How to Get Started With WooCommerce Programming

WooCommerce Programming

Last updated - June 21, 2022

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online store based on CMS. It is the most popular online trading system. The widespread use of the plugin is due to its ease of management and unlimited extensibility.

Add-ons can be easily attached to WooCommerce, which gives the webmaster new possibilities for managing the store. An important part of its popularity is free distribution, which allows you to create an online store on WooCommerce without a large financial investment. Ease of management is also an important factor – no special skills are required to work with the extension.

Let’s find out how to start with WooCommerce programming.

Where do you start?

First of all, you need to start from learning WordPress. One of the advantages of WordPress is that it is very easy to understand and learn. In fact, any user with basic knowledge of web design can use this CMS. This alone has made WordPress the best website builder on the Internet.

Adding a new tab with a separate page to the personal account menu

If you have been working with WooCommerce for a while, then you know that it is extensible with hooks, and the personal account menu is no exception. Let’s find out how to add a separate link to it and create a page.

Adding links and icons

In order to add a link to the personal account menu, we will use the woocommerce_account_menu_items filter hook.

The code can be inserted into the functions.php of the current theme. By the way, if we use the code as it is, then the link will be added to the very end of the menu, even after the “Exit” link, which is not good, so we slightly modify this code using the array_slice () PHP function.

Also, as an option, you can first remove the “Exit” link, and then add it back at the very end of the function.

Adding an icon

This moment is different for every theme you use. For example, we used Storefront in the examples, and there are icons there from the FontAwesome set.

The icon is added from a couple of lines of CSS code.

  • Go to the FontAwesome website. Depending on the version of your Storefront theme, you may need a different version of the icon font. Let’s say you decided to use FontAwesome 5.
  • Choose the icon you like.
  • Copy the icon code (for example f3ed) and use it in the CSS code. Pay attention to the selector: li.woocommerce-MyAccount-navigation-link – ID of the menu link.
  1. Adding a new menu item “Wishlist” with an endpoint and content output

Add a wishlist menu item

Add an endpoint. After adding the endpoint, the permalinks need to be updated!

Display content for the page.

WooCommerce extensions and plugins 

One of the best benefits of using WooCommerce is its integration with WordPress extensions and plugins sold through WooCommerce itself.

Its extensions are more geared towards the e-commerce world, and they usually only show up when you are trying to add some unique functionality to a product or when you want to create a website that collects fees.

Usually, you need to pay for extensions, but WooCommerce sells a lot of them. For example, you can include add-ons during the ordering process. You won’t have a problem finding the right extension for this. You can also find extensions for things like forms, editing the order form field, and the names of your pricing tools.

They designed some WordPress plugins for WooCommerce, but the vast majority are simply designed to enhance your website as a whole. There is nothing to worry about because all WordPress plugins work perfectly with WooCommerce.

Therefore, if you want to attach a contact form, you can use Contact Form 7. There are also many social media, anti-spam, email, accounting, marketing, and SEO plugins. That is why extensions and plugins are critical when you want to create an online store.

The plugins that can increase your online sales

More than 3 million websites are supported by WooCommerce. This is without a doubt one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, and we can find many reasons to support this. One of them is the huge number of free WooCommerce plugins available in the WordPress repository that you can get and boost your store and sales in minutes.

The WordPress community is active and constantly adds some wonderful new WooCommerce plugins, which means it can be pretty easy to miss the perfect gem in this ocean of information. Let’s dive into it and see if we could find some gems that could make your online store better and your daily life as its owner smoother.

You should note that the list is randomly ordered. Most of them are several years old, and as such, many plugins do not have a huge base of users. Here is a list of WooCommerce plugins for boosting your online store and sales in 2021.

Angell EYE

Who doesn’t like a bargain with a seller to get a discount, pleasure, or just a sense of satisfaction? 

The plugin offers amazing functionality and allows you to:

  • Get offers from customers who want to buy, respond with counter offers, or reject them.
  • Receive and send automatic notifications of new offers, counter offers, etc. via email.

This is a great solution for shops specializing in fine art, collectibles, and used and bulk orders, as you can allow the potential customers to make a particular offer and get a discount on those orders.

WP SmartPay

With the usage of WP SmartPay, your online store can accept most payment methods – Visa, Discover, Apple Pay, bank transfers, and more! You also don’t need to create your own accounts – Paddle and WP SmartPay handle everything!

WP SmartPay also allows you to accept recurring and one-time payments, design a smooth checkout process to increase conversions, and add your own coupon codes to improve your store. In addition, the plugin is optimized for all mobile devices, supports a huge number of currencies, and provides automatic updates.

Stripe by WooCommerce

This is a great payment plugin for all WordPress website owners whose businesses are located in different countries of the world. WooCommerce Stripe also supports the Web Payments API, which allows customers to pay business owners via mobile payment channels.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

WooCommerce Programming

This plugin is a great all-in-one solution. It includes a sufficient number of functions and options that can replace many tools. It can manage sales, specials, wholesale prices, bundles, loyalty programs, and more. There are tons of combinations out there ready for you to try.

Now you can get started with WooCommerce programming, and you know what plugins and tools to use in order to make your store run like clockwork. Working with WooCommerce is not difficult, and almost anyone can do it without any problems.

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