Why your WordPress site needs a simple & lightweight Live Chat plugin

Last updated - July 8, 2021

The Internet has become a prime source for any business to reach out to potential users. In the same way, users too, find the internet as a prime medium of communication to the businesses. Over the years developers are working hard to make interactions smoother and swifter. Helpdesks, live chats, emails and much more have evolved over the years and become a major source of communication.

Live chat lightweight plugins

Rise of the need for a lightweight plugin 

Whenever a user lands on your webpage, the performance truly matters. It is important to keep in mind that the users never spend much time on pages which takes much more time to load. When developers began to develop plugins to suit the needs of your websites, it was crucial for them to decide on how to keep their performance high but at the same time give quicker page load. It was quite crucial, as most of the customers failed to stay on the page when the load time was longer. The heavier codes used, the plugin is tougher to load, which hampers performance. It was then that AJAX-based codes came in quite handy.

What is lightweight?

In terms of technology related to website fulfillment, lightweight is all about obtaining maximum performance, usability, and functionality. In other words, it should be completely providing an awesome performance when considering a website.

How can a lightweight plugin increase website performance?

Mostly in the case of eCommerce websites using WordPress,  the performance was integral. Developers had to design pages which had responsive behavior and shorter load time. AJAX- Asynchronous JavaScript And XML in contrast to the traditional HTML codes, make short requests in terms of actions required on a page. Hence the amount of data that is sent to the server is reduced which way the response to the queries comes quicker.

In a way, this enhanced the performance of the website.

What is the advantage of having a lightweight design on a website?

With lightweight plugins, the page response rate is augmented and makes the page all the more interactive. Interaction is quite important when considering a website. With AJAX-based designs, the websites will be responsive to any platform in use. 

In WordPress, there are several plugins that suit the needs of the business to give consumers enriching experience. With eCommerce business primarily depending on the consumers, it is important to consider a smoother and more interactive way of communication between the users and the business support team. Helpdesk plugins like WSDesk, Zendesk, Freshdesk and chat plugins like WSChat, Tawk to, etc. has compelling and interactive designs.

A WordPress site, when implemented correctly, reduces the load time and also contribute to the SEO rankings of the page delivering a quality user experience.

Why do businesses need to have a lightweight live chat plugin?

It is important to use a lightweight live chat plugin on your WordPress website to keep interaction clear and steady with users. When a user lands on your page, they need all the data to be available right away. Most users prefer quick responses. The website’s performance is heightened using a lightweight plugin, that does not send too many requests from the page to get a response from the server. In a way, the action becomes quite like an interactive session. When considering a live chat plugin, it should be more like an easy conversation. When live chat responses are quick to the queries posted by the user, it makes user interaction look smoother.

Unlike SaaS-based plugins, live chat plugin, which is easily manageable on an independent server, make the live chat quite responsive. A number of live chat plugins that are easy to manage on your own server are available on the market. One of the most popular lightweight live chat plugins is the WSChat by Elextension, which is completely managed on your own server.

WSChat | Live chat plugin

When you own an eCommerce site, you have to ensure that you retain your users with prompt responses. A live chat plugin does it all. Live chats are mostly short and crisp and hence users will respond to it quickly.

Advantages of a live chat plugin

Here are some major advantages of live chat that put it into the limelight from other corresponding communication methods.

  1. Quick responses: Live chat plugins are mostly used when a user needs a faster response. It lets users linger on the website for a longer time, for better guidance and support. 
  2. Implant Trust: When users get quick responses, mutual trust is built up, which is ideal for a business to grow. When customer queries are reciprocated, they feel they are valued.
  3. Live chat can be used as a proactive tool: Live chat plugins can also be used to proactively initiate a chat with the users. In this way, it can boost engagement rates using live chat.
  4. Better lead generation: With a live chat tracking tool, it is easy to track the visitors and monitor them. Customer behavior on the website can help to assess the needs and provide them with help accordingly. In a way, new customers can be acquired more easily using proper lead generation.

Using a lightweight plugin mostly because the server is not pinged every time on every single request, the user experience is enhanced.

To Conclude :

The website becomes an entity that upholds your brand, hence it is important to upkeep your website performance. Live chat is important to interact effectively with your users.  The response time is diminished to a certain level with proper caching using a lightweight plugin. In a way, your website ranking goes higher with a faster response time.

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