Top SEO Companies in India to Optimize your WordPress eCommerce Store / WooCommerce Store

SEO Companies in India

Search engine optimization is an essential aspect for any website as it ensures proper visibility to users. When it comes to eCommerce stores, proper search engine optimization strategies are extremely important to ensure proper reach and conversion rate. Thankfully, WordPress and WooCommerce are created with ample emphasis on search engine friendliness. In addition, you can make use of the several tools available in the ecosystem to ensure that your online store and products are featured properly in search engine results. And, those of you who still need help to handle the SEO aspects of your store, there are several services available. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top SEO companies in India that will help you optimize your WordPress WooCommerce store.


CartKnitter is a service provider recommended by WooCommerce themselves. They offer custom services to help you set up a WooCommerce store, as well as help with extensions and themes. You can even find help in managing your inventory and other aspects of your store like checkout design. More importantly, they offer SEO support to ensure that your site is ranked properly on the search engine results page.

SEO Companies in India
CartKnitter helps you with SEO as well as with out customization requirements on your store.

They will also help you migrate your store to WooCommerce smoothly from other platforms. If you require SEO services along with other marketing services to improve your sales and conversions, they are a reliable company to look out for.


BetterGraph is a digital marketing solutions provider who can help you attain your eCommerce goals. They provide you with relevant assistance to get your site rank top on search engine results pages. Their team of specialists will ensure that your WooCommerce store gets the best visibility in search engine queries. The company also ensures that they provide top notch SEO services for businesses and platforms of all kinds and sizes.

Top SEO companies in India
Better Graph is a relaible option to get help in all SEO related efforts on your WooCommerce store.

BetterGaph focuses on white-hat SEO strategies to ensure that your site’s high ranking is always legitimate. Some of the services that they offer include WooCommerce store optimization, off-page SEO, link building and SEO consultation. Here are some of the specific areas where BetterGraph can offer you help:

  • Enhancing traffic to your site and ensuring your store and products reach the right audience.
  • Building your brand awareness locally as well as globally.
  • Better ROI with efficient search engine marketing efforts.
  • Improved sales figures and conversion rate with targeted lead generation activities.

Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx is another popular SEO service provider based in India and offers their services around the globe. They have a great team of marketing experts who will help your eCommerce store reach the right audience. You will find a range of affordable SEO services to pick from based on the specific requirement of your online store. With their expert bunch of SEO specialists, you can expect desired results in quick time.

Top SEO companies in India
One of the top SEO companies in India, Sparx offers reliable SEO consultation and related services.

Sparx follows a tried and tested approach in SEO consultation, which includes in-depth site analysis, reputation management as well as competitor analysis. The results will be increased traffic on your site, enhanced brand awareness and better conversion rate. They help you improve your organic traffic, and thereby your search engine ranking as well. In addition, you can get SEO consultation services from their experts as well. If you are looking for a team with extensive experience in SEO-related efforts, you should check out their website.


If you are looking for a dependable team for WooCommerce development and SEO services, look no further than SamifLabs. They have great experience in WooCommerce development projects as well as offers great expertise in digital marketing solutions. Thanks to the solid experience they have, SamifLabs team will be able to provide technical SEO services specific to WooCommerce. They will ensure that search engines like Google and Bing are duly recognizing your website and your products.

Top SEO companies in India.
SamifLabs are one of the top SEO companies in India that offers specific WooCommerce services.

They will do specific on-page SEO activities for your homepage, category page as well as product pages. In addition, you can find services to improve the search engine visibility of your blog pages as well. They also ensure your pages are correctly indexed on Google. You will also get good assistance in off-page optimization strategies such as high quality back link building. Furthermore, you will find actionable insight on improving your site design and consequently improving the customer experience as well.


If you are looking at some of the top SEO companies in India, this one deserves your attention. You will get access to a bunch of specialized experts who uses the best social media tools and channels. They will help you reach your products to the right audience with effective strategies. Popular for offshore operations, they are among the top SEO companies in India that offers reliable services all over the world.

Top SEO companies in India
You can find reliable WooCommerce search engine optimization services from HireWebDeveloper, one of the top SEO companies in India.

They offer both on-page and off-age optimization strategies, and their services are relaible and cost effective. While following a pattern of keyword analysis, quality content creation and social link building, they ensure that your site and products get maximum visibility. Along with that good content marketing efforts and enhanced customer interaction will ensure that your existing customers keep coming back to your site. Furthermore, local search marketing, quality back link building and link popularity monitoring will ensure that your site stay on top consistently.


One of the top SEO companies in India, this one offers organic SEO strategies to help your WooCommerce store reach the right audience. Based on the nature of your business, they will offer the best service suited for your store. With the backing of their solid experience in organic SEO, you will be able to find quick results while using their services. You will be able to find a range of affordable SEO packages with them that offers the best ROI for you.

Top SEO companies in India
Pattronize is another popular option among tp SEO companies in India.

Moreover, they ensure complete customer satisfaction and also provide a timely reporting system. You can also be assured that there won’t be any hidden charges or fees while opting for their services.


Skeix offers a range of web development services suitable for different eCommerce platforms. In addition, to that they also offers specialized SEO services for WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores. They will help you find more targeted traffic to increase sales and conversions on your online store. You will be able to acquire more customers thanks to the white-hat SEO strategies that they employ.

Top SEO companies in India
Skenix offers white hat strategies to improve the search engine rankings of your website.

Skenix offers the following services:

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • On-page optimization
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Link building
  • Advanced analytics


Completely organic and ethical SEO practices is the trademark feature of Ecosmob. The quality in their approach and consistency in efforts will bring you results effectively and quickly. You will be able to find different services suited for your business from your site. They offer both one time packages as well as continuous packages according to your requirement. The one-time package will analyze and correct any issues on your site that could affect the natural SEO flow on your site. Whereas, the ongoing plans will take into account any algorithm changes implemented by search engines as well.

top SEO companies in India
One of the top SEO companies in India, Ecosmob offers one time and ongoing SEO services

Almost all their services are affordable and flexible according to your business needs. If you are looking for a reliable SEO company based in India, this one could be a good choice for return on investment.


Ossisto offers custom SEO services to help you with your eCommerce store. Their services include most of the popular SEO strategies including search engine optimization as well as social media marketing. You will be able to find a service required for your business easily from their website. They have a bunch of experts with solid experience to help you in getting better visibility with search engines. You can simply request for a consultation and get started with better search engine optimization strategies for your WooCommerce store.

top SEO companies in India
Ossisto offers SEO, social media and email marketing services, and is one of the top SEO companies in India.

SEO Craft

Another India-based company, this one offers a plethora of services for you to choose from. Apart from on-page and off-page optimization services, they also offer organic SEO practices to help your site stay relevant. They also offer assistance to SEO friendly hosting management and web design. Some of their major services include SEO Audit, Keyword & competitor analysis, content marketing and conversion rate optimization. Connect with them and get a custom quote for your specific business requirement.

top SEO companies in India
This is another option among top SEO companies in India to optimize your website’s search engine rankings

Top SEO companies in India for your WooCommerce site

If you are looking for a custom solution to handle your WooCommerce SEO, you can find several companies based in India. Hope this article has provided an overview on the top SEO companies in India to optimize your WordPress eCommerce store. Leave us a comment if you have any queries.

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