WooCommerce – How to Enhance User Management

Last updated - August 24, 2020


WordPress allows good control to the site owner to manage different user accounts. However, if you want to enhance the overall aspects of user management, there are different ways to do it. Numerous plugins are available to make your life easier in this regard. This article will give you a glimpse on several options to improvise user management on your WooCommerce store. In addition, you can also familiarize with different plugins too.

Limit site access to registered users

Limiting access to users at specific areas on your site will make you more in control of user management. WordPress, by default, allows an unrestricted view of content and it may not be desirable in all cases. For example, when you want to give restricted access to premium content, newsletters, etc. Some of the below-listed plugins might prove quite useful in this regard.

 Add roles and capabilities

This is one of the most obvious improvements that you can make to user management in WordPress. There are numerous plugins to help you with this feature. You will be able to freely create user roles, along with customizing the capabilities of existing roles. Here is a bunch of plugins for you to choose from:

Efficient management of user accounts in multiple site

WordPress has a multisite feature that enables you to build site networks effectively. User management may get slightly complicated in such a situation. There are plugins that will automatically add new users to all the different sites, when they register. Further, you can set default roles for each site as well. Here is a list of plugins:

Setting approval for user registration

WordPress accepts user registrations of all kinds without any restrictions. This may lead to a whirl of spam messages to your site. If the site administrator gets a notification whenever someone initiates the registration process on the site, this can be better dealt with. Accordingly, the admin can choose to accept or reject user registrations. Once a registration is accepted, the user will also get a notification. One plugin that can definitely help you here is:

Creating custom fields in customer profiles

If you were able to store some additional information about your customers, you probably can improve customer management. Adding custom fields to your customer profile may be the answer to this. Plugins that can help you with custom fields include:

Swap user roles

Often, while testing a new theme or extension on your site, you may want to switch from one user role to another. You might find it especially useful if this can be done in one click. The below plugin might be the answer for you:

Delete user profile

By default in WordPress, only Administrator role can delete user profiles. Giving users control to delete their own profiles might be a good idea in many scenarios. Thus users can delete all the account details they have added to your site, as well as the user-generated content. There are also plugins that will help you auto-delete users after a specified period of time. You may want to go through the following plugins for more information:


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