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Last updated - May 10, 2018

In this article, we shall first try to understand the need of using a conversion tracking plugin and what it exactly does. And then I shall talk about WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin which is currently one of the best and probably the only plugin to be loaded with every required conversion tracking feature.

Why a conversion tracking plugin?

When you run an online store, a number of digital marketing campaigns are being carried out. With the ever-increasing social networking sites, the ways of reaching your audience have increased. The social networking sites which were once created for the purpose of reducing the gap between people are now being widely used for diminishing the gab between the businesses and their customers. The promotional tools available in social media sites have indeed helped businesses to escalate their reach and engagement.

The promotional tools enable you to define your buyer personas and target your potential audiences. It’s simple to judge the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns if you have only one promotion going on. But, how would you determine which traffic is coming from where and who are ultimately getting converted into customers? How would you know the conversion rate of each campaign?

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

That’s when a conversion tracking plugin comes into play. It will track each of your campaign and let you know exactly how many people are getting converted. Isn’t it awesome?

Once you know which customers are coming from which channel, you would be able to direct your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Marketing without conversion tracking is like studying without appearing for exams! You would just be spending money without knowing whether they should be spent or not.

Conversion tracking would help you know what works for your customers and how to reach them effectively and efficiently.

The conversion tracking plugins would let you track the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), analyze the shopping behaviors of your customers and product performance.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

In short conversion tracking would give you access to all the essential data from your various marketing channel and guide you in optimizing your website and ultimately increase your revenue.

Which activities are required to be tracked?

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

  • Newsletter signups.
  • Contact Form submissions.
  • Purchases.
  • Items getting added to the cart.
  • Items getting added to the wishlist.
  • Items getting searched.
  • Page/Product views.

What does the plugin do exactly?

Conversion tracking is not a new phenomenon. Marketers, Analysts have been practicing this in order to measure, analyze and strategize their sales and marketing efforts.

On integration with any advertising campaign, you are provided with some tracking codes which should be copy pasted in either your landing page or checkout page as per the event you wish to track. This tracking code is used to measure your sites traffic, sales, conversion etc.

What the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin will do is that, it would automatically insert those tracking codes on your WooCommerce pages like “Shop Page”, “Product Page”, “Cart Page” etc. Thus, you won’t be burdened with the task of manually inserting codes in every page.

With just a few clicks you can get all your conversion data.

In short, the plugin does the following:

  • Integrates with Facebook.
  • Integrates with Twitter.
  • Integrates with Google AdWords.
  • Integrates with Perfect Audience.
  • Integrates with Custom platforms with the help of Javascripts

What does the free version offer?

 WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

  1. Facebook – Once you have installed and activated the plugin, go to WooCommerce -> Integration. You can then enable Facebook and follow this guide to insert the Facebook Pixel ID. Now you are good to go and would be able to track the following Facebook events: Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Complete Registration.
  2. Twitter – Overall, WooCommerce Conversion Tracking allows you to track three events for Twitter. These events are – “Purchase”, “Add to Cart” and “Complete Registration”. Configuring these three events in is more or less the same. But the free version would restrict you to just ‘Purchase’ event. Follow this guide for more details on this.
  3. Google Adwords – To track Google AdWords conversions, you need to get a unique Account Id from your AdWords Account.
  4. Custom Channel Integration – This tool would be used to configure other social media or marketing channel which are not integrated by default. An example has been given here of how you can integrate Facebook manually.

What extra does the premium version offer?

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

Perfect Audience Integration

Perfect Audience is a retargeting tool. It efforts to bring back your lost visitors/customers by showing them Facebook Ads, Web Banners or even Twitter Ads. This tool would be using your audience data in order to have an effective campaign of retrieving your lost audiences.

This is one of that necessary marketing automation employed by top companies.

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin would act as an icing on the cake by helping you track the efforts that you have put into retargeting your lost audience.

With the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin, with just 2 steps you can completely setup your store for tracking every event of Perfect Audience.

The events of Perfect Audience that can be tracked by the WooCommerce Conversion tracking plugin are – View Product, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Complete Registration.

After all the Perfect Audience settings has been done correctly, you are good to go and get all your user event related data in your Perfect Audience Dashboard.

Some more events Google Adwords and Twitter

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

The pro version has one more event for Google AdWords, “Complete Registration” along with the “Purchase” event which is already available in the free version. This extra feature would enable you to track your website’s sign ups from Google Adwords.

For Twitter, the premium version has two more events namely, “Add to Cart” and “Complete Registration”

Every Possible Facebook Event

The pro version can track the following facebook events – Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Complete Registration, View Product, View Product Category, Search, Add to Wishlist.

Multiple Facebook Pixel

As you know that Facebook integration is done with WoCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin with Pixel IDs. The PRO version allows multiple Pixel IDs to be added. Multiple Pixel IDs would be required in case when your site is being managed by multiple agents. Thus, each of the agent would automatically receive the data related to their account only. This feature would come handy in case of Multi-vendor stores.

Plugin Access Control

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

You can control who can get access to your WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin settings. The checked user roles can get access to the “Conversion Tracking” tab under “WooCommerce”.

This is a useful feature, for you might want to restrict the plugin access to just your Sales and Marketing team.

Facebook Product Catalog

With the pro version, you can export your website’s products to Facebook Product Catalog List. The plugin would give you an autogenerated Product Catalog URL. The tool even allows you to do selective upload, like excluding certain categories or certain products.

Facebook Product Catalog would display the Product ID, Name, Description, URL and other attributes which are necessary to create Ads.

This documentation would shed light into the detailed process involved.

Concluding words

This is definitely one of the best conversion tracking plugin especially when compared to the other available options. Even when you consider the cost, getting all these features at $49 is indeed a great deal.

Basically at $49/year, your entire social media marketing research would be taken care of. Isn’t that awesome?

Please note than $49/year is a limited time offer from $99/year.

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