Why Every WooCommerce Site Should Start with a Coming Soon Page?

Coming soon page

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Are you ready to launch your website? If the answer is yes, you have finished all the preparation work that comes first. The website corresponds with your needs, and all the details it consists of are carefully connected. WordPress installation is there, as well as WooCommerce, and a bunch of other plugins you will need to successfully run a business website. 

All pages and links are built, and they load properly. These apply to every business website, but an eCommerce website is more demanding. Users expect to browse products, add them to cart, and do the purchase smoothly. You should check an extremely long task list before you decide to launch the website. If you are not completely sure that everything is working perfectly, the best decision you can make is to postpone launching. It is far from being a waste of time and customers, just on the contrary! Did you know that you can do a lot for your business even before your website goes live? 

While you are doing the last check and prepare yourself for a big day, a coming soon page can be an immense incentive for your site. Your online shop will consist of a lot of images and videos followed by the product description, prices, contact forms, and checkout options. The coming soon page is not supposed to have all of these so the question is why every WooCommerce site should start with it?

coming soon page

Representative in front of the Audience

The coming soon page is not a page to set it and forget it. It belongs to the most foundational aspects of establishing your online business. As soon as you start working on your website, you should think about placing a coming soon page to represent your WooCommerce website. 

There are many options about how it could look like, which elements it may contain, and how it could serve the promotion of your business in the best way. Consider the coming soon page as your representative in front of the audience. Greet visitors and provide basic information about your future website. It will be commercial, and the coming soon page can point the attention towards products or services you intend to sell. Right from the get-go, you can get a significant place on the market. If you successfully approach the audience, you can count on them as future website visitors and potential customers. WooCommerce websites are complemented with appealing design, and the coming soon page should follow the rule. 

However, do not overwhelm it with too many details and unnecessary information. Concentrate on the sample content and recognizable layout. You can use the space to introduce the logo of your company or some other imagery that illustrates the field of your business. If these elements are properly balanced, the coming soon page will match the overall design. 

SEO at an Early Stage

Search engine optimization plays the most important role in your future success. Think about it in advance and give the coming soon page the opportunity to do the work at an early stage. All SEO rules you intended to apply to your WooCommerce website are welcomed on the coming soon page as well. If it is well organized and optimized, its basic but appealing and accurate content will provide you a higher ranking. Although the website is not yet official, meta description with matching keywords along with the call-to-action strategy will attract visitors. 

It is especially important if your domain is new. Make a great first impression, and once your website goes live, you would already have the audience you can count on. It is wrong to think that the interaction with visitors starts on the day the website was brought to light. It starts with signing up to mailing list and links to social networks. They both positively affect SEO. Start your WooCommerce website with the coming soon page, and you will see how the traffic rises. Signup forms enable you to share updates, introduce special offers, announce the content of your website in general.

coming soon page

Lean on Plugins, Provide the Traffic Automatically

To stand out from the crowd requires a carefully planned and customized strategy, and the coming soon page is a benefit in every sense. You need the traffic from the beginning, and the blank page will reject visitors. If you decide to wait until your WooCommerce website was fully completed and customized, you have wasted a lot of time in vain. Why wait if you can use that time for a much better purpose, to give the audience a serious clue about your future business. It is not complicated to build a coming soon page, but if you are not one of those who prefer coding and are not skilled in DIY methods.

WordPress is offering ready-to-use solutions in the form of user-friendly plugins which does the technical part perfectly. Some of them are empowered with ready-made themes and images you can choose what best suits your brand or company’s profile from.  In the most important field of SEO, the strategy is provided through the built-in tests which completely analyze the coming soon page. The customization is guaranteed since the test recognizes weak points and improves them. Consequently, you have much fewer things to worry about. All your dilemmas about keywords, titles, subtitles, or meta descriptions can be solved in minutes.

There are many undeniable reasons why should you start your WooCommerce website with the coming soon page. As the newbie on the market, you have to position your online store and become recognizable. It is a serious task to fulfill before launching a complete website, but it is far from being an obstacle you cannot overcome.

coming soon page

The best is if you create a coming soon page to make a perfect announcement of your website. Appealing design, along with the optimized content are two pillars you can lean on in boosting traffic. If your goal is to reach top results in search engines, you have to start the WooCommerce website with the coming soon page. It is not a recommendation, it is a standard you can match with your professional needs and personal preferences by following the rules of the market and a few simple technical steps.

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