WordPress For Your Digital Marketing Platform: Benefits You Didn’t Know

WordPress for Digital Marketing

As a business on the internet, having a digital platform in the form of a website or application is crucial. It allows you to have a front where visitors from various traffic sources can interact with it, resulting in converted leads and sales. There are multiple types of websites that you can create depending on the kind of platform you require, which includes digital marketing platforms. You can undoubtedly get this platform made from scratch, but this requires extensive knowledge about coding. This is something that most people do not have, which is where a content management system (CMS) can help. 

A CMS system can allow you to create a website and manage one easily without requiring extensive coding knowledge. There is none better than WordPress, which can provide the necessary tools to make a functional and responsive digital marketing platform. Alternatively, if you require an expert in digital marketing, you can refer to an agency like Techvando

In this article, we will look at the benefits you may not have known that WordPress can provide for your digital marketing platform.

Ideal For Content Marketing

Content marketing is crucial for any digital marketing platform. It is a strategy that some of the top digital marketing platforms have implemented, like LinkedIn. Content marketing allows you to create and publish content on your platform, which visitors will consume and go through. If this content proves beneficial to them, they will likely share the link on their platforms and socials, which can help spread the word. It also creates backlinks to your platform, which can help your ranking from an SEO point of view. 

WordPress is an ideal platform for content marketing as it has various options and plugins that you can use for blogging. There is YoastSEO that allows you to optimize your content based on keywords that you are targeting. Another tool you can use is Akismet which helps protect your blog posts from spam comments and filters them out. All these tools and more make WordPress ideal for content marketing for your platform.

Ideal for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial strategy for any platform on the internet, including your digital marketing platform. SEO allows your platform to conform to algorithms and rules set by search engines like Google. This is crucial as search engines get millions of search results every day, which means that they are an excellent source of traffic for your digital marketing platform. This is where WordPress can allow you to optimize your website to fulfill all the hundreds of factors based on which search engines rank websites. 

Various plugins are explicitly made for SEO available on WordPress. For starters, there is AIOSEO, which is probably the best tool at your disposal. It has features that you can use for all your SEO needs. This includes smart XML sitemaps, SEO health checks, site maps, 404 tracking, etc. In essence, you get complete control over your platform’s SEO.

Another tool at your disposal is SEMRush which allows you to do competitive keyword research and beat your competition. There is also an SEO writing assistant tool that helps you improve the content by beating the top results of your targeted keyword. Therefore, WordPress provides many benefits for your digital marketing platform.

Allows For Easier Conversions

The ultimate purpose of your digital marketing platform will be to obtain as many leads as possible and generate them into conversions. This will result in sales that can allow you to make a profit and grow your platform. Certain strategies are needed to obtain conversions on websites. This includes implementing calls-to-action (CTAs) to enable you to acquire easier conversions. CTAs can be considered signs that nudge users to do a particular task, making it easier for them to buy products and services. 

To make effective CTAs, you need to make the user experience as simple as possible by adding clear icons. For example, Bloom is a plugin that allows you to put CTAs on your website that enables users to opt-in for email for your email subscriber list. You can create CTAs with Bloom without any graphic designing knowledge, as there are various templates available for them that you can modify and customize. This way, you can create CTAs that allow you to obtain easier conversions.

Allows You To Make Your Platform Mobile-Friendly

Making your platform optimized for mobile phones is essential. This is because most people who will be visiting your platform will be doing so using their phones. This means you must prioritize making your platform responsive and user-friendly on various mobile devices. This includes being the correct resolution and size and having interactivity suitable for touch screens. This is where WordPress shines, as it has several plugins and tools that can allow you to make your site mobile-friendly easily. 

For starters, there is WPTouch, a WordPress plugin Google recommends websites use. It is a handy plugin that allows your desktop site to fit any screen. This is because it follows Google’s recommendations which means it features themes tailor-made for phone screens that you can modify, and it’s a light plugin, so it does not impact responsiveness.

There is also Hummingbird that saves a copy of your platform’s file in the cache, which helps increase responsiveness and decreases loading times on mobile phones. This makes WordPress a great platform to make your site mobile-friendly.

Improves Platform Speed and Responsiveness

It is essential to create a responsive and functional website to ensure visitors have the best user experience. This is because if your website does not fulfill these criteria, visitors will likely get frustrated and leave your platform. Not only are you losing potential leads and sales, but your site’s bounce rate is also increasing, which means your Google ranking will be lower. WordPress can help you by providing you with a plethora of plugins that help increase responsiveness and reduce page loading speeds. 

For example, W3 Total Cache is a highly recommended plugin used by various web developers for WordPress. It helps increase your site’s performance by up to ten times by reducing loading times. Another plugin that works differently is WP Smush. This plugin allows you to compress images on your platform. After all, images are an essential aspect of any well-designed website. This image compression does not reduce image quality and helps increase your platform’s speed.

The Bottom Line

Creating an effective platform on the internet is essential as it allows you to get traffic that leads to conversions and sales. Building a website from scratch is not an easy task as it requires extensive technical knowledge. This is where CMS platforms like WordPress can help you out, as you can easily create and manage sites through it, even if you are inexperienced with coding. WordPress can provide various benefits when you create and manage your digital marketing platform.

We have looked through each of these benefits in detail, including the best plugins suitable to achieve each of these when using WordPress. We recommend using WordPress to take advantage of all these benefits. 

We hope this article proves insightful and helps you create the best digital marketing platform. Thank you for reading!

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