10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins and Tools for Business Sites

must-have wordpress plugins

Last updated - July 6, 2022

WordPress is the most well-known Content Management System (CMS) in contemporary society. It controls sixty percent of the CMS market. Well-known organizations such as TED, TIME, and CNN use it to fuel their websites. 

But, have you ever asked yourself why you need several plugins if WordPress is such an incredible platform?  Well, that is an interesting question with a rather simple answer: 

If you want your website to thrive on the World Wide Web as fast as possible, you need some specific plugins.  

Do not get us wrong; WordPress is a remarkable platform. But, you can still leverage some free plugins that are available to all users. 

To help you maximize the potential of your business website, we at CustomEssayOrder have concocted a list of must-have plugins that should be on the radar of every site owner. Read on to discover the best plugins for WordPress.  


All websites need to have a contact form because contact forms make it easier for users to contact you. WPForms is the best contact forms in the market. This makes it an ideal plugin for WordPress. 

WPForms has a drag and drop form builder which makes it easy for you to create:

  • Surveys,
  • Payment forms, 
  • Contact forms,
  • Online order forms, 
  • Email subscription forms, 
  • Polls, and
  • Surveys.

WPForms integrates with most payment and marketing platforms. As such, you can create effective forms in under five minutes. WPForms also has options that can help you customize WordPress user registration forms and login pages. 

To grow your business, experts recommend buying the pro version of WordPress because it contains all the essential tools to boost your website. 


OptinMonster is a fantastic conversion rate optimization tool out there. This software makes it easy for you to convert website users into customers and newsletter subscribers.

must-have WordPress plugins

OptinMonster has pre-designed high-converting features which you can modify with the software’s drag and drop builder. It also has a strong display targeting function that allows you to personalize the messages for your target users.  

This software is the perfect solution for bloggers, eCommerce sites, and business websites. If your goal is to generate revenue from your website, you should get OptinMonster. It will help you:

  • Grow your email list, 
  • Convert website users, and
  • Recover discarded call alerts.

Cost Calculator Builder

StylemixThemes’ Cost Calculator Builder is one of the most well-known and complete WordPress plugins. Cost Calculator Builder will assist you in creating a calculator with advanced tools. It has an easy-to-use user interface and it is beginner-friendly.

It has a drag-and-drop function to make everything better. You can also change how the calculator appears on the frontend. With Cost Calculator Builder, you can customize the background color, border style, font style, and many other aspects.

Cost Calculator Builder has:

  • Checkboxes, Drop down menu, Range field, Multi-range field, Text and HTML field, Quantity field, and many more tools to make the calculator useful.
  • You can set up Conditional Logic as per your need for your own unique calculator.
  • There are options to upload images along with Drop Down Menu in the premium version.
  • Customers can also upload images in the calculator.
  • WooCommerce integration option.
  • Default Send Form and Contact Form 7 integration choice.
  • Multiple payment gateway options (PayPal, Stripe) etc.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO helps attract users to your site. Even though WordPress is SEO powerful by nature, there is a lot you can do to increase traffic.

must-have WordPress plugins

Compared to all the WordPress SEO plugins, Yoast SEO provides the most comprehensive solutions. It has all the tools and features you need to enhance your website traffic. 

Yoast SEO helps you:

  • Generate sitemaps,
  • Add metadata,
  • Optimize your site for social media, and
  • Link your site to Google Search Console. 

Yoast SEO has an attractive Redirect feature that allows you to create 301 redirects. It can also detect changes in URLs and create auto-redirects to prevent broken links on your site. 

Subscription for WooCommerce

Today more and more businesses are turning towards the subscription model or starting to sell subscription products in their stores. Subscription for WooCommerce is a great tool for WooCommerce stores to sell subscription products and earn recurring revenue.

Apart from creating subscription products, this plugin supports with easy subscription management, auto-renewals, recurring discounts, and more.

