10+ Best WooCommerce Gift Certificates Plugins 2021

WooCommerce Gift Certificates

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Gift certificates are a preferred option for gifting, especially during holiday times. The holder of a gift certificate will be able to redeem it for goods or services in a store. For an eCommerce store, you can create gift certificates with a particular value that your customers can purchase. They can send these gift certificates to friends and family, which can be redeemed for purchases at your store. This is a great strategy to acquire new customers, and also to improve customer loyalty. Here is a list of some of the best WooCommerce gift certificates plugins that will help you create and manage gift cards.

Gift Cards

This is a simple and intuitive plugin that will help you create and sell e-gift cards on your WooCommerce store. It will help in acquiring new customers as well as in enhancing the shopping experience for existing customers. It improves the checkout speed as customers can use the available funds in the gift card while checking out. Moreover, customers can create and send personalized gift cards from your store. And it is quite easy for store owners to configure and manage this plugin.

WooCommerce Gift Certificates Plugins
This plugin offers simple yet comprehensive settings to create and manage gift certificates.


  • Create gift certificates.
  • Set expiry codes for gift certificates.
  • Customers can choose a delivery date for the gift certificate.
  • Send gift certificates to multiple users.
  • Easy to configure for store owners.

The plugin will cost you $49.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

This is one of the most comprehensive options to create WooCommerce gift certificates. You will be able to sell gift cards on your store that will enhance conversions during holiday season, and also improve customer loyalty.  The plugin helps you feature digital and printable gift cards on your store. Customizing the gift certificates will be quite easy for your customers, as the plugin offers a smooth interface. In addition, there is a huge picture gallery and the option to upload own photos. Furthermore, you can let the customers choose an amount for the gift certificate, or set a fixed value.

WooCommerce Gift Certificates
You can manage gift certificates comprehensively with this plugin.


  • Create digital and printable gift certificates.
  • Photo gallery and option to add images.
  • Choose between fixed and custom amounts for the gift certificates.
  • Add QR Code to gift certificates and set a delivery schedule.
  • Allow customers to suggest a product with the gift certificate.
  • Advanced customization option for the Cart and Checkout pages.

The plugin will cost $129.99 for a single site subscription.

Loom Gift Notes

With the help of this plugin, you can offer personalized gift cards to your customers. While making a purchase, customers will be able to create a gift card attached to the order. This will help your store have a unique appeal among your customers. Moreover, you can set a fixed charge for the card option as well. Please note, this plugin requires you to have a specific sized card stock, and a color printer.

WooCommerce Gift Certificates
Add an option for customers to attach personalized gift cards with their orders.


  • Let customers create personalized gift cards to be attached to their purchases.
  • Display a card customizer button on the Cart page that customers can use.
  • Monetize the gift card option by charging customers for the cards.

The plugin costs $99.

Smart Coupons

You can create gift certificates too with this plugin. The plugin gives you an option to let your customers purchase gift certificates for themselves or for others. Also, the gift certificates can be customized with a personal messages, and custom delivery schedule. The plugin offers several other features including comprehensive coupon management, shareable coupons, and more.

WooCommerce Coupon Plugins
This is one of the most comprehensive WooCommerce Coupon Plugins that will help you supercharge your promotional efforts.


  • Create gift certificates.
  • Customize the gift certificate with personal notes, design elements and delivery schedules.
  • Create and manage coupons.
  • Embed coupons effortlessly.

You can get this plugin for a price of $99.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

This is another comprehensive option for coupon management. The plugin also lets you offer personalized gift certificates on your store. Your customers will be able to give a personal touch to gift certificates. Moreover, the plugin is extremely easy to use and has a range of other features including restricting and bulk sending coupons, display coupon banners, and more.

Your customers can easily create personalized gift certificates with this plugin.


  • Offer an option for customers to purchase gift certificates.
  • Personalize the design of gift certificates.
  • Email gift certificates.
  • Extensive coupon and store credit management options.

You can get a Personal license of the plugin at $69.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro

You can use this feature-rich plugin to sell gift cards on your WooCommerce store. It has a user-friendly customizer that will help to customize the gift card emails. Customers will be able to schedule the gift card delivery according to their convenience, and can also set a custom amount. Also, the plugin has several other interesting features including an option to automatically set expiration dates for gift certificates.

WooCommerce Gift certificates
You will find several advanced features to manage gift certificates with this plugin.


  • Extensive options for managing gift certificates on your store.
  • Allow customers to personalize gift certificates extensively.
  • Allow guest checkout with gift certificates.
  • Extensive gift certificate management for store owners.
  • Shortcode support to display gift certificate details to customers.
  • Create physical gift cards easily.
  • Compatible with popular plugins and themes.

For a single site, this plugin will cost you $59.

WooCommerce Gift Card Pro

This plugin lets you create and manage gift cards on your store. Store owners can create gift cards with three different pricing schemes, including fixed, selective and custom. Moreover, the drag and drop interface will help to customize the design of gift cards effortlessly. In addition, you will find support for image upload, shortcode and QR codes. Moreover, your customers will be able to purchase and track the gift cards seamlessly.

WooCommerce Gift Certificates
You can effortlessly customize the gift card strategy on your store with this plugin.


  • Create gift cards as a unique product type in WooCommerce.
  • Pre-built templates for gift certificates.
  • Multiple price schemes to choose from.
  • Set expiry dates for gift cards.
  • Email notifications.
  • Schedule the gift card delivery.

A Regular License of the plugin will cost you $40.

WooCommerce Store Credit

You can create store credits with this plugin that can be used as gift certificates as well. Customers can purchase store credits for themselves or for gifting purposes. They can use the credits till expiry, and also club it with other payment options while checking out from the store. The plugin lets you restrict the validity of the gift certificate only for certain products or categories.

This plugin will help you create and manage store credit on your WooCommerce store.


  • Create store credit coupons that customers can purchase as gift cards.
  • Customize the applicability and features of store credit.
  • Allow customers to use store credit with other payment methods and coupons.
  • Customize format as well as email templates.

You can get this plugin at $79.

Gifting for WooCommerce Subscriptions

This plugin offers the unique option to let customers gift subscriptions to their friends and loved ones. They can simply enter the email of the recipient, and the plugin will onboard the new user seamlessly. Moreover, the plugin offers shared management of the subscription by both the person purchased, and the recipient. Similarly, email notifications can also be set up a shared option.

WooCommerce gift certificates
You can easily let your customers gift subscriptions on your store with this plugin.


  • Allow customers to gift subscriptions.
  • Shared subscription management.
  • Email notifications.
  • Ensures customer privacy and clearly sets the ownership.

You can purchase this plugin at $49.

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

This is another comprehensive option to create and manage gift certificates on your WooCommerce store. The plugin offers extensive customization options, and also lets to send the gift certificates as QR code or BAR code. Moreover, it lets customers share gift cards through emails, SMS or WhatsApp. Another interesting feature of the plugin is that it allows gift certificates to be downloaded in PDF format for printing.

You can easily manage varied aspects of your WooCommerce gift certificates using this plugin.


  • Sell and Manage gift certificates on your store.
  • Send gift certificates as QR code or BAR code.
  • Customization options for gift cards.
  • Pre-defined gift certificate templates.
  • Schedule the delivery time.
  • Share gift cards through email, SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Refund option for gift cards.

For a single site, you can get this plugin at $69.

We hope these WooCommerce Gift Certificates plugins will help you enhance conversions and broaden your customer base. Leave us a comment if you have a query.

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