WooCommerce – How to Identify the Best Marketing Channels

Last updated - July 8, 2021

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You have set up an online store and started selling products. Now you are ready for a surge in sales, and you’re actively looking for good marketing initiatives. Articles like this might help in devising the perfect marketing strategy. But you want to know more about the different marketing channels to selectively focus. To help you with, here’s a list of tried-and-tested marketing channels:

Email is King!

The reason for email’s status as the most preferred marketing channel is clear – it’s cost-effective, direct and simple! Though it’s simple and easy to start with, effective strategies would bring in better results. Let’s see a few:

Maintain consistent customer engagement by sending an email informing the customer about new product additions to your store. You can decide the frequency based on how often you add new products. A weekly mail is thought to be effective in maintaining customer interest. Tailor-made deals for your regular customers would be a win-win for both sides. This way you can easily assure a purchase and delightful customers.

Automated emails after a purchase are passe. Alternatively, personalize your post-purchase email so that customer feels genuinely valued. Asking for feedback or suggestions for improvements may also work. Sending a “we miss you” email to buyers who have not visited your site for a while might be a good idea too.

Social media is equally powerful

If customer engagement is what you are aiming for, social media is a great resource. Though actively engaging customers at multiple channels at the same time is hard work, it’s well worth the effort.

Using Facebook you can acquire a healthy number of new customers to your store, along with returning ones. Facebook remarketing is a good strategy to ensure loyal customers are getting frequent suggestions from your store. Pinterest has great potential as a sales promotion channel. Promoted Pins, with its great audience targeting, is a good way to ensure sales.

In addition, you can use Twitter to find potential customers. You can search for hashtags with your products and tactically suggest your products. Authentic photos of your products on Instagram would be really appealing to your customers. Also, cross-posting using a plugin like WooCommerce Instagram is also a recommended strategy.

Content marketing is hugely effective

Good quality content always finds readers, and prospective customers too. Creating engaging content is an absolute necessity for good marketing outcomes.

Interesting blog posts can drive considerable traffic to your site, and in no time these visitors may start browsing through your products. Maintaining good SEO strategies with regular audits may prove to be an asset to your store. In addition, high-quality videos, demonstrating or introducing your products, could be an enticing way to acquire customers.


Get the help of plugins

As we have seen in other functionalities, there are quality plugins that help with marketing too. Here’s a list of interesting ones.

Try multiple sales channels

Multiple sales channels would considerably improve the visibility of your products. By listing your products on Google Shopping, you will be greatly improving the conversion possibilities of your products. That is because in Google Shopping the images and reviews of products can also be included. To list products on Google Shopping, you need to create a product feed based on the specifications of Google.

You can create a Google Product Feed and upload it to your Google Merchant Center account with the help of the below plugin.

ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin

The plugin creates an XML file of your products mapped to the specified product categories and fields of Google Merchant Center. You can upload this XML file to your Google Merchant Center account and then create targeted ads using your AdWords account. You can schedule an update of the product feed daily, weekly or monthly based on your requirement. This means your products will be practically synced to Google Shopping as well. Any changes you make on your products on WooCommerce will reflect on the Google Shopping listings as well.

Invest in customer loyalty programs

A good customer loyalty program would make sure your regular patrons are happy with your store. You can try different strategies like free gifts, exclusive discounts, advance purchase option of new products, etc. Privilege packages offered with a small fee might be a mutually agreeable scheme for both customers and store owners. WooCommerce Points and Rewards is a recommended option to set reward points for customers in your store.


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