5 Things to Consider in SEO with CBD Niche

Things to Consider in SEO

Last updated - January 17, 2022

The CBD industry is not slowing down anytime soon. Since people found out what CBD can do for them, they are always buying these products. However, what about those who want to get into the CBD business? Since you can get tons of CBD brands right now online, it makes sense to embrace SEO if you ever have hopes of getting recognized by search engines such as Google. So, what can you do?

Start with an SEO audit

People are expected to search for the benefits of CBD more this year but many of them are still confused about what CBD is, so it would be good to do more research on SEO and health evidence with this term and bring the correct understanding to readers.  It is how you can find several medical studies detailing CBD uses. We can equate that to an SEO audit in this case. Sometimes it can be futile optimizing a website you have no idea what it needs.

Things to Consider in SEO

You may come across various tools online that can help you conduct an SEO audit. Some of the big names are SurferSEO, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, and so much more. Not all tools are free, but they can help you audit your website and find out the weak points for improvements. 

The alternative is hiring a digital marketing company with an SEO package to work on your website for better online presence and search engine rankings. 

Are you in the right niche?

It will not be easy to rank for the word “CBD” as that is something big brands are already ranking for it. So, you have to be creative about what you are using to establish dominance in that niche. 

One of the best examples is CBD for women, CBD for seniors, CBD for dogs or pets, CBD for athletes. As you can see, these keywords might not have the same competition as the keyword CBD. When you go for high competition keywords such as CBD oil, it can be tough to rank faster. 

Do not forget meta tags

Both meta titles and meta descriptions are vital for optimizing the content on your website. These are the statements that would tell Google more about what your content is all about. So, you can see the importance of having it optimized. 

A meta title is very crucial that you get it right. This is because it is what a reader will see in the search engine. It is advisable to keep the meta title no more than 60 characters. This limit allows the search engine to highlight the title in full. 

A meta description is a brief summary of what you have written on the page or post. Ensure that your potential readers can find out about it from the meta description. Also, keep it around 155 characters. 

Quality content ranks better always

When you have quality content, you can always rank better also. Many people understand this by now. However, they may be forgetting to integrate key CBD SEO keywords. When we say add SEO keywords on CBD, we do not mean you start keyword stuffing. That would just hurt your SEO rather than helping. Make it read as naturally as possible. 

Proper keyword research and planning are necessary. Such is important for ensuring you only have the best keywords for your niche and you are not using any keyword with CBD in it. 

Do you already have existing posts? If that is the case and the posts are not performing as you wanted, it might be time for a revamp. This is key as you improve the overall quality of your website content. 

One of the best ways to revamp your content is by adding infographics. Sites like HealthCanal, Health, Forbes decided to add infographics to their website and it was an effective way to get a huge increase in page views and shares. This is likely because visuals always improve how long people stay on a page to learn more from the content. You can expect it to have a high average time a person spends on each page because of such visuals. 

Get a Google My Business listing 

If you have a physical CBD store, then you need the Google My Business listing. It does not always have to be a physical store, but it will benefit you better if you want people to know where you are located and come to pick CBD products or order online. 

Anyone who is not utilizing this feature is losing out on a lot of traffic. Other businesses around you are scooping the potential buyers while you are not sure how long before your business starts to pick up.

Things to Consider in SEO

This feature offered by Google allows you to add crucial information about a business, such as the business name, phone number, address, website link, photos, videos, hours of operation, and more. This allows you to get full details about a business you might have an interest in. 

You would also have to use SEO in this section too. Here, you need to do more local SEO. This is where you use keywords such as CBD SEO Agency Nevada, CBD company in Florida, and more. This helps you get traffic from those who conduct local searches of where you are located. 

Take note that not all countries or states allow CBD sales. So, you should avoid having your business appear in such local searches. 

Bonus Tip: Craft the best social media strategy

You should never underestimate the power of social media. Millions are using these platforms daily, so it would be great if they could also come across your business on social media and possibly visit it too. 

Not all platforms allow CBD brand advertisements. However, you do not need to advertise anything. Simply create a profile that allows more people to learn about your brand. Also, keep interacting with your followers to keep an active profile. You may have noticed that some brands just create Facebook profiles but never update anything. 

Bottom Line

The CBD oil industry is booming, especially CBD and anxiety, seizures, pain, people are finding more ways to utilize its healing properties. Therefore, the CBD sector is quite complicated and more difficult with other niches because the FDA is continuing to update data about CBD safety. It can be tough to start ranking better without correct knowledge of CBD and optimization SEO. It is why you have to take your time to craft the best SEO strategy and understanding of the niche you are following. In the end, you will have some of the best SEO strategies, and your business will start to rank better. The elements are also always changing, so try to keep up with the new trends to stay competitive too.

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