Top Best WordPress WooCommerce Facebook Groups To Join (With Video)

Best WordPress WooCommerce Facebook Groups

Last updated - February 24, 2020

If you are intending to improve your knowledge about WordPress or even proposing to share a few on, what you know, then blogs are not just the single option you have. You can find a plethora of massive groups in social media circles like Facebook groups, LinkedIn, etc. But as you see, there are plenty out there. Let us make it much easier for you. Here, we are listing out the top best WordPress WooCommerce Facebook groups that you can join. These groups are specifically meant to knowledge share and discuss the various upcoming and currently trending topics on WordPress WooCommerce.

Let us take a look at the popular WordPress WooCommerce Facebook groups to join :

Advanced WooCommerce 

Advanced WooCommerce Group || Facebook WordPress WooCommerce Group

Rules: No spamming or Promotions.

This Facebook group is ideal for WordPress developers, store owners, and even WooCommerce Enthusiastic. The groups have everything you need to know about WordPress WooCommerce.The group answers to anyone who comes up with a query on WooCommerce.

WordPress WooCommerce Tips and Help Zone 

WordPress WooCommerce Tips and HelpZone

Rules: Use very descriptive language in questions with proper links and screenshots.
Paid and private support.

The Facebook group is meant for discussing all WordPress WooCommerce. The major topics covered are WordPress, WooCommerce, WordPress Themes, and Plugins recommendations and troubleshooting support.

WooCommerce-WordPress eCommerce


Rules: Anything related to WordPress WooCommerce can be posted,

An emerging Facebook group to assist any WordPress developer enthusiasts or even businesses who are into developing and maintaining a WooCommerce website. Any eCommerce related queries will be addressed in the group.

WordPress Plugins

Rules: Group allows commercial posts and self-promotion only on the plugin related topics.

This Facebook group was created by Stephen B. Henry for WordPress enthusiasts to discuss all WordPress WooCommerce. The group offers excellent support in terms of getting a better understanding of plugins.

WooCommerce Help & Share


Rules: No promotions.

You can easily share anything related to products and offerings related to WooCommerce. The group is meant for asking questions and clearing your doubts on WordPress WooCommerce. The group offers a healthy platform for discussion.

WordPress Plugin Suggestion

Plugin Suggestion

Rules:  Focus on questions to help in discussing WordPress WooCommerce plugins suggestions only.

Ideally, this Facebook group is meant to support WordPress WooCommerce users or store owners to gain helpful insights related to WordPress plugins. If you are looking for just learning about WordPress Plugins, then the group is perfect.

WordPress eCommerce


Rules: No Commercial Posts and self-promotion

Again, yet another group by Stephen B. Henry on WordPress eCommerce. Here the group allows posts only related to eCommerce directly. The group contains an unparalleled discussion on WordPress eCommerce


WooCommerce Expert Forum


Rules: The group gives you an open platform to discuss all WordPress WooCommerce.

This Facebook group just has all those passionate about WordPress WooCommerce. It provides a unique platform to post about WordPress WooCommerce and solve any ambiguity regarding the same.

WordPress WooCommerce


Rules: Strictly only WordPress related contents.

This Facebook group aims to build a WordPress empire through positive knowledge sharing and also promoting WordPress WooCommerce among businesses.

WordPress Themes, Plugins and Jobs


Rules: Only WordPress related posts allowed,

This is a private group for promoting WordPress. A group of enthusiasts who will answer your queries as well as address various needs on WordPress knowledge sharing and even jobs too.

Watch the list of top best Facebook Groups to discuss WordPress WooCommerce on Youtube :


Hence here is a list of efficient Facebook WordPress WooCommerce groups that include already established ones as well as emerging ones that will surely satisfy your knowledge yearning on WordPress WooCommerce.




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