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We offer you several ways of promoting your WordPress products.

Paid Review

We shall publish a detailed review of your plugin/theme. Check out these examples 

Banner Ads

We shall include your website’s banner in the sidebar of every blog

Guest Posts

We accept guest posts. Feel free to send us a list of topics you which to submit an article on. Make sure to follow the guest blog guidelines –

  1. At least 1000+ words. The more the better.
  2. Topics should be around WordPress, WooCommerce, eCommerce, eCommerce Marketing, Blogging.
  3. Complete original work.
  4. Well written interesting.
  5. Good quality images.

Recommendation through plugin/theme listing

We frequently publish lists of top plugins which we want to recommend to our readers. If you think your plugin deserves a mention, leave a message through our contact form or mail us directly at info@learnwoo.com

Think your plugin is awesome and deserves a shoutout at LearnWoo, do not hesitate to let us know.