WooCommerce – Order Management Guide

woocommerce order management guide

Last updated - October 9, 2020

WooCommerce creates an order when a customer chooses a product and completes the checkout process. Orders are visible on the back-end of your store to users who have specific rights. You can view and edit the details of each order including the status of an order at a given moment. Firstly, this guide provides insights into the basic aspects of order management in WooCommerce. In addition, there are tips to enhance the overall process and eventually customer satisfaction.

Basics of order management

This article will give you an overview of order page settings. You will get to know the basic steps required to access and edit order details. There are also inputs on order notes and the process of creating an order manually.

Dealing with refunds

When you manage an online store, refunds are often an inevitable occurrence. In this article, you will find instructions to handle both automatic and manual refunds. Smooth handling of refunds definitely helps in improving the long-term credibility of your store.

The role of plugins in order management

Like most other areas in WooCommerce, plugins enhance the process of order management also quite well. Here you will get a glimpse into the capabilities of some of the popular plugins. There are also insights that may help you understand the impact of various plugins on the general functioning of your store.

Ensuring prompt email notifications

The email notifications that go to the customer who placed an order is quite an important step in order fulfillment. As the number of orders on your store increases, you’ll see a direct link between these notifications and customer satisfaction. In this article, you will get a basic idea on some of the post-order glitches that may prevent timely email notifications.


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