Avoid these Shopify Website Design Mistakes for Better Conversions

Shopify Website Design Mistakes

Last updated - February 2, 2022

Nothing is more exciting than owning a Shopify. You can create and sell your products. Shopify websites are none less than dreams come true for non-tech-savvy business owners. Shopify websites have enabled businesses to design, establish and run their eCommerce website. They don’t need to hire any web developer or learn any coding language. The best part about the Shopify website is it can be started with a small investment, and you can set up your eCommerce website in a few clicks.

Shopify websites are platforms that host online stores. It allows the business to develop creative and functional sites. It also provides necessary tools to the business for starting, running, and growing your e-commerce websites. Certain Shopify websites fail due to overlooking some common mistakes. If you are a beginner with Shopify websites, you might not be aware of certain essential factors that could help you develop a successful Shopify website. Unawareness can lead to failure as well as mortification of your website. Understanding the minor complexities of Shopify websites will help in the perfect functioning of your Shopify website.

If you own a Shopify website and you are unable to meet profits, then it might be due to:

Inappropriate Filters

Inappropriate filters in a website infuriate the users. If a consumer does not find filters that are set right away, they will leave their website in no time. This is why owners need to select suitable filters on their websites. For setting up the right filters for your e-commerce websites, you need to think about the characteristics that could define the features of your product and select the ones that are essential from the consumer’s point of view deeply. You can characterize your effects in terms of color, size, patterns, price, and much more. You can even conduct a survey for your target consumers to get an idea of adding filters to your Shopify website.

Responsive web design

eCommerce has gained significant importance over recent years. This is why it is essential to design a responsive website. If you do not focus on the responsiveness of your website, then you might lose your potential consumers. A professional Shopify website is adapted if it delivers the same output on different screen sizes. A responsive web design has a direct impact on improving the sales conversions of your website.


Navigation must be done well, as this is the second thing a user observes after your title. However, some stores do not make generic navigation and keep too many options to figure out. Consumers nowadays prefer links over search buttons. A link could provide easy reach to the product, and they do not trust the search button as support.

Slower loading point

Businesses seek success with Shopify websites. This is why here, the owners need to maintain an optimized high-speed loading website. A slow loading Shopify website hampers the audience, decreases the credibility and revenue. To speed up your Shopify website, you can use compressed images, administer AMPs, and consider a website designing company to help enhance the ranking of your website.

Poor images

If you are selling products that merely depend on appearance, you need to understand the importance of image quality. Image quality improves the conversion rates of your website. Including image searches in the search bar of your website have a remarkable impact on your conversion rates. A golden rule for selling is to put products in consumers’ hands, but this is not possible with online selling; hence you can put a high-quality image in your consumer’s hand. Also, ensure navigation on your website is in the area it is where the consumers expect it to be. Also, make sure every link includes enough links necessary for navigating the essential parts of your website.

Excluding size charts

If you are selling clothing apparel, size charts are a neccessity for you as the consumer cannot try the apparel while shopping online. Including appropriate size harts in your website ensures the consumer has the right purchases in one go. As every brand doesn’t offer the same size, hence it’s vital for Shopify owners to have a detailed size chart included in their website. Offering the wrong sizes would gain lots of negative comments for your website. You can also add a size chart at the bottom of the product description to provide a better consumer experience.

Inappropriate product description

Product descriptions are also an integral part of the success story of your Shopify website. A fascinating description attracts and convinces your consumer to purchase the product. Many new Shopify owners overlook the description part while focusing on the quality of the product. Although images give an idea of the color and appearance of the product, product description, on the contrary, adds a highlight to your product by mentioning weight, height, fabric details, etc. Please note, avoid using the same description as the original manufacturer as this could be misleading, and brands do not allow shop owners to use their description. Also, including primary keywords in your description will improve your SEO.

Color scheme

Colors play a significant role in website design. A soothing and pleasant color scheme attracts the audience and makes them explore your website. Using chart color contrast can be annoying for the consumers. Hence they will leave your site in no time. Therefore it is essential for business owners to be concerned with planning color schemes on their websites. Studies have proved that colors evoke emotions within humans. Using many colors on your website altogether might be unpleasant for the users. This further distracts the focus of your consumers. Choose the colors that reflect your brand identity and image.

Complicated checkout processes

There can be millions of reasons why consumers abandon a Shopify website. But the most essential of them is the checkout process. Many websites make their checkout processes difficult and time-consuming, making the consumers impatient and further abandoning your website. Many Shopify website owners forget to tailor their checkout processes with their e-commerce store. Also, make sure color schemes, fonts, size, etc., on your checkout page must be similar to the rest of your website. Else this might confuse your consumers, and they might leave your website if they do not feel the checkout process is a part of your website.

To sum it up

There you have it all. These are the most common mistakes that Shopify owners overlook. So here is your time to buckle up your shoes and check out the errors in your website design and contents. If you stop any mistake, you can get that fixed by eCommerce service providers.

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