Should Your Business Be On Instagram? 8 Factors To Consider

Instagram is a very popular platform for hundreds of millions of people to edit and share Photos, Short Videos, and Stories of daily life. Instagram is now a part of everyone’s life, according to Google, there are 1.21 billion worldwide users. It is 28% of the total internet users in the world. It is predicted that by the end of 2024 this number will be 1.44 billion monthly active users. 

Instagram is the platform where everyone can share updates about their interests, life, and surroundings. 

Instagram Statistics (Top Picks)

Should Your Business Be On Instagram
  • Monthly active users: There are approx 1.21 billion active users on Instagram apps globally.
  • Daily active users: More than 500 million users are active daily on Instagram apps globally.
  • Instagram Stories: 500 million people use Instagram stories a day.

Now the question arises, should your business be on Instagram? If you want to use Instagram for your business, then think about your personal experience with the app. What do you think is helpful? If I will answer this question then my answer is Yes, Instagram is very helpful for business due to the number of active users and many other facts.

When we use Instagram we will scroll down the feed and see our friend’s photos, videos, and other types of content. After some posts, you will see the content of some content creators and business persons. This is the platform on which you will show your business information to others. 

When you are thinking about using Instagram for your business then you should keep in mind that Why should they continue purchasing from you is the question you need to respond to for your potential customers.

It’s time to see the top Eight important factors for determining, is Instagram useful for your business:

Reputation Management

Having an Instagram account is essential for managing your online reputation and optimizing your brand name for search engines.

It’s best if both your website and your social media profiles are listed on the first page of search engine results. Even if you don’t plan to use social media regularly, it’s beneficial to set up company profiles on all social media platforms (including Instagram) using your brand name.

If your company ever receives negative publicity, it should also include procedures for responding to it. Due to the multiple different user perspectives on social media, it may be quite difficult to manage a brand there.

Therefore, Instagram may be beneficial for your company if you can manage your public relations, monitor and control all communication, and use it effectively. Through client participation and interaction on Instagram, you may also enhance your reputation.

The objective behind marketing on Instagram

It’s important to keep objectives in mind while implementing any marketing strategy. Instagram is the same. Ask What do we want to achieve? before spending time and money on Instagram marketing. 

Common Business Goals for Instagram.

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Build a community;
  • Showcase company culture and values; and
  • Sell products and services

Set objectives for yourself and keep an eye on them. Consider the written goals you’ve set as a formal reality check. Because you can always look back and make sure everything you publish supports those goals, it pushes you and your company to be more selective with your Instagram content.

Content Format

Instagram is Mainly a mobile application, but it can be used as a desktop site, but most people use it on their mobile. Therefore, if you are planning to use the app for your business purposes, then your content has to be designed according to the mobile platform. It indicates that when customers view images and videos of your company, they will fit on their phones. Instagram itself shouldn’t crop any portions of the page or force users to zoom out to see the whole material.

Instagram is much more than a photo-sharing app. The site currently offers a large variety of content types.

  • Video
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • IGTV

And if you are looking for growth of your Account then it’s best to use every type of content. 


It’s very much Simply said, if you don’t have an Instagram account but your competitors have, then you’re giving them the upper hand. Instagram may be used by your business to monitor competitors and observe how they engage with their customers. You can do this with the help of your industry hashtags because hashtags are a very important part of Instagram’s reach. Keep a close eye on their posting schedule to see what they are posting and how they interact with their audience. It will give you a lot of inspiration for what you can do. You can refine your unique perspective using the data you collect during research.

Reach New Customers

You can make your Business a brand with the help of Instagram, due to the high number of users on Instagram you can do your branding here organically and inorganically. You may increase your reach and attract new audiences with Instagram advertising thanks to their customized and trackable features. You may use your website’s links to target particular demographics, get insightful user data for use in future social media marketing efforts, and link to your website. Instagram will help you to spread your brand globally with no location boundaries. 

Target Audience

Should Your Business Be On Instagram

Your target audience is one of the most important factors when deciding if Instagram is a good fit for your company. This is particularly true if you plan to set up shop on the platform. You’ll want to make sure that the effort and money you put into marketing your company are seen by the people you want to target. Additionally, you should confirm that your primary audience is already using Instagram.

The app receives daily visits from a wide range of users. Teenagers who use it to share social interactions and young parents who use it to find educational information are just a few examples. The app is divided into groups of users who have similar specialized interests. If your business is related to any group then Instagram is the best fit for you.

Partnership with Influencers

You may categorize the users of social media into two categories: normal & influencers. Influencers are internet celebrities who frequently promote a business or product and bring it to the public, for others who are unaware.

A trusted influencer may boost your company’s sales by giving you access to demographics you wouldn’t often target and increasing your return on investment. A well-known influencer can promote your content and business or product to millions of followers with only a few posts if you work with them.

Products Or Service

Examine the variety of products and services that your company provides. You should then decide if they may be promoted into relevant and engaging visual material. Examine whether you can combine your images, blog entries, brief videos, and other marketing materials into a single post. Currently, the majority of companies use trustworthy images to promote their goods and services. You must give both the shooting and editing phases of the process equal attention. Fortunately, using Instagram Photoshop actions can enable you to enhance product photographs more quickly. If that doesn’t initially work, discuss with your team if you’d be prepared to invest in producing this platform-optimized content.


Many companies that have made use of Instagram’s features have experienced an increase in revenue and consumer outreach. These companies have created content that is both visually attractive and brief to customize their social media approach to the features of the platform.

Utilizing the above considerations and your analysis of your target audience’s data, you may assess whether your company can profit from using Instagram. If you’re still unsure, there’s no harm in giving it a try by opening an account for a little period and establishing goals to observe your results there.

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