How WooCommerce Tiered Pricing Option can Enhance Sales

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

Last updated - May 11, 2022

With better customer experience and audience targeting quality, Tiered Pricing appeals to a wide audience and boosts conversion rates. Tiered Pricing is a pricing-strategy business that presents corresponding pricing levels with several products and service options. 

Tiered pricing is like digital bargaining when you are selling in bulk. You can introduce new quantity ranges through tiered pricing. You can compel your customers to buy products through different quantity ranges. Tiered Pricing gives full coverage to sell and buy in the eCommerce market.

Different price options enable the customers with different budgets and priorities to buy. High-volume options with comparatively lower rates boost sales. Tiered Pricing has shifted the dynamics of the wholesale market. Now it is time to turn towards WooCommerce Tiered Pricing. 

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

With the markup and discounts prices option in either fixed or percentage amounts, the WooCommerce Tiered pricing extension facilitates you to adjust the pricing of the products based on quantity or the user type. For different customers and user roles, you can set discounts on varying quantity bases. 

The utilization of the extension enables you to enforce your customers to buy a defined quantity of the product to avail the discount, it offers the standard price of the product otherwise. For instance, If you have set a discounted price for a minimum 50-quantity range, you can force the customer to order 50+ to enjoy the discount or order below 50 for the standard price. You also have the option to keep it open. 

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing is a complete B2B wholesale solution to maximize your sales by providing different pricing options to different users’ roles. Value your customers and your eCommerce business with WooCommerce tiered pricing. 

Features of WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing comes with many features. It covers all the essentials of B2B and the wholesale market. 

  • Specific pricing for different users like customers and guests
  • Adjust types like increasing or decreasing percentage, fixing markups and prices
  • Single or quantity based pricing for the retailer, wholesale, and B2B users
  • Apply price discounts in bulk through Rule-based management on selected products and categories 
  • Price adjustments for standard or special price
  • Enforce maximum and minimum quantity 
  • Customizable font size and table color
  • Tiered pricing table display
  • Custom text for pricing and custom button for add to cart
  • Hide price and add to cart option for guests and registered users
  • Hide selected products and categories
  • Adjust prices for a variable product with each variation 

Add Role-Based Pricing 

For your regular, general and VIP customers, you can set different prices than you have set for visitors. You also have the option to hide prices for unregistered users. It will force your visitors to get registered for discounts. 

Add Tiered Quantity Based Pricing

With the increase in quantity, the price falls for the wholesale product. This option enables you to set different prices for different quantity ranges. The quantity-based pricing table helps the customers to know the discounts and select the desired quantity. It allows you to adjust prices in five ways: 

  • Fixed Markups
  • Percentage Markups
  • Fixed Discounts
  • Fixed Percentages
  • Fixed Prices

Role & Customer-Based Tiered Pricing

This feature enables the merchants to offer discounts to the users they prefer. You can configure tiered pricing based on the customer and user roles. You can offer different or similar prices for each user role.

Bulk Price Adjustment 

The extension has rule-based management that enables updating prices in the bulk of specific categories and products. You have the option to create multiple rules to define different prices for different products, user roles and categories.

You can also set a unique title for future reference while creating a rule. It also features adding options like priority, specific products and categories, customer-specific pricing and role-specific pricing. 

Hide Price and Add to Cart Button 

You can hide prices of selected products and categories for visitors or unregistered users by their user roles. You can also add to the cart button option. This feature comes in handy when visitors and guests have to log in to see prices. 

Apply Discounts to Standard or Special Prices

From applying markups and discounts on special or standard prices to avoid giving double discounts if the product already has the special price, WooCommerce Tiered Pricing is one solution to all B2B problems. 

Enforce Minimum and Maximum Quantities

Enforce the maximum and minimum quantities a customer can order. Managing and enforcing helps you avoid customers ordering at a standard price outside the pre-defined quantity-based price ranges.

The error message can also be added and customised to display the false entry when a user adds an entry outside the pre-defined range to the cart.

Value your Business

Surprise your regular customers with price-cut on the products. Maximise the possibility of your visitors joining you as a registered customer. Give extra discounts on different quantity ranges. It is all possible with WooCommerce Tiered Pricing. 

How does it benefit merchants and purchasers?

Tiered pricing has brought conventional bargaining to the digital world. The merchants and the purchasers can sell and buy easily in bulk with maximum discounts based on quantity. The merchants can provide their rates explicitly through it. Tiered pricing has saved merchants from conventional bargaining and repeating their prices based on quantity to every other customer who used to come to their brick and mortar shop. The price hide option helps merchants in making new customers and build a greater audience. 

Tiered pricing has benefitted not only the merchants but also the purchasers. The VIP and regular customers get maximum discounts. It is easy for the purchasers to select the required quantity and avail themselves maximum discount. Tiered pricing has improved the user experience by saving them from disputes born out of a failed deal. From pricing tables to varying prices of varying products, each and everything is in front of the customers. You need not go to conventional brick and mortar shop, just browse through and make an order with maximum discount. 

How will you get these plugins? 

Being an owner of a WooCommerce based e-store, you can get this functionality developed on your store or you may use the plugins that are available on the official marketplace of WooCommerce. WooCommerce tiered pricing is a fully-featured plugin to take your business to heights. With its unconventional and user-friendly features, it hikes sales. Your B2B business is in great need of this WooCommerce Tiered Pricing extension. These extensions facilitate you with support and a money-back guarantee. 

You must introduce a tiered pricing extension to your eCommerce website. You will surely enjoy superb sales.

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