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Last updated - July 8, 2021


As you already know, a grouped product is a collection of similar products that the customers can buy separately. Adding a grouped product is not complicated and is more or less to similar to the process of adding a simple product, except for a few steps. Let’s find out how to add a grouped product.

Grouped products are a type of products available in the core WooCommerce plugin that lets shop owners add similar simple products to a single parent product. This way, your customers can add products from a range to their cart on one page instead of navigating to several different pages to do so.

WooCommerce grouped products
Grouped products make it easy to buy similar products.

This product type is solely about product display and doesn’t involve any additional purchase rules like product bundles and chained products. So here are 3 simple steps to add WooCommerce grouped products to your online store.

Step 1: Create a Parent Product

We need to create the parent product first, which will then be linked with its child products. To create a parent product, head to Products > Add New.

Here, provide the details for the products like its title, description, category, and product image. Next, scroll down to the “Product Data” option and select “Grouped product” from the dropdown.

WooCommerce Product data
Selecting the “Grouped product” product data type.

You’ll notice that the price and some other fields disappear. This is because a grouped product is simply a collection of child products. We’ll need to provide such information for the child products later. Click Publish for now.

Step 2: Create Child Products

The grouped product is still an empty group. To complete it, you can:

  • Create products and add them.
  • Add existing child products.

You have the choice to create simple products first and add them to a grouped product later, or create a grouped product first and add simple products later. This feature gives you the ability to add simple products to more than one grouped product.

Adding a simple product is simple:

  1. Head to Products > Add New.
  2. Keep the “Product Data” option as “Simple product”.
  3. Provide required details for the child product like title, description, price, category, and product image.
  4. When you’re done, publish the product.

Repeat the above process for all the child products you wish to add to your grouped product.

Step 3: Assemble the WooCommerce Grouped Product

You’ve made the parent product and its child products. Now, you need to combine them into a grouped product.

Head to Products. Here, find the grouped product you created in Step 1 and click “Edit”.

Editing grouped product
Editing the parent product.

Then, scroll down and head to the “Linked Products” section. Use the field in front of Grouped products to search for and add simple products from your store one by one.

Just type the child product’s name. A suggestion will pop up with the possible products from your library. Choose the right suggestion by clicking it or pressing the Enter key.

WooCommerce grouped products
Add child products to the grouped product.

When you’re done, click Update.

You can then see the grouped product on your store page where customers can easily add products from a range.

Hide child product from individual searches

One additional setting you can do now is to hide the child product from catalog searches. By doing this, you are making the child product visible in searches only as part of the group product, not separately.

To set up this go to the Publish box on the top right corner and change Catalog visibility to ‘Hidden’.

Setting catalog visibility
Setting catalog visibility

Once the settings are done, you can publish the child product and add more child products if required.

Once you complete creating your grouped product with its set of child products, you can see them on the product page.

Displaying grouped product
Displaying grouped product

If you want to change the order of display of the child products, you can go to the Advanced settings on the Product Data metabox of the grouped product.

Changing the display order of child products
Changing the display order of child products

If you prefer a video version, here is one:

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