5 Best WooCommerce UPS Premium Plugins for Real-time Rates and Label Printing

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Last updated - February 24, 2020

If you are selling physical products through an online store, one of your main concerns would be shipping. The shipping strategies that you adopt can make or break your business. If customers get a perception that your shipping charges are unfairly high, it can have a negative impact on your sales and conversions. Moreover, several studies have pointed out that unexpected shipping charges are one of the important reasons that leads to cart abandonment. Using the services of prominent shipping carriers is one of the definite ways to get over this situation. If you are maintaining a WooCommerce site, there are several solutions to integrate shipping carriers to your site. Here is a look at some of the best WooCommerce UPS premium plugins that help you set up real-time rates and label printing.

Best WooCommerce UPS Premium Plugins

Before getting into the details of each, here is a quick list of the top plugins:

  1. WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method
  2. EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce
  3. WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label
  4. WooCommerce UPS Shipping Pro
  5. Print USPS, FedEx, UPS Shipping Labels via WooCommerce

Now, let’s take a detailed look at each of these plugins.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method

This extension helps you fetch rates from UPS API, and display it on your site, so that your customers will be able to view real-time shipping rates before purchase. It helps to calculate rates for both domestic and international shipments. The plugin uses inches and pounds as the primary units, however it converts other units automatically. It also helps with box packing.

You will be able to display live UPS rates on your WooCommerce store with the help of this extension.

Here is a quick look at some of the services you will find with this plugin.

  • Customize the UPS services – You will be able to customize the services returned by the UPS API. The plugin also helps to change the order in which you display services.
  • Display the cheapest rate – You have the option to display all the rates returned by the UPS API, or only the cheapest rate.
  • Display negotiated rates – UPS offers contract rates, specific to your account. You can enable these rates at will while displaying shipping rates. More details here.
  • Charge customers for delivery confirmation – You can optionally add an extra charge to the displayed rates for those customers who opt for delivery confirmation.
  • Parcel packing options – You will get two parcel packing options with this plugin. One is ‘pack items individually’, where each item will be packed individually. Cost will be calculated based on the total of each of the packages. The second option allows you to create your own box sizes on UPS settings. Both product weight and dimensions are considered for calculations here.
  • UPS on-call pickup – You can make use of the on-call pickup facility of UPS for your shipments. Schedule a pickup online or via phone for UPS to pick your parcel from your home or office.

The single site subscription of the plugin would cost you $79. The 5-site license is $99 and the 25-site license is $199. Please note you won’t be able to generate shipping labels or tracking codes. You will find options that will help you manage these essential shipping aspects later in the article.

EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin will help you integrate not just UPS, but also FedEx and USPS rates on your site. Through an integration with the EasyPost API, the plugin helps you create shipping labels as well. It also helps you create a tracking code, which you can send with the order completion mail to customers.

This plugin uses EasyPost API to help you display rates and print labels on your WooCommerce store.

Please remember EasyPost charges you a small amount for every shipping label that you create. However, there are no other fees, and you can use the EasyPost API for tracking free of charges, if you have signed up for shipping labels.

Feature highlights

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features of the plugin:

  • Live rates: Display live rates of multiple services and multiple carriers including UPS, FedEx and USPS. The displayed rates will be calculated based on various parameters like product weight, box dimensions, shipping destination, etc.
  • Shipping labels: You will be able to generate shipping labels from the WooCommerce admin area with a single click. The postage will be paid automatically from your EasyPost account. It also provides you an option to be able to edit the shipping service and box dimensions manually before printing a label.
  • Tracking – A tracking code is generated when you print a label. You can add this on the order completion mail that you send to customers.
  • Box packing – This plugin too provides two options for box packing such as packing items individually or using custom boxes based on the weight and dimensions of the product.
  • Customize services – You can customize the services that you want to display according to your requirements. The plugin offers options to enable or disable services, edit their names, or even add additional costs.

The single site license of this plugin would cost you $79. The 5-site license is $99 and the 25-site license is $199. If you shipping strategy demands you to use the services of multiple shipping carriers, this is a great option you can try.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label

This plugin helps you completely automate UPS shipping integration for your WooCommerce store. You can display live rates, pay postage, print labels, generate tracking code and get help for box packing with this plugin. It supports both domestic and international shipments.