This WooCommerce subscription plugin helps you with the following:

  • Create simple and variable product subscriptions
  • Offer a free trial for a chosen time period
  • Set up sign-up fee
  • Subscription renewal synchronization
  • Prorate subscription charges
  • Popular payment gateway support


MonsterInsights is one of the best website plugins in the market. It is a Google Analytics plugin that you can use to link your site to Google Analytics. This feature enables you to see how users come upon and use your site.

must-have WordPress plugins

One of the greatest perks of MonsterInsights is that it gives you all the important statistics in your WordPress dashboard. With this information, you can tweak certain aspects of your website to increase revenue, subscribers, and traffic. 

MonsterInsights has a free version. But, go ahead and get the pro version to unlock its true power. 

Constant Contact

As a business owner, email is one of the most effective and reliable marketing tools you can use. Email allows you to maintain contact with your visitors even after they exit your website. Every business owner should create an email list.

must-have WordPress plugins

You can use Constant Contact to create an email list and send inspiring emails to your subscribers. Constant Contact is quick and simple to set up for non-tech savvy users. It can also integrate with lead generation plugins such as WPForms and OptinMonster. 


MemberPress is s software that allows you to create membership sites and online communities using WordPress.

must-have WordPress plugins

MemberPress also allows you to create subscriptions and limit the content to visitors. This software works well with most online stores that use Woo Commerce and payment solutions. 

WP Rocket

This plugin is one of the top WordPress plugins in the industry. It allows you to enhance your site’s performance and speed without needing too much tech-savvy.

must-have WordPress plugins

WP Rocket can automatically turn on settings such as:

  • Page cache,
  • Gzip compression, and
  • Cache pre-loading. 

You can also use WP Rocket to turn on optional features such as:

  • CDC support,
  • Minification,
  • Lazy loading images, and
  • DNS pre-fetching. 

WP Rocket also offers a free image optimization service known as imagify which help you speed up your website. This software is very beginner-friendly. But, you have to pay to use its functions. 


Security should come first for your online business. With Sucuri, you get a web application firewall and a WordPress security plugin which will safeguard your site.

must-have WordPress plugins 

Sucuri monitors and safeguards your website from:

  • Malware threats,
  • Brute force attacks,
  • XSS attacks, and
  • DDoS. 

If you do not have a firewall on your website, stop what you are doing and go and get one. 

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a tool for creating stunning landing pages. With Beaver Builder, you can create landing pages in less than five minutes by dragging and dropping. 

must-have WordPress plugins

To help you get started on creating a landing page, this plugin offers a host of gorgeous page templates. You can choose one of the templates, customize it with your text, and post it. You can edit your entire page with this plugin’s drag and drop feature. 

Beaver Builder is beneficial if you have various products that on your website that you want to showcase in a colorful and artsy way. You can use it as a free premium plugin before you decide to buy the pro version. 

Updraft is one of the best WordPress add ons for online business 


owners. This plugin makes it easy for you to set up and store automatic backups on a remote location such as:

  • FTP,
  • S3
  • Dropbox,
  • Rackspace, and
  • Google Drive. 

must-have WordPress plugins

UpdraftPlus also allows you to restore your site from backup. It is a free plugin, but it also has a paid plan with priority support and more features.

WPVR – Virtual Tour Builder

WPVR 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Builder plugin let you easily display 360 photos and videos on your website. You can connect multiple 360 degree panorama images and create a complete virtual tour of your place. Your viewers can roam around inside the virtual tour and have an idea of what your place looks like in real life while being in their own homes. WPVR allows you to set hotspots on each image, where you can set additional images, text, videos, GIFs, and combinations of any of these.

Here are some of WPVR’s key features:

  • Panaroma Scene Gallery.
  • Smooth navigation inside the tour.
  • Zoom settings.
  • VR Glass support.
  • Background audio.
  • Explainer video.
  • Gyroscope support.
  • Sell WooCommerce products.

On top of that, you can add your own logos, customization, and preference to the virtual tours.


And that is it!

We hope that you now know the must-have WordPress plugins and tools that can aid the growth of your website. Integrate these tools into your website and watch as your website gains popularity and generates a healthy amount of income. 


  1. Thanks, Richard for this amazing breakdown of these essential plugins. These are must-have plugins that every blog on the internet should have. And this list will help a lot of amateurs as well as pro bloggers to choose what is right.


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