How to Get WordPress Support? Various Sources Explained

WordPress Support

Last updated - February 2, 2022

Thanks to its huge user base, getting support for a WordPress website is not a difficult task anywhere in the world. However, for a new user, it is important to understand the different sources that you can get WordPress support. In this article, we will explain some of the different sources that offer support for your WordPress site management. sources for support offers a range of resources to help you manage your site more effectively. These include documentation, support handbook, and different support forums. Let us take a look at each of them.


One of the first places that you can look for WordPress support is the extensive documentation on the WordPress site. You will find a wide range of resources on the support page including instructions to help you get started, directions to manage your site, and also to customize and troubleshoot. You will also find detailed topics on backups, site migration, security aspects, advanced customization, and more.

WordPress Support
WordPress offers a very detailed documentation section that has a wide range of topics to support your in website management.

Support forums

WordPress is an open source platform, and users all around the world are constantly working on it and updating it. Hence community support is a salient feature of the WordPress ecosystem. From the site itself, you can access different support forums according to your specific needs.

WordPress support
There are different community forums that you can access with specific aspects being discussed.

If you are looking for a specific theme or plugin, you can go to the individual forum of that theme or plugin.

Best practices to follow while getting support through forums

It is a good idea to be aware of the guidelines of WordPress support forums before looking out for support. There are useful guidelines for those looking to get support, as well as for those who are providing support.

  • Post your question in the right forum – There are different forums discussing diverse issues, so it is important to post in a relevant forum. However, there will be help from moderators to move your question to the right forum when needed.
  • Opt in for notifications – When you post a question, it is advisable to check the notifications box, as you will be informed when someone answers your question.
  • Use localized forums when needed – There are international forums and localized ones. You can always find a forum in your language from the list of localized WordPress forums.
  • Discuss what worked for you – Once you resolve a problem that you have posted in the forum, it is a good practice to inform that in the forum. This will help other users facing the same problem, and you will be contributing to the growth of the platform as well.
  • Report security vulnerabilities privately – WordPress advises to report security vulnerabilities privately than reporting them on public forums. This will help developers resolve the problem and minimize security risks.

Support handbook

Another great source to find WordPress support in the form of innovative tips and tricks to manage your WordPress site is the support handbook. It offers detailed guidelines on how to provide support and contribute to the development of WordPress community. You will be able to understand different aspects related to support forums such as helpful tools how queries are moderated, etc.

WordPress Support
Through the WordPress support handbook, you can get a better perspective on WordPress support.

External support forums

Since WordPress ecosystem is quite large, you will find a lot of external sources for assistance in WordPress related topics. Here are some of them.


StackExhange is one of the most popular forums to find experts answers to different questions on diverse topics. If you are looking to resolve some complicated development issues with your WordPress site, you will most probably find help here. StackExchange has a voting system that will help you identify the best answer to a question or a problem. You can check the specific page for WordPress development on StackExchange, and also check out Stack Overfow.

WordPress support
StackExchange offers insights on a wide range of WordPress topics and issues.

Facebook groups

You will find a plethora of groups for different purposes and knowledge levels on Facebook. These include advanced WordPress development to general advice and even plugin specific information. LearnWoo offers a Facebook group to discuss aspects related to WordPress and WooCommerce.

WordPress support
LearnWoo’s Facebook group is a growing resource for WordPress and WooCommerce related queries.

LinkedIn Groups

If you prefer LinkedIn, you can find a range of informative groups there as well.

WordPress Support
LinkedIn groups too will help you gain WordPress knowledge.


Reddit is another source for WordPress support as you will find a lot of subreddits on WordPress and related topics as well.

WordPress support
There is a lot of knowledge on WordPress and related topics available on Reddit.


Quora is another common platform that follows a question and answer format. You will find a lot of questions related to WordPress and associated aspects here. By following some of the topics on the site, you will be able to easily find answers to some of your queries.

Premium WordPress support companies

Another option to get WordPress support is through maintenance service providers. There are several popular WordPress maintenance service providers that offer round-the-clock services all over the world. If you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort on site management, relying on maintenance service providers is a good option. They will offer support on different aspects like updates, backups, security monitoring, etc. In addition, you can get help when you face problems with plugins or themes as well as for general troubleshooting.

WordPress Maintenance Service Providers
WP Buffs is one of the preferred names in WordPress support.

If you are looking to find WordPress support from external companies, please refer to our Registry of WordPress maintenance service providers.

Popular blogs, courses and tutorials

Since WordPress is globally popular, you will find a large number of courses and tutorials suitable for varied knowledge levels. Moreover, there are quite a large number of blogs that discuss WordPress and related topics. Apart from that, you will find social media influencers, and freelancers who will offer you WordPress support.

You can check out some of our articles to find the top blogs and influencers in the WordPress domain.

Support channels for premium plugins and themes and managed hosting

If you are using premium plugins and themes on your site, you can find dependable support from their developers. There are even developers who will make extensive customization to suit the specific requirements of their customers. For example, ELEX offers development services to help customers achieve specific business requirements more effectively.

Managed hosting services is another great option if you don’t want the hassles of site management. There are several managed WordPress hosting services that offer great assistance in setting up and maintaining your WordPress site.

We hope this article has explained the different WordPress support sources effectively. Leave us a comment if you have a query.

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