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Last updated - September 30, 2020

If you have a WordPress site, you know the importance of a Contact Form plugin. WordPress doesn’t have any built-in option for this. And, it is important for your site visitors to have a contact form to engage with your site. In addition to providing easy accessibility to your site users, contact forms can indirectly help you from spammers and the like. Also, the capabilities of contact forms vary from being a simple communication interface to more complicated tools with conditional logic. In this article, we will look at some of the uses of WordPress Contact Form plugins and try to find the best ones available in the market.

Uses of WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Here are some of the important uses of a WordPress contact form.

Accessibility to users

Your site users will find the contact form as an easy access to you. Compared to contacting on your phone or typing an email, this would feel a more direct access to the site. In fact, a contact form would be more reliable as irrespective of the time, users can leave a message.

More secure

Contact forms are much more secure that simply posting your email address on your site. You are more likely to get a lot of spammy emails when you publish your email id. With contact form, this whole process becomes more secure. As an extra measure of security, you can even set up a CAPTCHA option on your site to rule out robots.

Customization option

Contacting through a form makes sure that you can collect necessary information from users too. In fact, that is more helpful to users as you would be able to help them in a more specific manner. This is especially relevant if users are contacting for information on what you offer on your site. The more specific they can be, the more easier it will be to help them.

And, you can even make use of advanced options like conditional logic to make it even better. Based on the choices a user make on the form, additional fields can be displayed to collect more relevant information. This would help you organize your communication strategies in a more efficient manner.

Options to create a better workflow

Based on the complexities of your site, there might be different persons handling queries about different departments. Advanced contact forms will help you automatically direct queries to the relevant email ID. This will reduce the manual effort of mailing to the correct email ID and saves time and effort.

You will be able to measure the user interest on your site

Compared to sorting out email, queries on a contact form would be more of a direct reflection of user interest on your site. Those who use the contact form are definitely visitors of your site, and are interested in what you are offering. If you are running an online business, this would be definitely a good point to start your marketing efforts.

Integrate marketing tools

An elaboration of the previous point, you can actually integrate marketing tools to your contact forms for better engagement with prospective customers. For example, you can keep a checkbox to send customers latest information regarding your site or products. If you connect an email marketing tool to your contact form, you can easily maintain a continuous engagement with your users.

Top WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Now, we will discuss some of the top WordPress contact form plugins that you can use to create advanced forms on your site.

Gravity Forms

This is one of the best options you have when you look out for an advanced solution for WordPress contact form. More than keeping a customer engagement channel, it will help you convert your leads to successful sales. You can read more about strategies to increase your conversion rate here. Gravity Forms is a solution that is easy to set up, and it offers loads of features to build powerful forms.

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Gravity Forms is a comprehensive solution to build advanced forms on your WordPress site.

This plugin has a visual form editor that will help you create forms according to your liking in a matter of minutes. It offers you more than 30 form fields that you can choose at will to create your unique form. You can customize your forms to tailor the specific needs of your users using conditional logic. The email notification option will keep you updated on any new responses that you receive through your contact forms. If forms are relatively longer, you can allow users to partially save them and come back to it at a later time. Gravity Forms also allows file downloads, and it does mathematical calculations based on the values submitted on the fields.

It also helps to prevent spam with elaborate CAPTCHA options. Moreover, the responsive design helps you handle visitors using all devices. If you are collecting information or entries for a scheduled event or limited access, Gravity Forms can be scheduled accordingly. And, if you are allowing user generated content on your site, you can directly create WordPress posts from what users add on the forms.

A plethora of add-ons

Gravity Forms lets you incorporate a lot more features with the help of third party add-ons that can be quite useful. These include MailChimp, AWeber, Help Scout, Trello, Stripe, PayPal payments pro, etc. These add-ons can help you with diverse aspects of your site such as email integration, marketing, workflow management, payment integration and more. If you are looking for an integration of Gravity Forms and Square, we have published a review of a handy plugin.

