12 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes 2018

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Last updated - May 10, 2018

The themes that you choose play a great role in determining your store’s user experience, design quality, and eventually, success. In addition, you need to personalize the theme that you use to align with your brand and the type of products that you sell. Moreover, the theme that you pick should integrate perfectly with the eCommerce platform that you are using. As multiple solutions are available to integrate eCommerce to WordPress, the supporting tools to tend to change often. This article introduces you to some of the best WordPress eCommerce themes that you can get hold of in 2018.

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Best WordPress eCommerce themes

Here is a list of some of the best WordPress eCommerce themes that you can try.


Flatsome is one of the most popular themes currently selling on ThemeForest. It is responsive, offers great user experience, and is easily customizable. And, you will find it to be the perfect companion for your WordPress eCommerce site. With a great range of pre-designed layouts available online, this one offers great choices to experiment with multiple styles. Moreover, you can create page layouts as you want it using the inbuilt page builder.


Here is a quick look at some of the awesome features of Flatsome

  • User-friendly page builder and extensive elements library – You can choose your site’s design from a vast pool of resources.
  • Live theme options panel and drag and drop interface – Personalizing your eCommerce store has never been so easy. Moreover, you can experiment at will.
  • Fast – You need to create quick loading pages for a great shopping experience for your customers. Flatsome has optimized code that ensures awesome page load speed.
  • Versatile design – Flatsome offers a modern design that ensures a great experience for your site users all the time. Moreover, it gives out a vibe that breathes quality.
  • Dedicated support – You get great support, always.

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With extensive features and a responsive design, Shopkeeper is another best selling theme on ThemeForest. Some of the new features of the theme include new product page layouts, video support and lightbox feature in product galleries, etc. In the latest update, the theme also ensures adequate focus to your blog with three new blog layouts.


Here is a quick list of some of the obvious advantages in using Shopkeeper theme.

  • Great user base – The theme is used by a large number of online stores. That means any imaginable hassle is probably already taken care of.
  • User-friendly – You can easily customize this theme, even if you are not really familiar with coding. In fact, you can set it up quickly and maintain it effortlessly.
  • Visual Composer – Get visual composer for a hassle-free page building experience. Great choice of design elements, and pre-defined layouts to choose from.
  • Unlimited header options – You will get access to a great range of header styles. Moreover, you can incorporate unique header images specifically for categories.
  • Catalog mode and portfolio functionality – Easily turn off the eCommerce functionality of your store and use your site just as a product catalog. In addition, you can easily create a portfolio to show off your best work to your site visitors.
  • Great support – The theme offers great support for its users. Moreover, there is extensive documentation that you can use whenever there is any sort of difficulties. And as it is regularly updated, you don’t have to worry about your site’s stability.

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Porto is one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes that you can use to set up an online store. It offers great possibilities with an abundance of pre-made demos. Moreover, it offers unlimited header styles and multiple layouts. In fact, Porto enables you to creatively improvise your site with multiple styles, layouts, and colors. And, it is quite easy to customize even for those who have no coding knowledge.

Porto is a responsive and highly customizable WordPress eCommerce theme.
A glance at the features

Here is a quick look at some of the amazing features that come with Porto theme:

  • Visual composer – Gives you great flexibility with the drag and drop page builder. It is quite a time-saving solution.
  • Revolution slider – Get access to a responsive slider system and display images, videos, etc., more creatively.
  • Easy installation – Installing Porto is quite easy, and you get your site running on it within no time. Moreover, the demo content gives you great options to understand the theme before going live.
  • Easily customizable – You can easily customize the theme to make your site look exactly the way you want it to be. In addition, it offers perfect compatibility with WooCommerce to make sure your products are effectively featured.
  • Speed optimization – Porto is optimized for good page load speed. And, it is also SEO friendly and renders great visibility to your site in searches.

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The advantage of using XStore is that it has a proven capacity to power a great range of eCommerce and business sites. Whatever be your business model or range of products, you can successfully create a great store with the help of this awesome theme. Moreover, the theme comes packed with a set of plugins that will be quite useful for your eCommerce strategy. Some of these are Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Subscriptio, WooZone Amazon Affiliates, etc.

Great customization and eCommerce friendly features set apart XStore as a great WordPress eCommerce theme.
What do you get?

Here is a quick look at some of the features of XStore

  • Great design – Get access to over 200 pre designed files.
  • Layout options – Customize product page layouts effortlessly.
  • Creative display options – Multiple hover effects to display products more emphatically.
  • Brands filter – Sell multiple brands and let customers filter them easily.
  • Cart icons – Choose from an abundant lot of cart icons.
  • Header styles – Customize headers according to your design preferences.

