WooCommerce Payments vs Stripe – Which is Better?

Stripe vs WooCommerce Payments

The present world is all about online platforms. We tend to perform all our daily activities online, from shopping to paying bills. And whenever it comes to buying anything online, we definitely have to resort to some eCommerce platform. As a result, the necessity and importance of online payment methods are also aligned with it. 

Among all the payment platforms, the two most renowned and proficient online platforms for payments that WooCommerce supports are WooCommerce Payments and Stripe. Although there are other WooCommerce alternatives that support more payment options than WooCommerce. But for WooCommerce, both WooCommerce Payments and Stripe offer different beneficial features for transactions. Still, there has always been a comparison between the two platforms. Which one is better? Why is one platform better than the other? 

We have the following decision to offer you all the answers and advise you on which platform is better for payments- WooCommerce Payments or Stripe. So, follow the discussion below to learn how and why one of the two platforms is better than the other. 


The first factor based on which we would compare the two platforms is the cost involved in payments. Different sub-factors come under this broad heading of comparison. So, let us look into the sub-factors and compare the two platforms accordingly. 

Dispute Charges 

Both Woocomerce and Stripe charge the same dispute charges despite the amount. So, here there is no such exciting comparison between the two platforms.

In-Person Sales 

The in-person sales charge of WooCommerce involves 2.6%, USD 0.10 per transaction, and an additional 1% charge for international cards. On the other hand, Stripe charges a traffic ward rate of 2.7% added with 5¢.

Currency Conversion 

Both WooCommerce and Stripe charge the same currency convenience fee of 2%.

Card Payments 

The card payment charges were the same for both platforms until Stripe decided to increase its fee by 0.5% from November 2022. 

International Card Transactions 

The difference in the charge for international card transactions between the two platforms is 0.5%. And, here, WooCommerce charges 0.5% more on international card transactions than Stripe.

Thus, after discussing the different sub-factors about costs for both platforms, we can analyze and assess that for the long-run scenario, it is best to choose WooCommerce. Whereas, as a better affordable option for international transactions, Stripe stands out to be a better option than the others. 

Time For Processing Your Payments 

Another factor that you must consider in the comparison is the time each of the platforms takes to carry out your payments successfully: the lesser the time taken, the lesser the hassle, and thus, the better the platform. 

For WooCommerce payments that occur through credit cards take a minimum of 2 days in the United States and Australia. Whereas, for other countries, it might take up to seven days. When you have a new account on this platform, you might face a waiting period of 7 days before your WooCommerce standard payout schedule is resumed. However, this platform processes tour payments faster with an additional fee of 1.5%. And when you avail of this option, you get the transaction processed in just half an hour. 

On the other hand, Stripe carries out the transactions every two business days. But, when you are a new user of this account, your payment can take between one to two weeks to be successfully processed. Although, in certain countries, it might take longer than the estimated time. After it is complete, the transaction processing period jumps back to the standard time of two days in the United States and Australia and a week for other countries. 

Therefore, we can say that when we compare the two platforms on the basis of time for processing their payments, we cannot choose a winner. Both are somewhat alike in the time taken to process transactions. 


How many countries support the payment methods of the two platforms? This will be the next factor on which we would compare WooCommerce and Stripe payment methods. WooCommerce payments are compatible and supported in as many as 18 countries. But on the other hand, Stripe payments are accepted in as many as 34 countries. Therefore, we have a clear winner here, which is Stripe. Additionally, WooCommerce payments are not possible for outlying territories of the US except in Puerto Rico. 

Currencies Compatible 

Let us now compare the two platforms based on their support currencies. WooCommerce payments support more than 100 currencies. But at the same time, Stripe payments support more than 135 currencies. Therefore, here too, we can assess that Stripe offers a better and better platform for payments in terms of currencies supported on the platform. 

Customer Services 

An important factor that ensures better customer experience is the availability of responsible and helpful customer support. So, let us see how we can compare the two platforms based on the quality of customer support. 

At WooCommerce, you can avail yourself of the various FAQs that will solve most of your issues immediately. You can also choose to take help from the Community Forum and reach out to ask about the problems you are facing. Other customer support facilities, such as Contact Form and WoExpert programs, are available that enable you to fill in the details so that a customer support representative can assist you or get the fastest response from experts with additional fees respectively. 

Whereas Stripe offers you Stripe docs that contain all the necessary guidelines for handling and using Stripe. You also can reach out to the Discord developer chat to communicate and solve the issues that you face on this platform. Their support services include Stripe support, where you can go through different helpful articles about billing, refunds, and ornaments; and 24*7 contact support that assists you with guidance all the time. 

Final Words 

So, now you can readily assess all the different necessary factors and decide which option would suit your payments better. We can say that based on the cost factor, WooCommerce is a better option for the long-run but Stripe is more affordable. But, we can evidently note that in all the other factors, Stripe somewhat proves itself to be better than WooCommerce Payments. So, based on your needs and preferences, you can ideally select the perfect payment platform for yourself with the help of the guide we have offered in our above discussion.

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