8 Best Product Feed Plugins for WooCommerce

Top 8 Product Feed Plugins

Last updated - November 8, 2023

As an eCommerce store owner, what is the one thing you look forward to the most? More customers! Yes, that’s the ultimate goal every business is after. Product feed lets you gain more customers as it gets your products into the shopping results of search engines like Bing and Google.

Getting the right kind of product feed for your eCommerce business can often be a tedious process. And if you are handling a large directory of products then you will need to have a dedicated team just for product feed. This is both time-consuming and expensive for your business and this is where product fee plugins come into play.

You can simply install an efficient product feed plugin and expedite the process and thus increase the efficiency of your business. After conducting extensive research we have listed below eight of the best product feed plugins for your WooCommerce website.

What is Product Feed?

Learn what product feed is

Before we can get into understanding what product feed is, let us understand what the term feed means. When content is displayed in a stream it is termed as feed. This content is presented in blocks that are replicated one after the other and have a uniform appearance. To give users current, often updated information, many different feeds are used.

As for product feed, a file containing a list of goods or services, along with descriptions and other details, is referred to as a product feed. These feeds are also known as data feeds or product data feeds and come in a variety of formats, such as:

  • CSV – Comma Separated Values
  • XML – Extensible Markup Language
  • JSON – JavaScript Object Notation
  • TCV – Tab Separated Values

Why is Product Feed Important?

Making a product feed is essential if you are an online business and want to offer your goods wherever your clients are. The information on your website is dynamic; prices shift, items sell out, and new ones are added. 

All these modifications could be problematic if you also sell your goods through means other than your own website. Every time your stock status changes, it takes a lot of effort to export a product file from your web store and submit it to particular sales platforms.

Therefore, developing a product feed is the best course of action! A feed is normally accessed using a URL, and it is simple to edit.

Here are a few advantages of using a feed for your eCommerce business

Automate the Marketing Process

Integrating a product feed greatly simplifies maintaining your online store. You can upload your product details into the application and establish distinct feeds for each channel instead of constantly updating many catalogs. The tool will then automatically update the various feeds whenever there are changes going forward.

Help Manage Large Catalogs

E-commerce becomes more challenging to manage as it begins to expand. Trying to manage catalogs with hundreds or thousands of products, numerous advertising and marketing channels, and sites in different languages manually takes a lot of time and resources from the business. Contrarily, using a product feed allows you to save money that may be used for your company’s other, more lucrative operations.

Efficient Product Information Management

As a database, a product feed still has a number of features that let you filter your products however you choose. For instance, you can choose only items from a particular category or those with a particular feature. Additionally, product feeds make it simple to optimize your data by, for instance, adding details, enhancing wording, or changing titles.

Best Product Feed Plugins

YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

To get your products displayed in Google Shopping results, use the YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce plugin. Your products will be immediately included in the Shopping results pages once you’ve configured it, which is simple to do. It’s a fantastic approach to attract new customers and increase sales.

You may produce several product feeds and even save reusable templates using this Google Shopping feed generator. For anyone wishing to link your WooCommerce feed to Google, it is one of our top suggestions due to its simplicity and efficacy.

This amazing plugin comes at a price of $89.99/annum, which includes updates and support.

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager is a great way to create Google Shopping Feeds for your eCommerce business. This plugin includes already set-up Google Shopping Feeds for WooCommerce. 

You can establish a customized feed for eCommerce stores that integrates up to 100 products using a plugin that is available in the WordPress source. When creating the feed, this plugin followed the guidelines set forth by Google Merchant Center.

Your products can be seen on comparative online stores, product directories, affiliate marketers, and sales channels thanks to this plugin. It makes use of the WooCommerce product feed manager that works with all online stores.

While the lite version of this plugin is free to use a premium version can be bought at $69.

Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed

The Google Product Feed plugin makes it simple to create unique XML files for Google Merchant account import. By doing this, your products can appear in Google Shopping results, putting your stock in front of brand-new customers.