This plugin helps you with a complete integration of UPS services on your WooCommerce store.

Feature highlights

This plugin is quite rich in terms of features, and has been a preferred option of several big and small WooCommerce store owners. Let’s quickly look at some of the added features of this plugin.

  • Get email notifications when you generate a UPS label.
  • Option to create shipments in bulk
  • Supports UPS Freight and Surepost services, and allows your customers to drop their shipments at an available UPS Access Point location.=
  • Volumetric weight and Estimated delivery options

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Pro

This is yet another popular option to display live UPS rates to your WooCommerce customers. It is pretty simple to configure, as you can simply add the UPS API key on your WooCommerce store, and specify the rates you want to display. The plugin displays rates based on product weight and dimensions. It supports UPS Negotiated rates as well as all other UPS Parcel rates. With the help of this plugin, you can add additional fees to UPS services, as well as set a fallback rate in case UPS API does not return a rate.

This plugin helps you set up UPS rates on your WooCommerce store with simple setting up procedure.

Print USPS, FedEx, UPS Shipping Labels via WooCommerce

This is another plugin that uses EasyPost API to help you print UPS labels. In addition to UPS, you can use this plugin to print labels from other carriers such as FedEx, USPS, DHL, Australia Post and Canada Post. In fact, the plugin supports all the available carriers on EasyPost. You will be able to use UPS Negotiated rates, if you have them available on your account. It will also help you generate return shipping labels.

This plugin helps you integrate and print labels of all available carriers on EasyPost.

The plugin also helps you with tracking, insurance and address verification. A single site license of this plugin is $89.99. The 5-site license is available for purchase at $200, and there is also a 15-site version for $300.

Why UPS is a great option for small businesses?

A lot of small businesses use WordPress and WooCommerce to create their online stores. And, UPS provides a lot of simple and cost effective options to small businesses who are looking to improve customer experience and aim for global reach. Here is a look at why UPS is a great option for you if yours is a small business.

Better tools and technology

With advanced tools and technology, UPS provides a faster process to manage your shipping needs. You can create an online account with UPS and manage aspects like creating shipments and printing labels easily. Moreover, you can use one of the above mentioned plugins to achieve all these from your WooCommerce store itself. Basically, when you automate your shipping process through UPS, you are able to avoid errors from manual work.

Different types of businesses need different approaches based on the products that need to be shipped. UPS offers a packaging advisor tool to help you understand shipping guidelines better. Moreover, with accurate tracking features, it helps a lot in improving customer experience on your site. Your customers will be able to track the movement of their packages round the clock. Furthermore, it helps you monitor even incoming shipments with features like ‘Quantum View’. UPS also offers convenient collection options from your home or office.

Great scope for improving customer loyalty

When you are partnering up with a superior shipping carrier like UPS, you are naturally sending a positive message to customers. Naturally, this will help you manage customer expectations better and the result will be better customer loyalty on your store. You can choose from a large range of services depending on the speed which you want to send the parcels.

An important factor that influences customer loyalty is your returns policy. UPS provides several cost-effective returns options which you can offer your customers. Read a few tips to help you with your WooCommerce returns and refunds policy here. UPS also helps you provide pro-active notifications to your customers. For example, in case of a delay, you informing the customer beforehand would be better than the customer coming to you frustrated.

Faster growth curve

A faster growth curve is something most small businesses aspire for. Teaming up with UPS would give you a lot of options to grow faster. For example, you will get a better overview of your inventory management right from your supply chain. You can read more information on WooCommerce inventory management here.

More importantly, if you are aiming for a global reach, UPS can help a lot with several hassle-free international options. One of the important aspects of international business is complying to different trade regulations and customs obligations. UPS will help you a lot in this regard, and you can consistently avoid any penalties due to lack of compliance. Features like “Import Control” and “Paperless Invoice” would help you a lot in managing customer compliance.

UPS also offers freight services, which will be applicable to you if you are selling a lot of heavy-weight options.

Easy UPS integration with plugins

UPS provides a lot of scope to automate the shipping process for businesses of all types and size. And if you are maintaining a WooCommerce store, you can easily integrate UPS services on your store and offer excellent options to your customers. That way, you can manage all the UPS options right from your WooCommerce store admin. Hope you have got an overview of the Best WooCommerce UPS premium plugins with this article. Leave us a comment if you have a query or an insight to share.

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