Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Software Solutions for Small Businesses (Includes Video)

Last updated - October 26, 2023

You need a competent solution to manage your inventory if you are running an online store using WooCommerce. There are several tools available in the market and choosing one may not be always easy. The trick is to choose an inventory management software according to the needs of your store. In this article, we will discuss the features of some of the popular inventory management software solutions that you can use on your WooCommerce store.


You can always be on top of your inventory management tracking with the help of Katana. It will help you track your inventory flawlessly that you won’t have any issues with out-of-stock products or missed shipping deadlines. You can sync inventory and sales orders between Katana and WooCommerce, and also easily monitor the production process and raw material availability.

Katana offers effortless inventory management options for small business owners.


  • Real-time tracking of WooCommerce inventory.
  • Sync WooCommerce inventory to ensure correct stock levels always.
  • Easily transfer orders from WooCommerce for more efficient fulfillment.
  • Track production process easily.

The pricing starts from $99 per month.


Veeqo is another reliable inventory management solution that you can integrate with WooCommerce and several other platforms. You can keep accurate track of your inventory irrespective of the number of sales channels that you have. Real-time syncing from all channels will help you make your store’s fulfillment process flawless.

Veeqo helps you with a seamless solution for inventory management.


  • Efficient inventory management tool with support for different sales channels.
  • Bulk label printing options and stock level alerts.
  • Manage orders from all channels at a central location.
  • Digital picking and packing for more efficient fulfillment process.

Prices start from £75 per month.

QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce enables you to track orders, accelerate your fulfillment process and monitor inventory efficiently. It will sync your inventory levels between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Commerce. Also, when an order is placed on WooCommerce, QuickBooks Commerce will automatically create a sales order and prints the invoice. It is a great option if you have multiple sales channels and wholesale customers.

Easily automate inventory management on your WooCommerce store.


  • Streamlines WooCommerce inventory management.
  • Match inventory without hassles.
  • Sync inventory and automatically create sales orders.
  • Easily manage multiple sales channels.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

If you have products stocked in multiple locations, this plugin will help you manage it effortlessly. The plugin will automatically choose the warehouse to ship from based on the location of the customer. This will enable you to show shipping charges based on the warehouse location – can show a lower shipping charge to a customer based on their closeness to the warehouse. The plugin also has a feature to let users upload location info in an Ajax-enabled interface. Another interesting facet of the plugin is that you can create different rules based on order fulfillment flow.

When you have multiple warehouse locations, you can use this plugin to manage stock and pricing.


  • Manage stock from multiple locations on your WooCommerce.
  • Offer pricing specific to warehouse location.
  • Bulk stock editing options.
  • Allow customers to choose a store location from an embedded Google Map.

The cost of a Regular License of this plugin is $99.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a popular inventory management software specialized for Indian businesses. It helps you save GST Identification Numbers so that you can save the time to manually enter these details. Zoho has features to monitor shipments to ensure prompt delivery. There are great features to help with better warehouse management, and Zoho is compatible with diverse barcode scanners. You may need to purchase this plugin to integrate this tool with your WooCommerce store.

Zoho inventory is a great choice for Indian businesses.


  • Manage sales and inventory accurately.
  • Track warehouse activities.
  • Scan barcodes without hassles.
  • Get detailed reports.

You can get started for free, and based on requirements choose a pricing plan.

Stock Manager for WooCommerce

This is a simple plugin that will help you with better WooCommerce stock management. In addition to helping you with managing different product fields, it also helps you filter products by stock status, product type, category, etc. It also displays stock history. Furthermore, it offers easy options to import and export via CSV file.

You can use this tool to monitor stock in WooCommerce store.


  • Easily manage stock details of WooCommerce store.
  • Manage different product fields.
  • Search products by name or SKU.
  • Import and export using CSV.

ATUM WooCommerce Inventory Management and Stock Tracking

With this free plugin, you will be able to take great control over your WooCommerce stock management. The plugin integrates effortlessly with the WordPress interface, and offers you options to edit SKUs, weight, locations, suppliers, etc., quite effortlessly. Moreover, the dashboard can be personalized according to your store requirements. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with WPML.

This is one of the most powerful options in the WordPress repository that will help you track and edit WooCommerce inventory.


  • Advanced inventory management solution for WooCommerce with useful stastics.
  • User-friendly dashboard with product image thumbnails for easy recognition.
  • Direct edit links to easily change SKUs.
  • Customize the appearance of the dashboard based on the specific requirements of your business.

WP Inventory Manager

With this plugin, you will get extensive inventory management options on your WooCommerce store. It will help you view the inventory of your store on a detailed dashboard. You will be able to add as many inventory categories as you like using this plugin. There is an inventory status page, that gives an idea about the health of the inventory management system. The plugin also comes with an extensive customization option, where you can choose what fields to be displayed on different views. The plugin also lets you set user role based restrictions for editing capabilities.

This plugin lets you conveniently monitor stock status on your store.


  • Get a detailed view of your stock.
  • Add different categories to the dashboard.
  • Choose what fields to be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Restrict who can edit data with user role based settings.

We hope this article will help you pick a good inventory management software for your WooCommerce store.

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