8 Tips To Use Social Shopping To Sell Products

Social Selling For Increased Sales

It was not long ago when we were using social media platforms just to stay connected with people or to advocate our views and post jokes in return for a nickel of likes. Since then, social media has transformed dramatically. It has seen various phases of trends, even at a time when brands don’t even have a social media presence at all. 

Now, brands are not just on social media but are also actively working towards bettering their channels to drive more customers and increase their sales now that social shopping is on the rise. 

Every business’s goal is selling more and achieving more, and the key to that is going digital. Social shopping is the new way of taking your brand to the next level.

Now the question is, what exactly is social shopping? Let us give you a definition.

What is Social Shopping And Its Importance?

Social shopping

Social shopping is a practice of e-commerce where selling and purchasing take place on social network platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Just like we would shop on any other eCommerce platform, in social shopping, we shop without leaving the social media platform. 

Social shopping is a new way forward for brands. Statistics and predictions show that sales will reach up to $3 trillion by 2026. And these numbers only go up from there. With so much potential for businesses, social shopping is becoming extremely popular amongst brands. In fact, so many emerging brands are only focusing on providing social shopping: no other platforms, just social media. 

Social shopping has many benefits, and the most celebrated benefit is that it offers a smooth shopping experience to customers. Every individual is familiar with the interface of the common social media giants nowadays – Instagram and Facebook. This makes it so much easier for brands because they don’t have to worry if the customers will be able to understand the shopping process. 

8 Tips For Selling Through Social Shopping 

Showcase Your Products With Attractive Images

People get attracted to images before they get attracted to brands. Make sure you upload images that express intensely about your brand and keep your social media shop attractive. You can compellingly organize your social media shop by uploading complementing products next to each other and even cross-sell and upsell with this practice.

Use UGC To Your Benefit 

User-generated content is the most genuine way of getting your audience to trust you. You can display shoppable UGC in your social shop and use it as your product catalog. This will not only make your brand look genuine but also makes the user feel included.

Social selling - user generated content

With social shopping, customers can’t see the brand physically, so they love to see people like themselves using a product or endorsing a brand. It makes them believe in the brand, which leads to a confident purchase. 

Keep Your Social Media Active 

Shopping on social media has so many benefits. But the best thing customers love is that real individuals and not AI robots manage social media accounts. Customers can ask questions directly, and because the page is probably being driven by an individual or a social media marketing agency, they are most likely to get your questions answered. 

Having active social media also increases account engagement, and any account with high engagement is more likely to have better visibility. Which then leads to more followers and more sales on your social shop.

Collaborate With Brands And Influencers

Another great tip for selling with social shopping is collaborating with influencers and more brands. Every brand and influencer has a set of loyal audiences on social media, and by collaborating with them, you can expand your reach and attract their followers to your page. It is a great tactic to increase sales and form a more diverse customer base.

Plan Campaigns And Introduce Specific Hashtags

Introducing campaigns and hashtags works amazingly to create a buzz for your brand on social media. You can introduce a specific brand hashtag and run a campaign around it. It is a fantastic way to easily collect data and put that collected data to use for your social shop – it can be customer content, influencer content, or social media reviews from customers. You can use an eCommerce tool and convert this social content into shoppable galleries or lookbooks. 

Have A Good Number Of Shoppable Posts On Your Platform 

Customers like to shop from a brand that is inclusive and diverse. Not just in its ways but also in its products. 

Having a variety of items listed on your social shop is definitely a great technique to attract customers to buy more than they intend to while also keeping them interested in your brand. 

Stay Up To Date With Trends

Social media has a place for everyone to express and explore. People have come up with new ways to enjoy social media. Nowadays, social media trends are getting extremely popular amongst netizens. These trends can include creating your own version of videos on TikTok audio or using a trending hashtag to post on your social media.

Brands should be extremely active in following these trends because they can give your brand high visibility and increase engagement rates exponentially. 

Keep Following Your Brand Tone 

Last but definitely not least, this tip is exceptionally important for emerging brands. Maintaining your brand’s tone is essential because it helps you to stand out from other brands and also provides a recognition value for your brand.

Over To You

Social shopping is that virtue in today’s fast-running world that we didn’t know we needed until it became a thing. Now, there is strong competition between offline shopping and online shopping. And since the rise of social shopping, consumers, especially late millennials, are turning towards it more than ever. These tips are great methods to help you sell more with social shopping.

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