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Woodmart is a theme that is concerned with the growth of your eCommerce store. With over 30 demo layouts, and a responsive and retina ready design, it is among the best WordPress eCommerce themes. Moreover, you will get unlimited header styles and Ajax powered widgets. And it has customer friendly features like social media sign in.

Why users love it?

Here is an attempt to understand why its users like it so much:

  • Suitable for any kind of eCommerce store – Whatever be your business model, Woodmart offers great support to set it up.
  • Easy to use – The theme settings options with a graphical user interface enables users of all knowledge levels to use it comfortably.
  • Customize freely – It gives a lot of power to you to customize your eCommerce store according to your liking.
  • Completely responsive design – The responsive design ensures that any changes that you make on your site will be reflected appropriately on all devices.
  • Faster page loads with Ajax – A unique feature of this theme is that it is Ajax powered and offers great page load speed, which is a must for online stores.
  • Search engine friendly – Good SEO features ensure better visibility for your store always.

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This theme is better suited to sell electronic devices, as the name indicates. It is equally good if your business strategy involves multi vendor marketplaces, or affiliate products. The theme comes with dummy data, which you can effectively use to test the look and feel of your site. In addition, there are multiple plugins such as Products Carousel, Advanced Live Search, Advanced Reviews, etc., bundled with the theme. And, you can find extensive documentation and video tutorials to help you set it up. Electro theme also offers three different layouts for blogs.

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Vitrine is an eCommerce theme that rightly focuses on customization and performance of your online store. Out of the box, you will find over 30 demos and over 70 extra page designs. Ajax filtering options provide your site with a great user-friendly appeal. And, the theme offers a blend of modern and classic styles to depict products as you like it. In addition, there are also multiple styles to choose from for product image hovering, and ‘Add to Cart’ process. Vitrine also offers a very creative blog layout that reminds of the style of Pinterest.

As some of the other themes mentioned in this article, this one too is Ajax-powered to ensure perfect page loading speed for your site. And it comes loaded with a set of useful plugins that will add a lot of value to your eCommerce strategy.

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ShopIsle Pro

This one favors all kinds of online stores and range of products. You can create a successful online store with an elegant and modern design using this theme. It boasts a perfect integration with WooCommerce, and within minutes you can set up the front end of your dream store. Real time preview to help you customize your store more precisely and with less hassles. It is compatible with all the popular page builders and helps you customize the pages of your site effortlessly.

ShopIsle Pro gives you the option to choose great backgrounds including images and videos. Powerful mega menus give you site better organization and structure. Your customers are going to thank you if they find navigating on your site easy. The demo content and tutorial video are definitely of help in setting up this theme easily.

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This is another great theme that offers great features and awesome customization options. It is perfectly suitable for WooCommerce and is quite user-friendly. Users of all knowledge levels can easily customize the theme options. The theme is optimized to make sure that page load speed on your site is always good. Regular updates, which are easy to implement, and extensive documentation, also contribute to Neto’s great popularity.

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With a specific focus on restaurants, Belise can also be used on any other WooCommerce stores. There are quite a lot of restaurant owners who testify the value Belise added to their businesses. With a simple and clutter-free layout, it provides the essential finesse that is required for a modern day restaurant site. However, a lot of other businesses too make use of the modern outlook of this multipurpose WordPress theme. It is SEO friendly and translation ready as well. Customizing your site using Belise is such an easy process, with a live customizer enabling experimentation.

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What sets Divi apart is the intuitive page builder that comes with it. Real-time design options give a lot of flexibility to work with this theme. You can customize everything quite easily and ensure the responsiveness of your pages at all times. Global elements reduce your workload, as a single change will be updated in all places where those elements are available. You can create and save multiple layouts, which you can use later.

You can implement your design ideas quite easily with Divi

Another unique advantage of Divi is that you can use it for any kind of store or business. Some of the businesses that successfully use Divi are a cafe, an interior design firm, a booking agency, a mobile app, etc. This clearly shows the versatility of Divi as one of the best among all-purpose WordPress eCommerce themes.

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Uncode is another hugely popular WordPress theme that is preferred by varied industries. It has a relentless focus on your site’s performance and user experience. And, it comes loaded with several tools that ensure a great design, like an enhanced visual composer, or the custom lightbox. You can easily understand the power of themes from the sites that are already using it. It is easy to set up, comes with detailed documentation and video tutorials.

Uncode has an impressive user base that includes some of the big names in publishing and design.

The modern and clutter free design elements enable you to build a superior website in any industry.

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WordPress offers a great platform to help you set up an eCommerce store. With the help of a good theme, you can style your site according to your vision. This article has compiled a list of some of the best WordPress eCommerce themes that you can check out for your store. All of these themes offer responsive design and easy customization options. Let us know if you would like to add to this list.