WooCommerce – How to Effectively Use Analytics Data from your Online Store

woocommerce use analytics data online store

Last updated - September 24, 2020

WooCommerce has excellent Reporting features to help you monitor the data in your store. There are reports specific to your orders, customers, and stock, which will give you a comprehensive idea of your store’s performance. You can see the progress of your store in a timely manner with the help of varied statistics.

Google Analytics help your online store in more than one ways. Firstly, it gives you an idea about the channels that bring in traffic to your website. This allows you to re-align your marketing strategy by focusing on productive channels. With analytics data, you understand the conversions on your store better. It allows you to monitor the flow of users from the product page to the checkout page. Furthermore, it gives product-specific data that shows customers’ interest and spending patterns on your products.

This guide provides step-by-step tutorials on WooCommerce reporting features, along with tips for Google Analytics integration.

WooCommerce Reports

This article gives an idea about the built-in reporting features of WooCommerce. Get a basic idea of sales reports, customer reports, and stock reports. Also, learn how to toggle different statistics to effectively monitor your site’s performance.

Dashboard Widgets

The widgets on the WordPress dashboard of your store gives you an overview of your site’s performance. Read this article to learn how to set up WooCommerce Status and Recent Reviews on the dashboard. There are also insights on how to improve this functionality using plugins.

The Role of Analytics

This is a broad overview of the role of analytics in monitoring performance data of eCommerce websites. These insights should help to improve the performance of your online store.

Integrating Google Analytics

This step-by-step tutorial guides you on Google Analytics integration, an essential aspect of the digital world. There is useful information on plugins that help with Google Analytics integration too.


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