Gravity Forms ensures its users get the best support out there. You will find detailed documentation and an elaborate FAQ section to help you find answers on your own too. The basic license of Gravity Forms plugin that can be used on a single site would cost you $59 per year. For three sites, you can use the Pro site, which would cost $159. The Elite license, which costs $259, can be used on unlimited sites and comes with all the Elite add-ons too.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is another great tool you can use to create advanced forms on your WordPress site. It is really flexible and offers the perfect integration with your WordPress site. And a great thing is that you can try it and get a refund within 14 days. It gives you excellent control to build your form the way you want it.

Ninja Forms is a great option for building forms on your WordPress site owing to its flexible design and abundance of features.

With the help of Ninja Forms, you can get into the finest details of each of the form fields that you create on your site.You can use several ways to add it to your site including shortcode, widget, theme function, etc. With a lot of functions, filters and hooks, it is a developer friendly tool that allows for easy customization. Moreover, features like one click updates make it an extremely hassle free tool to work with. Also, it provides translations to multiple languages for hassle free user engagement.

Ninja Forms offers a large range of add-ons to incorporate additional functionalities to your forms. These include file uploads, zapier, paypal express, multi-part forms and more. You can read about a plugin that offers Ninja forms Square integration, if your business is based in US, UK, Canada, Australia or Japan. Ninja Forms offers detailed documentation and dependable after purchase support too. The pricing plans are as below.

  1. Personal plan for a single site at $99 per year.
  2. Professional plan for 20 sites at $199 per year.
  3. Agency plan for unlimited sites at $499 per year.

In addition, you can get over 40 add-ons at a price of $29 to $129.

Contact Form 7

The two solutions we have discussed till now are premium options. Now, if you want a free option to set up forms on your site, look no further than Contact Form 7 plugin. It is one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress plugin directory and offers great features and customization options. With over 5 million active downloads, the popularity of Contact Form 7 plugin is really hard to beat. On top of that, it has got over 1100 five star reviews.

If you are looking for a simple solution to display contact forms on your site, you can try out Contact Form 7 plugin. It is completely free and is quite a popular choice in the WordPress plugin repository.

Contact Form 7 offers multiple contact forms and customize them to your liking using simple markup. Some of the additional features of this plugin include AJAX-based submit forms, reCAPTCHA and Akismet for prevention of spam.

Contact Form 7 is a really good option, if you are looking for only a simple form option on your site. It will suit you if you are just starting out and don’t want to opt for a premium option just yet. You can download install it in a simple procedure. Customizing the content on the form is also not so difficult, which you can do from the plugin settings page.

WP Forms

Another thoroughly user-friendly form builder that you can use on your WordPress site is WP Forms. The drag and drop interface makes it particularly easy to handle for even those who are new to WordPress. In addition, they have several pre-built forms, which you can use and save more time. It is mobile friendly and has features like smart conditional logic to make your forms more advanced and precise.

WPForms is a solid choice as it offers perfect WordPress integration and an abundant set of features to help you build your WordPress contact form.

WP Forms has useful features like instant notifications, which will help you respond to your user queries promptly. You can manage all the responses that you get through the contact forms at one place and easily manage how you act on them. Integration of marketing tools and easy embedding of forms in different places on your site make it all the more valuable. In addition, it provides automatic spam control to make sure you have one less problem to handle.

Integrating payment services to your forms too easy when you are using WP Forms. Moreover, it is highly customizable too, with options to add features with custom CSS or HTML codes. Resourceful documentation and quality support would make it really a breeze to work with WP Forms. The Basic version of the plugin is available for $49 per year. Plus, Pro and Agency versions are available at $99, $199 and $349 respectively.

Also, check out more options for Form Builder Software that will help create forms and sell products online.


A contact form builder is sort of a necessity if you are managing a WordPress site. It helps your users get in touch with you more readily. It has immense scope in marketing and customer relationship initiatives. If you are running an online store, building forms become all the more important. In this article, we have discussed some of the top WordPress contact form plugins with advanced features. Share with us your experiences working with any of them in the comments section.

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