21 Shopify Store Ideas for 2024

Shopify Store Ideas

Last updated - January 11, 2024

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that comes with a range of options to help you sell your products the way you want. Whether it is a physical product, digital product, or products based on services, you can easily set up your online business without having to put in additional effort. 

Since it is one of the most popular platforms, you can approach your target audience very quickly and present them your products like paintings, gift boxes, e-clothing patterns, etc. It brings ticketed experiences as well to help the adventurers avail the tickets you offer regarding your services.

Decorative bottles

You can make use of your creative abilities and get them recognized globally. If you are a pro at decorating bottles of various shapes and sizes, your contribution can make various events special. Display your customized decorative bottles with eye-catching designs perfect for enhancing the beauty of events through online stores.

People can use them for decorating walls, putting plants and various other purposes. We got the best Shopify store ideas for you to display your products in just a matter of a few clicks. You no longer need to spend a big amount when you can sell your designs through digital mediums, all you need is an appealing and well-designed online store with your quality products.


Who does not want to shop for the best toys when it comes to children? Toys give the biggest joy to kids for playing and enjoying the variety that brings a huge smile on their faces. 

Be it the battery-operated toys or simple ones, it’s always a delight to bring as many of them as possible. So, one needs to shop online for availing the opportunity to explore and shop for the required options.

They include plush toys, miniature versions of vehicles, stuffed toys, sports toys and many others. If you own a toy shop or manufacture toys, the online store can enhance your access to the customers and make your business grow on a wide scale. Running Google ads can provide maximum benefit to your business. 

Neon signs

Now-a-days, handcrafted and eco-friendly toys are trending and the term “neon signs” reaches above a hundred thousand views based on the search volume. With their extensive applications, one can look for a range of customized designs and the more variety you bring to your products, the more customers you will have.

The products can also be displayed on Amazon and eBay and you will get an international audience so easily. Your display of neon lights should be appealing and the more options you include, the more success you will achieve. Design your products with the best materials and great quality, get quality photographs and display them with a complete set of features and price ranges.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be of many types like portable speakers, wireless, compact all-in-one speakers and many others. Looking for ideas to sell them on a platform that does not cost much? Online shopping has made it quite economical for the seller and customer both.

You just need to get a professional website/online store designed perfectly indicating detailed features for each of your speakers related to colors, size, nature, etc. It’s not that hard when you can learn to create an online website using Wix.com that comes with the easiest options to customize and update your store. Once you have learned the basics of selling online, you can get maximum profit by the help of Shopify.

LED Lighting

There is a long list of benefits associated with using LED lights at various events. They are immune to damages, environmentally safe, long-lasting, energy efficient and come with a range of colors and designs. Thus, many people prefer using them at mega events and explore online stores offering the best ones.

It is undoubtedly one of the richest online businesses that can get you a wide range of customers on a global level. Get ideas by searching “Best LED lights for events” and you will see so many online stores selling them at varied prices.

Magnetic Phone Accessories

In this modern era, technology has taken over almost all major areas of life. Cell phones have become an absolute necessity with its long-list of applications. The accessories include magnetic phone casings, metal holder, phone mount, car mobile phone holder and many others.

Get your magnetic phone accessories marketed through social media platforms and succeed in growing your business at a faster pace. You can create a Facebook or Instagram page and this is one of the cheapest ways to sell your products on a big scale.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal products have attracted a huge audience and many shoppers are looking for quality assurance with long-lasting applicability. Whether you do shaving, waxing or tweezing, laser hair removing products are worth considering. They are quite easy-to-use and save a lot of time.  

Any technology related business can grow rapidly if the products are advertised properly with the complete and updated information. You can get Shopify store ideas by checking out related websites and competing in the business world online.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions won’t ruin the natural lashes if applied in a correct manner. They are designed in various ways with creative patterns and color schemes to match different themes. 

You can come up with a unique display of eyelash extensions through online shop mediums like Web.com, Square Online and many others excelling in the ecommerce industry. They have a huge collection of templates and provide a free domain to make you a business professional without investing much time, energy or money. 

Baby Clothes

While thinking of selling baby clothes online, one gets many ideas in mind based on color combinations, sizes, themed designs and a lot more. Therefore, the need of looking for the best baby cloth stores becomes greater to beat the competitors. 

