Startup’s First Choice is WordPress – Hype or Truth?

WordPress for Startups

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Having a strong online presence is something that entrepreneurs cannot overlook these days. Startups and even well-established business owners are leveraging modern techniques to attract and retain more and more customers to their business. Usually, startup means having a fresh idea that makes people’s lives easy and adds some value to their existing lives. Most startups have great ideas but face a deficit of cash, which is why they fail to convert those ideas into profitable ventures. 

Here WordPress rescues them as it is a convenient and cost-effective platform to explain their ideas, lay out the path to fulfilling them, and keep all customers and investors informed of their ongoing activities. WordPress has gained immense popularity; it has taken a giant leap from where it was launched. Earlier, usage of it was limited to blogging, but now you can see it is one of the advanced content management systems used by startups.  


Small business owners and startups opt for WordPress because they are cost-effective, robust, and offer advanced features with minimum maintenance costs. 

Why Choose WordPress Over Others

“It is estimated that 33% of world’s websites are developed with WordPress”



Right now, WordPress is the most popular CMS; you might get shocked to know that but more than 74.6 million websites are developed using WordPress and statistics show that five new posts are published every second through WordPress. 

Quite interesting, right? 

Not only startups but also well-known brands like Sony, Facebook, eBay, Forbes, and CNN use WordPress for their content management system. So there is no doubt regarding the increasing popularity of WordPress among startupsPlease go through the below mentioned benefits that explain why WordPress could be the ideal choice for your startup. 

  • Easy to customize
  • Vast choice of plugins 
  • Responsive themes
  • Mobile optimization 
  • Makes SEO practices easy
  • Easy accessibility 

Well, these reasons are enough that indicate why there is hype over WordPress because it offers some kind of advanced features that you might not get with any other platform.

This blog post is all about to check the hype for WordPress is true or just a trend that everyone is following blindly. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using WordPress that itself explains why to invest in WordPress to reap exclusive benefits. 

Cost-effective Solution for Startups

Cost-effectiveness is the prime reason why startups choose WordPress. When you are new to a business, you have to deal with many kinds of overhead expenses. Moreover, you don’t need to hire a skilled developer to get started. 

Now let’s take an example, you are about to start your eCommerce store; what you have to do first? You will hire a developer or outsource some kind of services from a web development company. But it would be an expensive affair. Apart from development, you also need to include maintenance cost, regular backup costing; you also need to consider some sort of themes or plugins to design a stunning website. Overall, it’s expensive. 

But with WordPress, you can overcome this issue as there are plenty of themes, plugins, and other modern features that help you develop a website with the least amount. Especially startups facing cash issues in the beginning, but what if you could build an amazing website at affordable prices and use your resources and funds for other core business objectives?

Yes, WordPress lets you do that, and you can set up any type of business quickly. Whether you want to start a personal blog, eCommerce website, or static website, WordPress has all.

You Don’t Need Technical Know-how

It is not necessary to have the technical knowledge to start a business. All you require is dedication and vision to convert the idea into reality. Another major reason why startups opt for WordPress is that it lets you build a stunning website without writing a single code. Alluring themes and plugins are available to help you. It means you need to install several plugins for the smooth functioning of your website. 

If you want additional features to make your website unique from the crowd, you can purchase N number of themes from online marketplaces such as Themeforest who have an attractive set of themes based on your business-standard. Moreover, you will find multi-purpose themes that come with advanced features and make your website more professional. 

All you need to purchase the theme, later upload it in install zipped WordPress theme within your website. After activating the theme, you can also modify it as per your requirements without any coding requirement. Well, this is certainly beneficial for non-techie startup owners. 

Whatever Your Startup, WordPress Can Manage Everything

Undoubtedly, eCommerce is booming, and many entrepreneurs are using WordPress for their online store due to its scalability and efficiency. But everyone’s idea is not the same. It means WordPress is not just for blog or eCommerce business, it is versatile, and you can create any kind of website with premium facilities. You can leverage website for, 

  • Business or corporate websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Media and entertainment website
  • Online shops
  • News sites
  • Hospitality websites 

It means you name a business, and WordPress has an amazing set of features to add fuel to your online identity. 

Makes Marketing Easy

Developing a website is not enough; you also need a well-crafted marketing strategy to survive in this internet world so that your customers can find you and come to you. Today, marketers leverage digital marketing tactics that help to grow and increase conversion rates. SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, business listing, etc., are popular strategies used by marketers to improve SERP rank. 

Luckily, WordPress offers startups amazing tools and makes marketing easy. It means the platform is SEO-friendly and makes your content management system automatic and advanced. Google also believes that WordPress is search engine friendly since American Software Engineer Matt Cutt believes that. 

Furthermore, it comes with high-quality SEO plugins that can improve your rankings and increase click-through conversion rates. 

Yoast is one of the most popular names when it comes to SEO.

Mobile Friendly

Today, more people surf the web with their smartphone rather than laptop or desktop. Consequently, startups need to create a mobile-friendly website that delivers an amazing user experience without any glitches. In addition, Google also punishes a website that is not mobile-friendly. 

Here WordPress supports you and helps you develop stunning websites for your mobile users. It means any theme you install is responsive, and they will automatically resize based on the screen. Whether your users access a website on mobile, tablet, or desktop, it delivers the same result. Moreover, there are plenty of plugins you can use to make your website mobile-friendly. 

It is Not a HYPE, Period

Commencing a new business is not an easy task; from getting funds to choosing the right platform to marketing, there is much more in any startup owner’s platter. All the reasons listed above clearly reflect that getting started with WordPress is not hype; from hosting to content management tools to themes to plugins to marketing tools to security, WordPress is the ultimate vehicle to expand your startup’s reach. 

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