Shopify POS Security: Improve it for your Shopify Store

Shopify POS Security

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms for businesses across the world. It has gained a lot of attention from small, medium to large size retailers over the past decade. 

Moreover, many businesses have reached a wider audience and generated massive revenue by opening their online store with Shopify.

With time, the retail merchants using Shopify found that they need to gather user data and also provide a system for quick payments to users. Various merchants then opted for Shopify POS. It allows merchants to carry out many things efficiently, such as inventory management, transaction processing, tracking customer preferences, etc.

By installing the Shopify POS, the merchants found that they have to manage a massive amount of data, such as payment details and personal information. With this comes the question of security. 

According to various studies, eCommerce is one of the favorite industries of cybercriminals to conduct attacks because of credit card details. 

Due to this, merchants started searching for ways to enhance the security of Shopify POS. Here, we have conducted deep research and found different ways to protect your Shopify POS. 

So, let’s get started,

5 Ways to Enhance Shopify POS Security

Here are some of the best ways to improve the security of Shopify POS:

Build Transparent Security Policies

Shopify platform relies on how the merchants handle their customers’ data. Hence, businesses have to take complete responsibility in protecting customers’ data and offering a perfect vision of the steps they take to handle data and privacy.

For instance, for protecting users’ data, the merchants should mention that they don’t share any of the users’ data with third parties. 

Apart from several crucial security policies, the merchants should hire a team of professionals that work 24*7 to protect data and ensure the reliability of their Shopify store.

Please note that any type of transmission or electronic storage on the web is not fully secure. Therefore, merchants should integrate as many security measures in their stores as possible to safeguard their stores.

Utilize Cloud-based Video

All the merchants can enhance the security of their POS with the help of cloud-based videos. Merchants can create comprehensive videos that explain to customers how they should use the store and what measures they should take to protect their profile. 

For example, merchants can guide users about password storage and other security regarding the account. Ultimately, this will help to stop data theft from outside sources.

Create an Alarm System

Theft in any of the online retail stores results in a massive loss for the company. For instance, if you earn a 20% profit on every sale, you are required to earn $2,000 more on goods to stop a loss of $200 less. 

According to Statista, the average loss because of any shoplifting in the United States would be about USD 460 in the financial year 2020. 

As per Loss Prevention Media, there is 1 shoplifter for every 11 people in the United States of America.

The main thing here is that you can take action against this issue with the help of various techniques, gadgets, and strategies. How? By installing an intelligent anti-theft system. 

This system can help you catch thieves without any hindrance, ensure to keep your store thief-resistant and decrease the losses that happen because of the shoplifters. 

The system works well for online as well as offline platforms. When you are utilizing a POS system, you can reach out to the site of the POS provider and search about the alert system. Alternatively, you can directly contact a POS system provider via the mail and learn in detail about creating an alarm system.

Train Your Employees to Handle Suspicious Customers

There is a complete possibility that someone or a group can invade your entire establishment with a malicious event. This practice is also known as external threats or external links in the retail industry.  

Several threats that can happen to your Shopify store include shoplifters, credit card frauds, DDoS attacks, organized retail crime syndicates, trojan horses, people investigating your business in case of any theft or burglary, and more.

You have an opportunity to stop all of these threats to your store by identifying them at the right time. For the same, you should enhance your Shopify POS security by training employees to discover unusual behaviors and take necessary security steps as soon as possible. 

In the end, your purpose should be to protect all the essential properties of the inventory and the staff members.

Integrate a Secure POS System

Many attackers gained access to various retailers’ point-of-sale systems over the last few years. They further also get essential payment from customers. Moreover, retailers have to go through expensive litigation and settlements to protect the customers’ data.

Currently, it is really challenging to provide complete protection in a POS system due to increasing threats and malware every year. 

However, retailers and business owners should think about keeping their POS secure all the time. And how can this happen? They have to implement strong encryption in the Shopify POS system, integrate anti-virus software, and ensure that the system works efficiently.

Finishing Up

We hope that you have understood how to enhance the security of your store. If you still have any questions and want expert guidance, reach out to a Shopify development company. They have a team of professionals with years of experience. Hence, they can understand the issue of your Shopify store and provide you with a suitable solution.

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