 You do not need to worry much when you can access Shopify and use this medium to display everything you need.

Yoga Mats

Staying fit is essential to lead a successful life. Yoga mats of all sizes and shapes can draw customers from different regions of the world who want to prioritize their health. 

Create a colorful collection of yoga mats and customize them in various patterns and appealing designs. 

Get them displayed through Spotify and enjoy the adversity with reviews from customers worldwide. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are not only good for playing but also one of the best learning tools for kids. With tough competition in the online market, you need to sell them by providing different pricing packages.

You must be aware of the famous games and cartoon characters and get the posters designed accordingly. The jigsaw puzzle created in the final form must be presented in such a way that your small business gets huge success in no time. You need to get the best shots of your product and sell them through online Shopify stores or any other website.

Beard Oil

Reducing frizz and getting rid of moisture is everyone’s requirement who loves to grow a beard. For that purpose, you will have to get the best beard oils manufactured. Once your product fits the required criteria, all you need is some marketing techniques to sell it with customer-friendly features. 

Shower head

Bathroom essentials are required for prolonged use and many people search for quality products to get rid of the trouble of repairing. For that purpose, you need to showcase your product with complete details involving the material used for its construction and reliability. 

Shower head facilitates showering water while taking a bath. Such material should be used for its construction that does not get rusted or damaged. The pore size should be adequate enough to bring about a smooth flow of water and the valve must be easy to handle. You need to highlight all these features online to the customers to help them select the suitable options and design the website accordingly.

Board games

Board games are in a big demand and you need to ensure keeping up with the demands of the customers. One of the major issues with some online websites is that their product information is either not updated or the customer service does not respond timely.

You must keep these factors in check and try your best to run a website with updated information and quick response service.

Dog jackets

Dresses for pets come with the cutest collection and unique designs that grab the attention of pet lovers. Dog jackets are one of them that can be customized for various themes like Birthdays, Halloweens, Parties etc. Create a cool and catchy pet website and reach your milestones so easily. 

The pet outfits with variety can make a great business since it’s already a very unique and fun idea. So, you can customize the jackets as per the demand of the customer.

Laptop skins

Different designers can be approached for creating artwork for Laptop skins and hence, your customers will not miss a chance to get their favorite ones by exploring your store online. 

Such tricks do wonders when you personalize the product and satisfy customers with their requirements. They even get willing to pay high prices for the product they love and you just need the expertise to sell it efficiently.

Nail polish

Beauty products are valued by many and one needs to get the best ones that are skin-friendly products and do not cause any side effects. Make sure to improve the quality of your products before setting up an online store as anyone can set a claim against you if you do not keep up with the standards.

Many skin issues can arise if the material used in the products is not of good quality. Therefore, you must be extra careful to ensure the safety of customers.


Mattresses have a great variety based on the stuff used for its construction. Hybrids, sleep coolers, eco-friendly memory foam, etc., are some of the common terms used to define the quality of the mattress. 

Make this luxury product economical and bring diverse options in modifying it to customer’s needs and see your business grow online rapidly. The more options you bring, the more will be your audience and it will create a great impact.

Vegetable Chopper

Kitchen essentials can be shopped from almost everywhere but people search for affordable and durable ones online. Vegetable chopper parts should be constructed with good material to make your product stand out in the online industry with some unique features. Add complete information with each product so that the customer knows about all the features and it will not only save his time but will also give him a clear idea of a range of options available.


Entrance of a house gives the first impression and with colorful patterns, you can generate a big desire among the customers to shop to enhance the style of their house. Create them in multiple sizes and make the customer experience worth the investment.

 Doormats with funky patterns give a vibrant touch and it depends upon the overall theme of the house what the customer chooses. Some are quite picky with their home décor while others need a sophisticated design that gives a nice look.

Cat Massage Comb

Cats need comfort and adoration just like babies. So, cat lovers try their best to shop for the products that give them an all-in-one package. 

You can display the cat massage combs along with other products on your business website and run ads on Google to reach out the target audience through the help of various search engines and plugins like Woo Commerce and WPForms etc. 


Grow your online business by displaying detailed features of each product with customized options by using online platforms like Shopify and achieve your business goals at a sky rocket speed by hitting the target audience in no time.

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