How to Use Visual Storytelling to Market Your eCommerce Business

Visual storytelling

Last updated - February 2, 2022

Gone is the time when your audience had time and focus. Today, your audience is on-the-go and in a rush. Nobody has the time to pause on your 1000-word long advertisement, read it carefully, and try out your product. Trust us; nobody has even got the energy to read through the first two lines.

Why? Well, thanks to the constantly overflowing sources of information, i.e., the social media platforms, the average attention span of an individual happens to be no longer than 3 – 8 seconds. Since everyone deals with so much information within one day, their eyes and focus tend to move in a frenzy, pausing only on stuff that catches their attention or seems worth their time.

For that very reason, brands and companies have now changed their ways of marketing. To grab your audience’s attention, you need to focus more on visual content that conveys your say than blocks of boring and unreadable text. How so – let’s explore.

What Is Visual Storytelling? 

By definition, visual storytelling means telling a story or conveying your say through visual media, including photographs, video, audio, graphics, infographics, etc. Generally, such content aims to communicate with the viewer on a deep level. It aims to drive emotions, engage them, incite a reaction, or encourage them to take action.

However, if we view the term visual storytelling in the light of content marketing, then it’s the prevalent type of current day’s marketing content. It conveys the seller’s or informer’s say with the help of pictures and graphics. It can be in the form of social media posts, pictures on the website, YouTube content, etc.

Visual storytelling

5 Ways to Use Visual Storytelling to Boost Your eCommerce Business 

There are numerous methods to transform your new e-commerce startup into a well-established business using visual storytelling. It all depends on your innovation and market evaluation abilities. While some people opt for a reliable eCommerce SEO agency, some get the job done themselves.

To help you, we have articulated the 5-effective ways to utilize visual storytelling for e-commerce business.

Revolve the Story around your Customer

Nurturing the brand’s emotional connection with the audience can help boost the product significantly. You see, there are perhaps hundreds of different competitors present in the market that might be offering a similar product. So, focusing on only the product’s features, uniqueness, and benefits cannot help your brand stand out. 

Thus, connecting with the customer ideology gives your product a different inlet to the list of their favorite products. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t establish your brand directly. You can always opt for the other way around. But the query is, how?

You need to position yourself in the customer’s place and identify their issues. In your visual content, portray that you, as a brand, understand their concerns. You can revolve the plot around a customer to increase engagement further. 

Then, display how the brand can be a part of their experiences and resolve the issues. Show them the possibilities of togetherness so that they can connect with the brand emotionally. Plus, this strategy promotes the exceptional customer policies of your brand.

Provide Customers behind the Scenes Peek 

Have you ever seen people and businesses putting up those behind the scenes videos? Well, do you know its purpose? Allow us to explain!

These behind the scenes videos offer the viewers an insight into what actually goes around in the background. It gives a glimpse of the reality and hardship the company is putting up to present the audience with the product. Hence, allowing the viewers to bond like a family.

They know what you do, and it is also called transparency. Thus, deepening the faith and reliance of the audience in the brand. 

Plus, BTS videos allow the company to provide a sneak peek into the upcoming events, products, and contests. As a result, the audience feels engaged and excited that boosts the brand. 

So, as an e-commerce platform, putting up BTS videos can help you establish a reliable and strong bond with the customers. Consequently, it transforms them into loyal customers and boosting the business.

Pick a Design That Reflects Your Brand’s Image 

The design of the visual content should be alike. Now, this doesn’t mean replicating everything. Your audience is likely to get bored with it. 

Instead, select a theme of your brand. For example, the visual content produced by Nestle has a minimalistic essence to it. All the posters, videos, and images appear alike. Thus, one can recognize it from even a distance. 

Similarly, choose a theme of your brand design and follow it in all the visual content. You can change the visual and context of the visual content. 

Jupiter X homepage
Jupiter X is a high-contrast theme that catches everyone’s attention.

Try to be unique and creative so that you can encapsulate the viewer’s attention at once and lure them into visiting your products.

Also, you can incorporate elements in the visual content that becomes the extension of your brand’s story. For example, Nestlé’s visual content reflects the importance of health, taste, and overall nutrition to the company. They emphasize purity, which is one of their core values.

Stay Awake – Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

In marketing and growth, time is of immense importance. You can take your time to formulate strategies and look forward to success after several years. But you can also keep up with the world and gain instant boosts.

You see, today, the world is more connected than ever. The information takes seconds to reach the global level. Trends change within minutes. People have to stay alert 24/7 to observe the drastic changes in trends and the type of context drawing attention. Hence, making time valuable in changing the game.

For example, these days, memes have grasped the attention of millions worldwide. People are so interested in its creation that they are pursuing professional careers in it. 

While years ago, it might have reflected as an unprofessional display by a brand to engage in such contexts. Memes are key brand boosters today. A majority of businesses have used meme visual content to promote their products and engage with the audience. 

Hence, you can benefit from similar visual content trends to convey your brand’s story, products, and values to prospective customers.

Know About Your Audience 

Now, there are various types of storytelling-visual content used by e-commerce brands, including BTS, memes, and videos. However, for each brand, the audience enjoys a specific type of content.

Initially, you could run a trial by creating all types of content and evaluating the type that received the most positive response. It will allow you to understand your audience better. Once done, you can continue producing a similar type of content with innovations to keep the audience engaged.

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