6 Amazing Ways To Launch a Stronger WooCommerce Email Marketing Pre-Launch

WooCommerce Email Marketing

Last updated - July 8, 2021

People often ask what is the best time to start a WooCommerce email marketing strategy. However, most of them wait until they already have a product ready to even ask this question. But this is a mistake. Your email marketing pre-launch should start way before your product is ready. This gives you an opportunity to build a brand, awareness, audience and so on.

All of this is very important before you sell a thing. Of course, when creating a product there are a million things to think about and email is definitely not on your checklist. But, it should definitely be there, as a pre-launch marketing funnel. This will do you good because people will actually have a desire to buy your product and have a desire to connect to you. You can build a strong relationship with them and keep them updated on your process.

Here are some of the best tips on creating a pre-launch campaign:

Your List Should Be Easy To Join

Don’t make the process too long, complicated and confusing. Long forms are just too much for some users. The reason is simple – they don’t have a reason to want to join your list yet. A long form will be off putting for them.

However, a short form, one that requires just their email address or their name and their email address is a no-fuss way to sign up and your users will appreciate it.

If you want more users to sign up for your newsletter, offer something for free. This means and ebook, a useful pdf or something similar. You can even offer a short video course.

Be Kind and Send Personalized Emails

Personalized emails are a necessity. You have the name of your subscriber so use it wisely. However, you should also employ some other personalization methods like sending them an email from an email address they can reply to and signing emails with your own name or the name from someone in your team. Make the tone of voice conversational and, if possible, send customized content to your users.

Regular Content and Updates are a Plus

Use your WooCommerce email newsletter to update your users frequently. “People will often forget that you are on their list if you rarely ever send them content and your campaign might not work either. Instead, be dedicated to creating value for your newsletter,” says Red Marshall, an email marketer at Stateofwriting and Bigassignments.

You Can Build Suspense With Early Users

Building suspense is a great way to create that feeling of excitement with your users. You can send them sneak peaks, clues, hints and similar things that will build up to the great product reveal.

Give Rewards To Your Audience

Your audience, especially people who have been on your newsletter for a long time, should get some sort of a reward. For instance, early access, discount, special offers of some sort and so on.

Create Engaging and Useful Content

The content you create needs to be engaging and useful, especially the content that you place in your email newsletter. This is the exclusive content that only the readers of your newsletter will be able to see and they need to feel valued and important because of this.

“Do some research to find out what deeply bothers or troubles these people that are on your list. What are their interests? What do they find engaging? Once you get the answers to all of these questions, you can create useful content that will help people in some way. It needs to be well-formatted for readability with plenty of white space and subtitles” comments Maryann Scott, a digital marketing professional at Essay Roo and Academized.

You should also consider grammar and spelling since these are really important to the audience.

Creating a perfect email newsletter pre-launch isn’t easy most of the time. It requires high quality of content, emails and a dedication to consistency. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a powerful email newsletter pre-launch.

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