5 Top WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugins to Boost your WordPress eCommerce Store

WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugins

If you want to offer the power of negotiation to customers on your eCommerce store, these plugins can help. There will be a significant number of customers who would want to negotiate a price rather than directly purchasing online. Sometimes customers want to explore the possibilities of getting a better deal when buying in bulk. Or they want to discuss with a product expert directly before making a purchase decision. In all these cases, WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins can help you a lot. Let us see how through this article that discusses some of the most preferred ones.

Best WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins

WooCommerce request a quote plugins help you interact with your customers more effectively and consequently drive more sales. Here is a list of some of the best ones you can purchase and install on your store.

YITH Request a Quote

This plugin helps you disable pricing on your online store, and encourage customers interested in your products to contact you. So instead of purchasing a product, customers will send a quote request to show their interest in that product. You will be able to send custom quotes and discount offers to these customers to ensure them purchase the product. This will be a real boost your conversion rate when used effectively. The plugin allows to restrict this feature only to out of stock products, or accessible only to registered users.

WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins
One of the best WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins, this one helps you control quotations on your store efficiently.

You can display a quote request button on all your products or only for select products depending on your requirement. The plugin also lets you choose a group of products based on their category. It also lets you create contact forms from three default options – Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms or YIT Contact Form. You can restrict the availability of quote request form based on the user roles of customers. Customers can view their quote requests from their respective My account pages.

When you receive a request for quote, you can send the quote to customers as a PDF file attached to the email. You can also set an expiry date for the quote so that a sense of urgency is instilled in the customer’s mind. This is one of the best options among WooCommerce request a quote plugins to set up a negotiation channel with your customers.

WisdmLabs Product Enquiry Pro

Producgt Enquiry Pro offers the double functionality of inquiry form as well quotation for your WooCommerce store. You will be able to add a quote request option next to your products. This will help customers send a message to you requesting specific information related to the product. You can access the requests from your WordPress admin, and reply with a quotation in quick time. Moreover, the plugin offers great scope in customizing the contact forms. You can manage the form building part effectively even if you don’t have much technical knowledge.

This one offers comprehensive options among WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins.

The plugin also provides several options to give great control to store owners. You can selectively choose to not display add to cart button, price or the quote request button. You can manage this for all your products, or only for a select few products. This plugin can be a great option to help you convert your leads into sales, and is quite popular among WooCommerce request a quote plugins.


RFQ-Toolkit has a set of three plugins that will help you manage quotations on your store comprehensively. With this plugin, your customers will have the option to do regular checkout, or request for a quote. You can send the quotation to the customer, and negotiate on the pricing. The order status will change to “Quote Request”, when customer requests for a quote. This will change to “Quote Sent”, when you send the quotation, and the customer will have an option to make the payment. The plugin will send email notifications during all these status changes. This plugin too offers options to restrict this feature to certain products or user roles.

WooCommerce request a quote plugins
A set of WooCommerce request a quote plugins, RFQ-ToolKit might prove to be the perfect option to help you manage quotations on your store

The Custom Product Fields plugin helps you incorporate a Ninja Form to your product pages and checkout page. You can allow customers to upload files as attachments along with their quote requests using the File upload plugin. It creates a repository to help you view all the uploaded files. The plugin does not allow users to upload executable files, and it also offers Google Captcha for added security. These three plugins together can provide you great scope in managing your quote requests. You can use them together, or each as standalone with the free version.

eMD Request a Quote

This is another popular option among WooCommerce request a quote plugins. It is a powerful solution that is quite intuitive and user friendly as well. It helps you manage all your quote requests from a single location. Moreover, you can customize the request form by choosing different fields and styles. You can even additional fields to your request forms wherever necessary.

WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins
This plugin is a preferred choice among the top WooCommerce request a quote plugins available in the market.

The plugin allows you to organize all your requests efficiently as well. You will be able to categorize quote requests based on service, payment option or on the specific stage of the sales funnel. It also provides an option for your customers to upload files along with their quote requests. Furthermore, the plugin also provides an efficient email notification system to help you respond quickly to quote requests from customers.

Quotation Plugin for WooCommerce

This is another option among WooCommerce request a quote plugins you can try out on your online store. The plugin gives you the control to selectively display product prices, add to cart button, or request a quote buttons. This can be done globally across the store, or individually to products or categories. In addition, the plugin gives you the flexibility to restrict the quote request option only to certain users based on their user roles.

This is another comprehensive option that will help you manage quote requests on your WooCommerce store.

It also gives you the option to redirect customers to specific pages. You can redirect customers to the checkout page, their My Account page, or to a custom url of your choice. For every quote you create, the plugin generates a PDF file with support from WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin. The plugin is seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce and helps you manage quote requests effortlessly from your orders page.

Provide negotiation power to your customers

Hope you have got an overview on the popular WooCommerce request a quote plugins. These plugins will help you provide an option for your customers to interact with you before making a purchase. Leave us a comment if you want to share some insights regarding these plugins.

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