Ways to Build Customer Trust if you Have No Sales

Build customer trust to improve sales

Last updated - April 13, 2023

There are so many well-established businesses that customers will avoid companies they’ve never heard of or don’t trust. If you want your new business to succeed, you need to make sure people trust you. 

You have to show that you won’t lie to them, that the products you’re selling are what you say they are, and that you’ll help them if they run into trouble after making a purchase. It may be impossible to regain your customers’ trust once you lose it. 

Therefore, the best thing to do is to make sure your customers trust you from the beginning. That is why today, we will talk about how to build customer trust if you have no sales.

What Exactly Is “Customer Trust” and Why Is It So Vital?

In today’s competitive corporate world, trust-building skills are vital. Above all, for clients is the best way to earn their trust and loyalty. Businesses that don’t put in the time and effort necessary to gain their customers’ confidence will never reach their full potential. 

Furthermore, customers nowadays are discerning, picky, and jaded when making purchases, and for a good reason. HubSpot found that 55% of consumers today have less confidence in businesses than they did five years ago. Admittedly, at first glance, this seems like a very disheartening number.

However, 93% of consumers told HubSpot they are more likely to make repeat purchases from companies that provide exceptional customer service. You will attract these customers if you provide a better customer experience than your competition. 

With that in mind, the following are some ways you can build customer trust if you have no sales.

Create an Excellent Product

To build customer trust, first and foremost, you need to have a good product or service to offer them. Even if you have excellent customer service and marketing, you won’t be successful if you don’t have a quality product to sell. 

Consider your ideal clientele while developing a new product. Making your products easy to use and enjoyable will encourage repeat business from satisfied customers.

Tell the Story Behind the Company

A person is writing the company's story on their laptop.
To build customer trust, you must tell a compelling story about your company

Sharing your background is essential to establish your identity and brand. It influences how others see you and help them see through your product to your motivations. You’ll be well on building customer trust if you highlight your company’s heritage, competence, and accolades. 

People will respect your business more if they know the thought processes, ethics, and sincerity that went into creating it. That said, you can tell your story in many different ways. You can try to find a way to incorporate it into the design of your website. 

However, you can also try to make it a part of your content marketing strategy. No matter which method you go with, the important thing is to be transparent and honest.

Share the Company’s Guiding Principles

Putting on display the ideals around which your business was founded may also go a long way toward winning over the trust of your clientele. That said, when we talk about values or principles, we talk about personal and societal values. 

External partnerships with non-profits, NGOs, or fundraising corporations focusing on social, political, or environmental issues are good examples of internal CSR initiatives. That said, how should you convey these values? You could, for example, make a public statement on your website and social media platforms about your company’s core principles. 

Be Open and Honest

Honesty is essential for building loyal relationships. People don’t like to do business with companies that are not transparent about how they conduct business. For this reason, you need to:

  • Give your customers as much information about all your products or services as possible.
  • Talk about how you are running your business.
  • Resolve any issue that may come up as soon as possible.

Keeping your customers in the loop means you’re not hiding anything from them, which can go a long way toward earning their trust. Furthermore, providing glimpses into the company’s inner workings makes customers feel more involved.

Don’t Shy Away From Negative Feedback

Stars on a pink and blue background
Negative reviews can be beneficial if used to improve

We can all agree that getting negative feedback is difficult. It is, however, a blessing in disguise. You can turn negative feedback into something positive if you know how to handle it. That does not, however, imply that you should disregard quality control and effort. It means that you should use negative feedback to help you improve. Customers will have much more trust in you if they see this.

Never Resort to Shortcuts and Clickbait Tactics

Remember that how you promote your company directly reflects the quality of your goods and services. If you’re attempting to increase site visitors by using deceptive practices like clickbait or making false promises, you may as well forget about keeping your clients as repeat visitors. 

Always give the consumer a straight story about what they may anticipate and do your best to exceed their expectations. Doing so will build credibility with your clientele and provide the groundwork for a devoted following.

Maintain Consistency

A traffic sign with arrows pointing in opposite directions
People dislike change, so try to be as consistent as possible.

Try to be consistent with whatever you’re doing. People dislike change generally, and you are bound to lose some trust whenever it occurs. Change, however, is necessary, especially for a growing business. That is why, even if you must make changes, you must ensure that they are consistent with your core values. 

Furthermore, as previously stated, being honest about your changes can help soften the blow. Therefore, if you can always maintain consistency, you will gain customer trust.

Engage With Social Media

Regarding ways to build customer trust if you have no sales, the last thing we will mention is social media. That is because establishing credibility with customers through social media is a significant part of the equation. 

Customers in today’s market are much less likely to pay attention to a brand that does not have a substantial presence on social media. Furthermore, social media platforms provide an additional channel for marketing, which can assist in growing your customer base and increase your brand’s visibility. As a result, participating in social media is necessary if you want to earn the trust of your customers and expand your brand.


Now that you have an idea of ways to build customer trust, if you have no sales, you can go ahead and implement these strategies for your business. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of generating sales and gaining a loyal customer base. If you continue to focus on building customer trust and delivering excellent products or services to your customers, your chances of success will increase exponentially. With that said, we hope this guide has given you some useful insight into establishing credibility with customers and gaining their trust.

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