping tab alongside Local Delivery and Store Pickup in the shopping cart”.

Shipping options can be displayed along with delivery and pickup when this option is chosen.

Now, customers will be able to choose a preferred shipping option, if required while checking out.

Customers can choose a shipping method based on their preferences.

Customization Settings

The plugin offers the following options to further customize your Local Delivery options:

Time frames

Customers will be able to choose Date, Date & time, or Date & time interval based on the choice of the store owner. There are also options to set a Daily order limit, Cutoff time and Lead time for each day of the week.

You can specify different order limits, cutoff time and lead time for each day of the week.

Blackout dates

You will be able to choose specific dates where delivery won’t be available. Similarly, you can set the number of days to limit how far in the future an order can be placed.

Availability conditions

With this app, you can set availability conditions for the shipping method as well. For example, you can set a minimum amount as cart total for making Local Delivery available. Also, you can include or exclude specific products for the shipping method by adding product tags in the designated field.

As per these settings, Local Delivery will be available only for cart totals above 100 and for products with the specified tags.

Order tags

This is another feature that could be quite useful for better order management. You can add tags to the shipping method, which will be visible in the order details page.

order tags for the shipping method will be visible in the order details section.

The same customization settings will be available for Store Pickup also. You can enable both with different customization settings suitable for your store.

General settings

The app will also help you set up some additional customizations to help you make the process seamless according to your requirements. We will take a quick look at the some of these settings as well:

Make it required to select a delivery or pickup option

You can make it a required step for customers to pick a delivery or pickup option before moving to the checkout. Simply toggle the ‘General’ radio button to ‘Yes’. This would mean the customer has to either choose a delivery or pickup time, or they can choose the shipping tab, if it is enabled on the store.

If this option is enabled, customers will have to pick either a delivery or pickup time, or choose the shipping option to proceed to the checkout page.

Date and time format

Depending on the region you are operating from, you may have a preference for the date and time format. While using this app, you will be able to customize the format. From the settings, you can configure which day to be considered as the start of the week, the way the date is displayed, and also the time format.

Set the date and time as per your regional preferences.

Show the first available date

You can choose to display the first available date when a shipping option is selected by the customer. You can enable this option separately for Local Delivery and Store Pickup.

In these settings, you can let customers add a comment and also display delivery information.

Show the first available date as a preselected option.

Modify the labels

You can also modify the label text shown in the site’s frontend. This could be useful even to translate the label text to another language.

The plugin offers options to modify the label text displayed on the frontend.

Design customization

The app also allows you to choose a color scheme, and also to apply custom CSS to change the visual elements in the frontend. The default option would be to keep the style of the current theme you are using.

You can apply custom design styles if you don’t want to go by the theme’s style.


The application is absolutely free on the Shopify app store. However, it will continue to be so only for some time (3-4 months). After that, there is a possibility of it going premium with monthly payment options. The interesting thing is that anyone who installs the app while it’s free will be able to use it free forever.

What do we think about the Local Delivery & Store Pickup App?

If local delivery and store pickup are relevant strategies for your Shopify store, this app could be really helpful. It is easy to get started with and the settings are intuitive and easy. If you want to manage delivery and pickup options on your store with minimal coding, this app could be a great choice. It seamlessly integrates with most popular Shopify themes. And, if you want to make design changes with custom CSS, the app is flexible for that as well. We tested the app thoroughly on our demo site and found it to be smooth and stable.

Do check out the Local Delivery and Pickup App here!

We hope this review has helped you understand the features and benefits of the Local Delivery & Store Pickup App. Leave us a comment if you have any queries regarding the app.

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