Best Free WordPress Database Optimization Plugins in 2024

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

Last updated - January 17, 2024

Are you seeking for the best and free plugins for your database that can speed up your WordPress website? Well, you have arrived at the right place.

Database plugins are essential for every WordPress sites and you must have it to keep your site optimized and healthy. There are numerous database plugins, for example caching plugins, lazy loading plugins, minifying plugins, etc., that assists you to create a various twist to your WordPress website.

I understand creating your own website is not simple. It takes huge patience and hard work. It is crucial to maintain your site with the best database plugins for WordPress. Do you know that the website’s speed matters a lot for your site to rank on the search engine result page? If your post is taking too long to load then your post will have high bounce rates. 

Even in the search engine result page, your page’s loading speed can affect your rankings. If you have a high loading speed then it will help your post to rank better in SERP. 

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Database Optimization

Therefore, Database manipulation and optimization are essential in managing data on your site. If you don’t have money to buy essential database plugins then you don’t have to worry.

You can use these below plugins that are absolutely free and best to install on your WordPress website. 


WP-Optimizer Plugin is one of the best plugins in compressing your images, cleaning your database, removing cache from your site, etc.

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

This plugin is very popular, simple and effective in managing and optimizing your databases. It helps your site to increase its load speed to rank better in the search engine result page. 

It optimizes your database by removing all the unnecessary data such as unapproved, spam, trashed, spam comments, etc. It clean ups weekly automatically on its own. This database plugin you must have it on your WordPress site.

This plugin has both free and premium versions. Its premium features are amazing, just look at the features below:

  • It gives flexibility and support.
  • Multisite supports are available on premium.
  • It provides ability to the users to select, preview or remove records and data.
  • It automatically deletes unwanted and unused images that are present on your site.


WP-Sweep helps to clean up orphaned, unused, and duplicate data in your website. It also assists in optimizing database tables. This plugin has numerous purposes such as it helps to optimize, back up, and repairing the databases. 

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

This plugin automatically recovers all your files and important data by creating a database backup folder. 

WP-Sweep Plugin Helps To Clean Up:

  • Spammed comments.
  • Unapproved comments.
  • Duplicate term meta.
  • Duplicate comment meta.
  • Duplicate post meta.
  • User terms.
  • Delete comments.
  • Automatic drafts.
  • Revisions.

Advanced Database Cleaner

This plugin is one of the most powerful plugins in optimizing your databases. It helps to delete orphaned items such as spam comments, old revisions, trackbacks, pingbacks, etc.

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

Advanced Database Cleaner is absolutely free and best plugin to optimize your database and improve your website’s performance.

Its main features are as follow:

  • Delete spam comments.
  • Delete spam comments.
  • Delete pending comments.
  • Delete all auto drafts.
  • Delete orphaned term metadata.
  • Delete trash posts.
  • It displays your orphaned information before cleaning up your database.
  • Delete trash comments.
  • Optimize database tables.
  • Simple to use.
  • User-friendly.


This plugin helps to backup database, repair database, restore database, repair database, optimize the database, etc.

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

The main features of WP-DBManager are as follows:

  • Repair database.
  • Backup database.
  • Optimize database.
  • Backup database.
  • Delete the backup database.
  • Supports scheduling of backup automatically.
  • It helps to run only preferred queries.

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is popularly known as a “one-click” database optimizer or cleanser in WordPress. It optimizes the database tables and cleans cache files that are of no use.

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins

Its main features are as follows:

  • Delete pingbacks and trackbacks.
  • Remove unused tags.
  • Deletes spammed comments.
  • Optimizes database tables.
  • Remove revisions of any pages or posts.
  • In the admin menu, it optimizes the database.
  • With just one click it optimizes all sites.
  • Removes trashed pages.
  • Delete trashed comments.

Wrapping it Up

Therefore, you have come across different types of database optimizer plugins that are essential for your WordPress website. To keep your site optimized and healthy, you must install these plugins on your website to take your site to the next level.

To speed up your WordPress site, you need to optimize your database. These plugins not only help to boost your page’s speed but also helps to rank better in the search engine result page. Therefore, it is essential to install these best and free WordPress database optimizer plugins to speed up your database. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing these different database optimization plugins. This would really help since page speed is really important nowadays especially since there is the Core Web Vitals algorithm update and also it is a direct ranking factor.

    Again thank you for sharing, this would really save us time in searching for database optimization plugins on the web.


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