With the help of this plugin, you may map a sizable number of fields. Custom attributes and different field charting for product variants are included in this. You won’t have any trouble accurately displaying your products in Google Shopping results.

This plugin is not just applicable to Google product feeds, but also to local stock feeds, product review feeds, and also shopping feeds on Bing. You will have to pay a premium of $79/annum to get this proficient plugin.

Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce

Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce

You can produce premium feeds that could be promoted on all marketing channels by using the Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce plugin. Some of the marketing channels include Facebook Remarketing, PriceRunner, Billigerde, Google Dynamic Remarketing/Shopping Merchant Center, etc.

Users can utilize this plugin to filter their feeds so that each marketing channel receives only profitable and well-liked products. By screening the feeds, you may prevent poor margin and low-stock items from being supplied into each marketing channel.

You may construct feeds quickly and easily with the help of more than 100 templates it offers. Additionally, you can personalize the products you include in your feeds and utilize sophisticated filters to focus them. Furthermore, the quantity of feeds that can be retrieved is unrestricted by this plugin. This plugin is absolutely free to use.

CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin

CTX Feed - WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin

The CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin is what you need if you’re seeking a product feed generator that supports more than 130 affiliate platforms and marketing channels. The product feed generator of this plugin contains tens of hundreds of preset templates that you can use to quickly generate a feed. The CTX Feed plugin will work regardless of whether your eCommerce store has 10 or 10,000 products.

In addition to pre-made templates, you will have access to limitless filters, dynamic pricing, automatic feed scheduling, feed tracking, and more. Even support for many vendors, languages, and currencies is provided by this feed generator.

The yearly pricing plan of the CTX Feed plugin starts at $119/annum for a single site, $199/annum for five sites, and $229/annum for ten sites. If you are interested in buying the lifetime package then the prices start from $676 for a single site, $1034 for five sites, and $1482 for ten sites.

Instagram and Social Media Feed

Instagram and Social Media Feed

This plugin works by integrating feeds from your social profiles on your site, in contrast to the other plugins mentioned in this article.

The Instagram and Social Media Feed plugin is particularly simple to use. You only need to select your social media account and decide the number of recent posts you want to show. They’ll be integrated into a lovely, flexible image gallery presentation. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr are some of the social media platforms supported.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-use Instagram and social media plugin that works great for integrating social network feeds on your WooCommerce store. You can buy this plugin at a price of $19/annum.

WooCommerce Google Product Review Feed

WooCommerce Google Product Review Feed

Reviews for your products can now appear in Google Shopping results thanks to this useful WooCommerce Google Product Review Feed plugin.

Let’s assume that your website allows reviews and that one of your products has 15 reviews. Typically, the image of the product, title, link, and brand are the only elements of your advertising that appear in Google Shopping results. However, the rating system and the number of reviews from your website can also be displayed in the Google Shopping ad by using this plugin.

There is only one menu with a limited number of configuration options for this Google reviews plugin. The presence of ratings makes it one of the most convenient ways to enter your products into Google Shopping overall. You can buy this plugin at a premium price of $49/annum

WooCommerce XML – CSV Feeds

WooCommerce XML - CSV Feeds

The WooCommece XML / CSV Feeds plugin has broader applications and wasn’t created exclusively for Google Shopping product feeds. It allows you to export personalized XML and CSV files including all of your products. This makes it simple to integrate your items with a huge number of other applications and apps.

The exporter supports configurable product metadata and product variations in addition to 44 fields. Additionally, you have the choice to limit the things you export. Overall, it’s a versatile choice for anyone seeking to bolster their eCommerce shopping search results.

For WooCommerce products, this WordPress plugin generates cached and dynamic export feeds. Create your own, unique product feeds. Exported CSV files can be opened in MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

In order to use this plugin you can either get a regular license at $21 or an extended license at $95.


We hope you’ve understood the importance of product feed plugins for your eCommerce business. To reiterate one key aspect, these plugins can lessen the burden of having a dedicated team put in the work to get your products on shopping results. You can simply install one of the plugins mentioned in this article and grow your business.

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