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Are you a creative content writer with exceptional knowledge of e-commerce platforms and products? Are you excited to write about an eCommerce platform, theme, extension, or related service you have recently come across? You are at the right place!

We offer you several ways to place your awesome article on our Website and our YouTube channel.

Criteria for Guest Bloggers & Video Bloggers:

We accept free guest posts. Feel free to send us a list of topics you wish to publish on our site. Before contacting us, please go through the guest blog guidelines given below.

  1. Original concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere. Also, we require a unique topic not similar to any post already published on our blog.
  2. Topics should be related to popular e-commerce platforms and tools. We primarily focus on WordPress and WooCommerce. But, we are open to good content related to eCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.
  3. Topics must be of value to our readers and cannot be a review of your own (or your client’s) product/service.
  4. We are very serious about plagiarized content. You will get blocked if your content is plagiarized. Use any of the popular plagiarism checker tools to ensure the article is original before submitting it for review.
  5. The minimum word limit is 2000 words with well-prepared content. We are flexible on a minimum word limit of 1100 if the article is purely technical or a how-to article, which helps to solve a particular use case on the above-listed platforms.
  6. The content must be well written. If too much editing is required, we will not publish the post. Proofread your article with a grammar-checking tool to make sure the content is without basic grammatical errors, which can also lead to your article being rejected.
  7. The articles should be easy to read and beginner friendly. We recommend keeping your paragraphs four sentences or less for improved readability and SEO purposes.
  8. All external links will be no-follow by default, and we won’t commit to any do-follow links for free guest posts unless you become a valuable contributor by providing multiple high-quality articles. 
  9. Guest post submissions should not contain more than 2 external links. Any link found irrelevant and spammy will be removed at the editorial team’s discretion. External links should be pointing only to the product pages. Exceptions are made for affiliate links, links to relevant statistical data, image credits, and other LearnWoo articles.
  10. Submissions should be shared as either Google Docs or as Word documents and must have a simple layout. This is necessary for the editorial team to review and publish the articles with ease. The author’s name, description, and picture are appreciated, but are not mandatory.
  11. Must have at least 5 FAQ’s to the article.
  12. Images speak a thousand words. Add images to convey your message, but don’t add them just for the sake of it. If you are writing tutorials, take a screenshot. If you are opting for relevant stock images, we recommend Pixabay and Pexels as they provide free-to-use images without requiring attribution to the source.
  13. By submitting a post to LearnWoo, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This helps us deal with DMCA-related issues if any.
  14. If you are a video blogger, you can submit your video to our YouTube channel. Just create a video with the flavors described above, drop us an email, and we will tell you how to submit videos. Your profile will be part of the Video description.
  15. Provide a banner image along with your submission. A minimal banner using a design tool such as Canva is suggested and the image resolution must be 1200×675 pixels. Refer to the sample image below to get a better idea.
Promote on LearnWoo - Banner Image Example

Product Review, Banner Ads & Other Paid Options

We shall publish a detailed review of your e-Commerce product/theme/hosting solution. Note that we may require a hands-on with the product and in case we are not happy with the product, review requests will be rejected.

Banner Ads are another exciting promotional option we have. Your website/product’s banner can be added to the sidebar of each LearnWoo article. 

Also, we accept affiliate partnerships if we are convinced about the product, which helps us to build long-term relationships with our partners.

If you are looking for promoting your Website or Product through LearnWoo’s Website or LearnWoo’s YouTube Channel, write to us!

Some of the points that need to be addressed are:

  • References to articles written on external websites are highly restricted. References to product pages or research papers are only allowed if they match the context of the article.
  • Include screenshots of original images in the content.
  • Provide a featured image for the article (1200 x 675 pixels, PNG format).
  • Provide an author bio.
  • You may only include a link to your company or website in the author bio.
  • Please include the images in a separate document or zip file with editable access.
  • Changes in the content of published article are prohibited.
  • Any links that violate the guidelines will be removed by the editorial team.
  • We will take action if the article contains links to websites that are not related to our niche (such as casinos, drugs, cryptocurrency, web scrapers, sites that violate or misuse GPL or other licenses, software piracy, etc.).
  • Authors will be blocked from publishing any further articles if we find any unethical behavior.

Product Recommendation

We frequently publish lists of top products (themes, plugins/apps/extensions, hosting providers, etc), which we want to recommend to our readers. If you think your plugin deserves a mention in one of our articles, leave us a message.

If you think your product is great and deserves a shout-out at LearnWoo, do not hesitate to let us know.