9 Best Tips to Blow Up Conversion Rate of Your WooCommerce Store

Blow Up Conversion Rate

Optimizing the conversion rate for WooCommerce requires combining internet expertise and marketing to create the ideal storefront for your customers. If you search on the net, you can easily find a lot of advice on how to boost your WooCommerce product pages to drive more sales.

All the advice is generic; hence it’s crucial to cover the basics. However, if you have laid down the foundation and are struggling to see better results, it’s time to take it up a notch. If you have an online store, you can find ways to increase your conversion rate. That is one of the metrics that business owners need to focus on for a good reason. Explore a few ways to optimize the WooCommerce product page and drive shoppers to add products to checkout and carts.

What is Conversion Rate?

It is simply the percentage of your website visitors out of the total that complete a specific goal and certain. Most people think of purchases when they consider conversions; however, this goal or action can be different things turning on your business. Some of the most common examples are:

  • Click a button;
  • Subscribing to social channels;
  • Subscribe to the email list;
  • Buying product
  • Fill up a survey form
  • Register account

Regardless of what activities users demand, you must take essential steps so that visitors complete the activity before they leave the website.

What’s the Average Conversion Rate?

It is hard to say it as it depends greatly on your measuring conversion type. For example, a user is more likely to fill in a form than to purchase a product as the latter is involved in an activity and needs spending money. 

The more complicated activity is, the lower the conversion rate. If we focus on purchase, there is some variation depending on the industry. Most eCommerce stores tend to have a 2 to 3% conversion rate.

Why is Conversion Rate Essential?

The conversion rate is the metric that has a bigger effect on online business. Considering that most stores successfully convert around 2 to 3% of the visitors, imagine the impact of a 5% increase in conversion rate. For most stores, it shows around a 20% increase in their sales. 

By improving the conversion rates, you can easily boost your revenue and sales. If users are making purchases from you, then it’s sure that you are providing them with a great shopping experience, which makes them likely to come back to your store.

9 Tips That Help You Boost Conversion Rate of Your WooCommerce

In today’s social media-obsessed environment, where 4.26 billion people are using a social network, brands are searching for ways that help them increase conversion rates. However, if they get dissatisfied with the result that they are going to get, they need to understand that it’s crucial for them to target the right audience on the right platform.

Undoubtedly everything might seem fascinating; the real issue would be to start once you have started receiving an adequate number of visitors to the WooCommerce store. Here, you need to compel the visitors that had purchased one or other thing from the store. There are 9 proven tips that you can apply to boost your conversion rate.

Personalize Your Pages

The value of personalization is growing steadily; the McKinsey report shows that more than 71% of customers expect companies to provide personalized interactions. However, 76% of customers get frustrated when they don’t get a personalized experience from brands.

Blow Up Conversion Rate
Source: (McKinsey)

If customers don’t like the experience they receive, it is easier for them to select something different. More than three-quarters of shoppers switched to a new product, store, or buying method during the pandemic. Shoppers expect personalization and segment the audience based and translation plugins to show content in language customers are more familiar with.

Use dynamic tags and links to add-on products to upsell; use tags that catch users’ attention. Dynamic tags that address returning customers by name are compelling compared to a generic message. Add automated email to the target cart; sending email in a day or two is the best way to keep your users in action.

Make Mobile Friendly Site

No matter whether you are choosing to develop an app similar to Cameo for your streaming business or just want to sell hot meals on a food delivery app or launch your eCommerce store, it becomes crucial for you to make it user and mobile-friendly. You need to understand that mobile conversion is less compared to desktop.

Retail eCommerce sales reached around $2.3 trillion in 2017, which shows a 23% increase from the previous year. The mobile share is around 58%, which is around $1.4 trillion. In 2021, mobile eCommerce reached around $3.5 trillion and then made up almost three-quarters (almost 72%) of e-commerce sales.

Blow Up Conversion Rate
Source: (Statista)

If you have an eCommerce business, then it becomes vital for you to make your online store as responsive as possible. Speed up your website standard and ensure it’s easy to navigate on mobile and desktop to boost the WooCommerce conversion optimization.

Improve Your UI

Impressive UI impacts the conversion rate; you need to consider the following things:

  • Is CTA clear?
  • Is the add-to-cart button designed well?

Make visual changes to your business page, have seamless navigation, fast-loading images, and contrasting colors that help you sell your pieces. Have an eye on the heat map as it helps you make better designs based on user experience.

Get Product Reviews

Customers’ reviews undoubtedly have a great impact on the conversion rate. ResearchGate shows that the effect of the number of display reviews on the conversion rate is great. There is an almost 270% increase in conversion rate with more than five reviews compared to that product with zero reviews.

Blow Up Conversion Rate
Source: (Research Gate)

Try to have more positive reviews because it plays a significant role in WooCommerce conversion optimization. The process of having more customer reviews can be intimidating, but transmitting customers a follow-up email a week or later purchase is really best.

Simplify Checkouts

You can use WooCommerce to start a successful eCommerce profitable business. But remember that more steps for check out are another reason customers leave your site. WooCommerce has single checkouts, making customers avoid filling in tons of pages of info each time they make a product purchase.

Optimize for WooCommerce and SEO

WooCommerce SEO is similar to doing SEO for your site. You have a few areas to update; these include slugs, description, and metadata. You can also include metadata for your product image, keep them fast-loading, and write engaging product descriptions. Include all data for customers and search engines.

Enable Breadcrumbs

Lines of text and little links on the top of the website are known as breadcrumbs. They make it easier for you to find your way around unfamiliar landing pages. It also makes it smoother for users to navigate the website, look for additional items, and discover new product categories to buy. This becomes easier with WordPress as if flipping a switch.

Add a Search Function to Your Store

A search bar is best to boost the conversion. Approximately 15% of users use the search bar; however, they account for around 45% of revenue. It helps the users find the solution and get navigated on your website. Customers type for what they are looking for in the search bar; this helps them complete the purchase faster.

Evoke Urgency and Add Promotions

Promotional sales and coupons have been around before the internet. This helps customers to think that they have great deals. Try various price and business strategies, add discounts, send email coupons, and more for purchasing multiple products. Don’t forget to use a sense of urgency with your discounts by including limited-time offers and countdown timers.

Final Thought

Don’t forget to track conversion rate, test tweaks, make a mixture of UI & UX, and follow up customer experience; this will definitely help you optimize your Store’s conversions. A few of the above-listed tips are a bit complicated; try all and choose the one that provides worthy results for your business.

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