WooCommerce – How to Setup Stripe Payment Gateway


Last updated - July 11, 2018


Stripe is a fast-growing choice for payment gateway integration on a wide range of online stores all around the world. WooCommerce has made it available for WooCommerce stores as a free extension just like PayPal Powered by Braintree.

The setting up of Stripe as a payment gateway is quite direct. You have to install it as it’s not part of the default payment gateway options. If you have used the Setup Wizard at the start, there is a possibility that Stripe is already installed. You can check this from the list of Installed Plugins.

In this article, let us understand how to setup WooCommmerce Stripe payment gateway.

If Stripe is not installed, you can go to Plugins → Add New, and type ‘WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway’ and hit Enter. Find the one released by Automattic and click Install Now.

Installing Stripe Payment Gateway

After installing the plugin, the Install Now button changes to Activate. Click the Activate button and Stripe Payment Gateway will be ready for Setup.

To access the Settings, go to:

WooCommerce → Settings → Checkout → Stripe

Accessing Stripe Settings
Accessing Stripe Settings

The initial settings are pretty straightforward here.

Enable/Disable the Stripe Payment Gateway using the first checkbox.

Write a Title and Description for the payment gateway in the respective fields. The text you enter in these fields will be visible to your customer on the front-end of the store.

Testing the Settings

You can also enable the test mode for Stripe before finalizing the settings. When you tick the checkbox for Enable Test Mode, Stripe will provide you with a set of card numbers that you can use to test the gateway. You can even check different scenarios like card declined/expired etc.

Enabling and Editing Stripe Payment Gateway
Enabling and Editing Stripe Payment Gateway

Adding API Keys

Next, you have to add the Live and Test keys that you’ll receive from the Stripe API. To get the keys, you have to go to your Stripe account.

Your Account → Account Settings → API Keys

Accessing Stripe Account Settings
Accessing Stripe Account Settings

You can find all the required API keys required for the WooCommerce setting here. Copy and Paste in the respective fields.

Copying Stripe API keys
Copying Stripe API keys

This is followed by a set of checkboxes, which are quite important in defining the customer interaction on checkout.

Capture checkbox, when enabled, will be set to capture the charges real time. If unticked, there will be another authorization step to capture charges. Please note that when you opt for authorized capture, it will expire if not captured within seven days.

Enabling to capture charge immediately
Enabling to capture charge immediately

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout gives the option for your customers to checkout through a Stripe modal window instead of entering the card information on your store itself. Enabling this checkbox will add a few more optional fields that require information, which will be displayed on the modal window.

You can set a language of preference for checkout in the Stripe Checkout locale drop-down. By default the language is English. If multiple language options are available on your store, you can opt for ‘Auto,’ which will let the customer choose which language to checkout.

You have the option to enable Bitcoin currency. Ticking this checkbox means that your customer can use bitcoin to pay. US Dollars should be the currency on your store for this to work.

There is another optional field where you can enter the url of an image to be displayed on the modal window. This can be your store’s logo, and can give a personalized feel.

Enabling Stripe checkout
Enabling Stripe checkout

Saving customer details for easier checkout

The last two checkboxes are Saved Cards and Logging

Saved Card allows your customers to save card details during checkout. The details will be saved on the Stripe server, not on your store.

Logging option is to send any error messages to the WooCommerce System Status log.

Do not forget to click Save changes button after updating all the settings.

Enabling saved cards
Enabling saved cards